Stop saying what girls should do/don't. It's stupid and sexist.

I think it was a joke lmao -J

but I ain’t even say anything about a girl -A

Have u guys ever reached an orgasm and if u have, how?? Like was it through masturbatipn or actual sex?

Does faking count bro cause damn mama



Request: you and Harry are both famous


Sorry if this is a bit personal buuuutttt are you guys in relationships?

All the boys around here and country boys so..lmao nah son not my type -J

yo its cute that u would even dare to think I have time for a boy rn -A

I’m too fat for guys to like me - B
people today r listening to comercial music only and its shity this kind of music is pure crap

Everyone is allowed to have their own taste in music. What you call “commercial” could be what makes them happy and we have no right to judge for that👍- B

linkin park ?

One of the first bands I ever really loved😊- B

DO any of you guys watch ahs?

Omg yas -A

Yes and Evan peters man😍- B ? WaiT who’s Evan peters What fresh hell -J
i honestly think its bullshit that skinny girls are fucking rioting over meghan trainor and nicki minaj saying "fuck them skinny bitches" like im all about body positivity but its literally just like white people complaining about reverse racism lmao

Those songs are just embracing different body types and that’s perfectly okay for them to do, I feel like people aren’t seeing the bigger picture but we can’t make them see it, if they want go be narrow minded that’s their issue -J

You guys don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable but what do you guys think about people like nicki minaj and meghan trainor skinny shaming girls in their songs?

First off, I’m just gonna come out and say THERE IS NO PROBLEM BEING THIN!! WORK THAT THIN BODY YOU GO GIRLIES!!
But honestly I think they were trying to make (for lack of a better word) “shapely” girls feel good. Giving them power cause a lot of girls are bullied because they are not as slim as everyone else and Nicki says “fuck those skinny bitches” not because she’s trying to shame you if you’re skinny, but because she’s telling those curvier girls “you know what? FUCK what those girls are saying about you, you do you, don’t listen to them you’re perfect the way you are” I don’t think she meant harm by it, she’s just empowering those people who feel insecure about their weight. And I don’t know the other song oops but yeah that’s how I stand but at the end of the day we just have to be like
“Everyone is perfect no matter how big or small” (: -J

agree with joy but I don’t think its cool to put down someone for being skinny, I mean, c’man y’all? -A

I, who would fall into the category of “big”, love “all about that bass” it makes me feel better about my size and helps me feel better after I get ridiculed and hated on for being overweight even when it wasn’t my fault I gained it in the first place and been trying my hardest to lose it. Now saying this I do not agree with nicki saying fuck skinny bitches in her song, that’s going a little too far but I get where she’s coming from. Skinny shaming is wrong but so is fat shaming…neither should be allowed - B

I like their logo, never listened to them tho -J

Lake house was amazing Joy!

Aw thank you (: -J

Lake House - 7

I smoothed out my uniform skirt and sighed to myself. Jeez who thought orange and green were good colors, and in plaid? I fixed the hem of the uncooperative skirt and buttoned up my white shirt.

I haven’t talked to..HIM in about 4 months and I was just about ready to say I don’t care about him anymore, which is a big deal cause I swore I was in love with that kid.

"Sweet pea you’re going to be late! Plus you need to stop for gas!" I quickly grabbed my leather synch bag and the half eaten bagel from 6am and ran down the stairs, with a bagel in my mouth attempting to put on my socks.

"I made your lunch hun, that cob salad you like and a thermos of hazelnut coffee, extra sugar of course." My mum slid the lunch tote across the marble counter and sealed up my thermos. "Thanks mum." I swallowed the remaining clump of bagel and snatched my Mini keys from the bowl on the counter, grabbed my lunch and stumbled out the door.

Parking was always a struggle, a bunch of 18 year olds trying to park their cars near the front door was more like WW3. Managing to find a space, I got out of my car and to my luck, stumbled back into someone’s car trying to keep my skirt from flying up.

"Whoa there, don’t scratch it now, I just had the paint redone." I turned around slightly and mumbled an apology, noticing the jet black paint of a Jeep Patriot, very new looking. Very familiar as well. "Are you not going to say sorry?"

The voice of the boy who was talking was very deep and smooth. What the fresh hell. I turned around and came face to face with that dimply, green eyed boy i have been avoiding for months now. “Fancy seeing you here, love.”


I rolled my eyes walking down the hallway, avoiding every conversation he tried to have with me. His tall frame towered over me as we walked, I didn’t ask him to walk with me, he just wanted to be annoying.

"I called you like ten times after our fight, why didn’t you call back?" He sighed when I didn’t respond. "I’m trying to make up for being an asshole..why can’t you just talk to me? I’m not doing anything wrong…"

I didn’t fully hear what he was saying, I was still trying to figure out why he was at my school when he lived 5 hours from here.

I stopped at my locker and shoved my bag and my lunch sack in and grabbed my Psychology books in a swift motion. And there he was, leaning against the lockers, waiting for me to say something.

"You know I’m just going to keep bothering you until you tell me why you’re still mad at me, do we need to visit the lake again? And rekindle those feelings?" He smirked, clearly talking about our moments at the lake. I slammed my locker and turned to him, his face lit up a bit and he smiled, dumbass.

"I’d prefer if you didn’t try to talk to me, this is my senior year and I’m not going to let you ruin this for me with your empty apologies." I tugged at the hem at my skirt and he scoffed, putting his hand on my waist. I wanted to move his hand, but there was something comforting about it.

"It wouldn’t be FULL of apologies if you just forgave me, it was a misunderstanding and I already said sorry for calling you all those things." He slipped his index finger past the he, of my shirt and rubbed little circles into the skin on my hip. "You have goosebumps.." I rolled my eyes and leaned on the locker.
“Is that the only thing you think about? Sex?”

"What makes you think I want to have sex with you? I’m just touching your waist and you’re not moving me so obviously you like this." He grinned and pulled me closer to him.

"Though, I wouldn’t mind one bit, think of it as an apology, sex till you forgive me yeah? I promise I’ll do a good job.." I bit my lip softly and opened my locker, shoving my books into it quickly and slammed it shut again.

"You get 10 minutes, Styles." He grinned and took my hand, leading me to the men’s room quietly and locked the door.

"10 is all I need, baby."


I was backed up into the cool brick of the bathroom wall, still fully clothed, surprisingly. His hands found the zipper of my skirt within seconds, he yanked it down along with my knickers, and kicked them to the side. I pulled off his white polo and traced out the outline of his stomach with my index finger, earning a gruntish moan from him.

His mouth attached to my neck, nipping at the skin under my jaw bone. His hands found their way to my behind and lifted me up almost effortlessly. “Wrap around.” I obeyed him and wrapped my legs around his waist. There was a faint, clothed bump that I could feel with my inner thigh. Lord here we go.

He held me up with one of his arms, and undid his pants with the other. His member flung free and slapped against the back of bum, not far from where he needed to be, where I badly wanted him to be. “For fucks sake, get on with it.”

He grinned and grabbed his base. “Maybe I’ll make you wait a little, only seems fair doesn’t it?” I rolled my eyes and reached down, slapping his hand away from the base and grabbed it.

"Well if you won’t do it, I will." I raised myself up a bit and lowered myself on. I let out a louder than needed moan and buried my head in his neck. His hands found my waist and gripped it, helping me up and down. He kept his moans quiet and in his throat.

He bounced me up and down on his length perfectly, hitting everywhere he needed to get a squirmy reaction from me. Since we were in a school bathroom, yelling out profanities was out of the question. Instead, I bit down his neck, making him moan out loud finally. The skin on his neck was warm and smooth. Which is ruined since I left a little line of hickeys on it.


"You know, I’ve never shagged anyone in a bathroom before.." He grinned as he put on his white polo back on, flipping up part of the collar to hide the black and purple marks I made.

"It’s never happening again, it’s to quiet, isn’t sex suppose to be loud?"

He put on his boxers and buttoned his pants before answering me. “Well yeah, but quieter sex is more passionate and hot don’t you think?” Tossing his hair, he picked up my shirt and handed it to me as I clasped up my bra. “I prefer it this way, it’s more intimate.”

I put my shirt on and fixed my skirt. “I still haven’t forgiven you, Styles.”

He laughed and picked up his bag. “Damn, guess we’ll have to keep doing this till you forgive me yeah?” With that he planted a kiss on my cheek and unlocked the bathroom door and walked out.


I sat in Psych, still shaking a bit from what happened roughly 6 minutes ago. The teacher was explaining ‘Pleasure centers’ in the brain and how when you have an orgasm parts of your brain that have anxiety deaden and everything is just pleasure. Must have happened to me in the bathroom..3 times to be exact.

A few minutes into the lecture, the door creaked open and in walked, a tall, tan boy with jet black hair and probably the best face I’d ever seen. The teacher stopped talking and turned her attention to the young man in the doorway. “Can I help you, sir?”

"I’m new." His accent was different, more soft his words were more British sounding than I thought was possible.

"Alright, what’s your name?"

"I’m Zayn Malik I’m a Senior by the way."

"Well, Mr. Malik, you’re gonna need a uniform."

He ran his hands through his hair and lifted his backpack strap up his shoulder. “Yeah I know, I’ll get one.”

Ms. Willo sighed. “Well take a seat young man.”

His lanky body wove though the bags on the floor and the students and sat in the empty desk next to me. He was dressed in all black, black jeans, black muscle tank and a black hoodie. He looked over at me and smiled softly. “Whats your name, love?”

His smile made me smile, what the hell. “Y/N”

He sat up in his chair and turned to face me. “I’m Zayn.”

Under The Stars Tonight - Harry

*based on request*

"Where the fuck are we going Harry?" I ask frustratedly, messing with the black bandana wrapped around my eyes. 

"You’ll find out soon love" I hear Harry’s deep voice say from the drivers seat. 

Two hours earlier Harry said he had a suprise for me for my birthday, and now I’m here in the passenger seat of some vehicle going god knows where. 

"The roads really bumpy babe are we in the woods?" I ask my voice becoming high pitched as I became more nervous. This is too much like a bad horror movie.

"Are you taking me away to murder me Haz because God knows ill come back as a ghost and haunt your ass" I say my lips pointing in frustration. He’s totally a serial killer, I’ve fallen for a mass murderer.

 Harry chuckles and I feel his strong hand grab my thigh gently,

"Were almost there (y/n) okay stop freaking out" He says his voice soft and gentle his thumb rubbing small circles in my thigh,  calming me down. And turning me on.

A little while later I feel the vehicle slow down, the sound of crushing leaves and twigs breaking fill my ears. 

I hear Harry turn off the car his hand leaving my thigh, my heart pounding at the loss of contact. I then hear his seat belt come off and the car door opening. I hear the sound of his feet walking on the ground and then feel the cool night air as Harry opens my door. 

"Were here" I could hear the accomplishment in his voice making me smile. He helps me out and turns me around so I was facing away from him. 

"Are you ready?" He says into my ear, his arms holding me tightly around my waist, swaying us back and forth. 

"Yes you idiot! Now can you take this itchy thing off now?"I laugh pointing to the bandanna. I feel one of his arms leave my side and his hand fumble with the bandanna. 

I gasp as the bandanna comes off and I see what he had been planning. He never ceases to amaze me.

We were at the edge of the forest near our house, an old Chevy blue pickup was parked infront of us. Blankets and pillows lining the back. 

"Harry" I say almost speechless at how beautiful it was. 

"You’ve always told me you wanted to sleep in a pickup looking up at the stars so…" I don’t let him finish, I grab his face between my hands and kiss him hard and passionately. He tastes like mint.

his hands travel to my hips moving our bodies closer together. 

"I’m going to take this as you like it?" he mumbles into the kiss and i push him back agaisnt the truck. Let me show you how much I like it.

"I love it, now open the back up and make love to me" I say pushing his off of me, a large grin spread acrossed his face. 

"I’m going to make you scream so loud and only the deer and squirrels will be able to hear you" He giggles and I smack his arm playfully,

"haha very funny baby now please hurry up" I say biting my lip seductively as I grab harry through his jeans. Two can play this game.

"o-kay" is all he can say as i let go of him so he can open the bed of the truck. I win.

He helps me up into the truck and I scoot back onto the bed of pillows and blankets, watching Harry jump up onto it with ease. 

"Your so beautiful under the moonlight (y/n)" he says making my cheeks feel hot and my head go down. Cheeky bastard.

"Don’t hide from me love, you know I love everything about you" he says his hand coming up to cup my chin. 

He gently kisses me, his hands trailing down to my hips, his thumbs pressing circles into them as his teeth bite down slightly on my bottom lip,

"Are you getting wet yet (y/n)?" he asks. Very.

"I want these off" he smiles, helping me out of my clothing. 

When he’s finished I look up at him,

"Why am I the only one naked styles?" I grin evilly as I help him out of his clothes aswell. 

"I want to make love to you under that’s stars (y/n)" he says his member moving up and down my slit making me arch my back for more contact. 

"Eager are we baby" he growls, sliding Into me and then sliding back out. 

"St-stop teasing Harry" I muster out. I can’t lie, I love it when he teases. 

He smirks and goes in harder making me scream into the night. 

He starts to thrust as I stare up into the night sky, watching the stars twinkle, the moon shining like a spotlight onto us. 

My nails scratch at his back as he hits my g-spot. The lads will never let him live this down. 

"So tight baby" he grunts, as I feel my climax coming. 

"I’m close Harry" I cry, the familiar feeling building up inside me. 

"Let me feel you (y/n)" he whisper deductively into my ear, sending me over the edge, his name spilling out of my mouth. 

As my walls clench around him, Harry goes rigid as his climax forms. 

"Shit (y/n)" he says breathlessly pulling out and falling down next to me, pulling my limp body closer to his and outing blanket on top of us. 

"The starts are beautiful" I say, nuzzling my face into Harry’s chest.

"Not as beautiful as you my love" he says kissing my forehead gently as I feel myself drifting off to sleep. I hope this happens more often.

- B
aw i want the lake house:(

I know I know I’m so so sorry guys truly I feel so bad I have just been really sick and haven’t gotten to my computer bc weak and tired :( -J

ive been on hiatus from 1d music and ive recently really gotten back into them and the first thing i thought of when i was listening to them was "i wonder fi 1d-sexualfrusutrations still exists." and HERE I AM. I SRSLY LOVE YOU GUYS FOR EXISTING. NEVER CHANGE. IVE GOT 2 YEARS OF READING TO CATCH UP ON NOW

Hello we love you too and welcome back😊- B