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Alia, you're too cool to be a mundane

Ok I did my research and mundane is an adj not a noun so the “a mundane” part threw me off to the other side of the world but I think this is a compliment so thanks man ✊

I need the next Blood chapter!! When is it going to be posted? Ohh and I love you guys....hands down my fave tumblr ever:) <3

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What did you guys do this weekend? I went to the 1d concert, camping (which was shit) and to an amusement park! (Hot guys everywhere)


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What would you guys name your future kids?

Ricky or Gia -A

Idk for a girl either Avery or Lily for a little dude Caleb -J

For a boy I want name him Kaiden or Nicholas and for a girl I like Payton, Lilly, Isabella, or Cassidy (:- B

Do you guys like MKTO (The guys that sing Classic)

Oooooh gurl ur shinin like a 5th ave diamond, I only know that song by them -A

SO request for becca, Alia, or Joy could one of you write one where y/n and niall are dating and y/n goes over to hang out at nialls flat and he wants to teach y/n how to play a video game (like fifa or something) and y/n gets really frustrated and bored cause she can't beat niall and gives up but niall keeps playing and y/n starts getting bored and horny and tries to distract him by teasing him and niall finally stops playing and they fuck on the couch. Pleasssse!!!

Gurl I gotchu 👏 -A

Let Me Go - Harry Styles

As Requested:

I fluttered my eyes open, “Harry,” I said, my voice sounding duller than usual. After hearing nothing, I turned my head to the right and let out an exhausted moan, looking at the empty space beside me. He probably went out to go do some errands. I lay in bed, trying to adjust my eyes to the sunlight coming from the windows that lit up the entire bedroom. Little by little I opened my eyes completely and looked around the bedroom.

I shut my eyes for a couple more seconds before opening them again. I let out a sigh and realized I had to get out of bed. I tried moving my arms but came to the realization that I couldn’t. I shook my head around from left to right trying to see what was holding my hands back.


"Oh shit," I whispered to myself as I got up on my elbows. With the help of my legs, I managed to lean up against the headboard. I tried to squeeze one of my hands out of the cuffs but my hands weren’t small enough. I leaned my head against the headboard, trying to prepare myself for what Harry had in mind.

"Harry," I said, looking around the room, thinking he was hiding somewhere. After receiving no response, I said his name a little louder, "Harry," I said, watching the door, waiting for him to burst through. Nothing. "Harry, I’m awake!" I screamed before crouching my legs across from my chest.

After a couple of seconds, I heard footsteps on the stairs before the bedroom door finally opened. In walked Harry with a small smirk on his face, “What’s wrong babe,” he asked in his husky voice, walking towards the bed. “Just chilling… with my hands handcuffed to the bed,” I said shaking my hands while the metal hitting the poles made a sound.

He struggled to keep his smirk from growing before placing one of his knees on the bed and leaning in to place a kiss on my cheek. After his lips left my cheek, he turned around and began walking around the bed to the other side. “Did you see the weather?” He asked while pushing the curtains aside gently so there was even more sunlight in the room.

I squinted my eyes and looked away, “Didn’t think it was possible to make this room brighter.” He turned around and placed his hands in his pockets before looking up at me, “the temperature isn’t so bad either. Maybe we can go out and chill by the pool,” he said.

Before responding, I stared at him. He had light bags under his eyes and his hair was standing up. It looked like he had woken up not too long before I had. He had no shirt on and he was wearing baggy, white shorts.

"I would love to chill by the pool once I get full control of my hands," I said, smiling a little. His face suddenly lit up and he began to walk over to me. "Ah, your hands," he said in a raspy tone. "Well actually y/n… I decided to punish you," he said stuffing his hands in his shorts. He stopped at the edge of the bed, where my legs would be if they weren’t hugging my chest.

"Punish me?" I asked a bit confused. "Hm," he simply replied before slowly inching closer to where i was sitting. "You don’t remember what your hands were doing to me?" He asked, staring at my feet. I stared at him as I curled my toes in. His head didn’t move but his eyes shot up to meet mine. "Those hands were doing naughty things to me," he said standing right next to me.

"I don’t remember," I said feeling my cheeks getting a bit heated. "Then allow me to remind you what they were doing, hm?" He said before taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

His back was facing me but I could hear him taking his shorts off. He swung his legs over and lined his back against the headboard, right next to me. I felt chills run down my spine as my shoulders touched his warm ones. Instead of looking at me he looked straight ahead, clearly avoiding eye contact. I gazed at his eyes and traveled my way down, biting my lips at his abs and my mouth slightly opening as I watched him wrap his hands around his bulge.

"Look familiar?" He asked cocking his head towards me with a grin on his face. I felt my cheeks beginning to feel warm again as I looked away from his bulge in embarrassment. "Don’t be shy," he said before placing one of his hands on the inside of my thighs. I bit my lower lip and looked at his hand.

The way his long fingers squeezed my bare thigh while his thumb ran across my skin back and forth. His hand moved from my thigh to my knee and then down my leg and stopped at the ankles. “Open them,” he said placing his hand back on his bulge. I stretched out my legs and crossed my right leg over my left one.

"Still feeling shy?" He asked with a smirk on his face with his eyebrow slightly raised. "Look at me," he said. I looked up into his green eyes that stared back at me with nothing but lust. "Want me to fuck you?" He asked in a quiet, raspy voice as he emphasized the word lust. "You want this big cock inside of you," he asked beginning to move one of his hands up and down his penis. "Hm?" He asked narrowing his eyes at me.

I felt myself beginning to get wet as my heart began to beat a bit faster. I tried to focus on his eyes but my eyes shifted down to his member. I watched him slowly rubbing it with one hand while the other one held it from the base. The way his long fingers wrapped around it perfectly as he pumped himself. He let out a moan under his breath as he closed his eyes.

My eyes shot up and I watched him close his eyes and lean his head back. “I bet you wish these were your hands…” he said as he trailed off. “Rubbing me and making me moan y/n,” he continued. I watched his hand beginning to move faster. “Would that make you remember the things your hands are capable of doing,” he said pumping himself faster. He let out a moan and I saw him furrowing his eyebrows. “Hm, fuck,” he moaned out.

I could feel my palms getting sweaty and myself getting wetter. “Harry…” I started before he opened his eyes and looked down at himself. He bit his lips and threw his head back again before pumping even faster. “Shit,” he said under his breath as he looked back down again.

I untangled my legs and opened them up a little, trying to make myself feel a little more comfortable. I tried moving my hands but was quickly reminded that I couldn’t, thanks to the metal wrapped around my wrists.

I heard Harry let out a small chuckle before letting out another moan as he slowed his pace. “Is someone getting uncomfortable?” He asked looking down at my legs.

"Harry, let me go," I said trying to move my hands again. He closed his mouth into a side smirk and shook his head. "Not just yet," he said before he stopped his hands from moving around his bulge. He got on his hands and knees and positioned himself in between my legs. He then leaned in and placed his hands on either side of my legs, before placing his forehead on mine. "I can’t let you go just yet," he whispered against my lips.

I lift my head up so my lips would touch his but as soon as my lips brushed his, he pulled away. “Eager, aren’t you?” He asked before letting out a laugh. “Harry, just a kiss,” I said with some desperation in my tone. “Hm..” his hand started running up from the outside of my thigh and into the back of my shorts. He squeezed my bum with his warm hands which made me bite my lip to keep from moaning.

His eyes were focused on my lips and mine were fixed on his eyes. He licked his bottom lip before curving it in and biting down on it and letting it fall out from the clench of his teeth.

My legs flinched and that’s when he reattached his forehead to mine. I felt his fingers slide around the waistband of my shorts and pull them off. I lifted my head up again and tried to attach our lips together but as soon as they touched, he leaned back out on to his knees and pulled the shorts off my legs.

"Harry, please let me go," I said desperately as every part of me ached to be touched by him. "Why?" He asked lifting my knees up so my feet were flat on the mattress. He placed his hand on his bulge again and moved in closer before spreading my legs wide open. "Harry, please," I begged as I felt beads of sweat beginning to form on my neck. He moved in closer so his knees were touching my bum while his penis was inches away from my opening.

"You want this," he said, slapping his member below my stomach. "You want this inside of you?" He asked as he wrapped his hand around it. "Hm y/n, you want me to fuck you with it?" He asked, moving his hands up and down his shaft. "You want me to make you feel good babe?" He asked as he began moving his hands faster. "I bet you do," he said quietly. He let out a moan which he tried hiding, "I want you screaming my name by the time I’m done with you," he asked before biting his lips down from keeping another escape moaning.

"Harry," I cried desperately. "Hm? Are you wet?" He asked before he stopped rubbing himself. I watched as his finger slid up my slit which made my buck my hips up. "Shit y/n, look how wet you are," he said bringing his finger up to my face. "You liked it when I touched you?" He asked placing his finger on my lip.

I opened my mouth and let him place his finger inside before my mouth began sucking on it while my tongue swirled around it. “Fuck,” he said slowly taking his finger back out.

He positioned the tip of his penis around my entrance before pushing it in. I threw my head back in response and let out a moan. He felt so good. “Fuck me Harry,” I said, looking back down at him. He suddenly fully entered himself in and I let out a cry as I screamed his name. “Make me feel good,” I said letting out a moan as he began to thrust into me. He hit my g-spot, which made a hitch in my breath each time.

"You feel so good y/n," Harry said in between breaths. I felt the bed shaking with us and my hands held on to the wooden poles that they were tied to. "Fuck," I moaned as I felt myself reaching closer to my orgasm. "You’re so tight," he said through his clenched teeth. He let out a couple of moans before his hands traveled to my wrists and I suddenly felt the metal rings around my wrists drop.

My hands flew on his shoulders before I turned him over and pinned him down. Taking him by surprise, he angrily looked up at me. I grabbed the handcuffs and attached his hands to them before he could say anything. I got off of him and backed up to watch him struggle to get up. He angrily shook his hands in frustration and looked up at me again, “What the fuck?” He asked before getting up on his elbows. I smirked as I watched his anger beginning to cool down. I told him to sit up straight and lean against the headboard just like I did. As he followed my instructions, I took off my shirt and threw it across the room.

I looked back at him and his anger had faded away. Instead he had a tiny smirk plastered on his face with his eyes staring into mine with nothing but lust. I straddled on top of his lap, so we were face to face, literally a centimeter apart, “You ready?” I asked looking deep into his eyes and realizing his tiny smirk had disappeared into a devilish one. I tilted my head and attached my lips to his. We began to lock and re-lock our lips together while I felt his bulge underneath me aching for attention. I got up a little to position myself and took him inside of me, not breaking the kiss, I sat back down and started to bounce up and down while wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt his tongue brush my bottom lip, I opened my mouth a little more to allow his tongue into my mouth and felt our tongues fighting for dominance. I continued to bounce a little more when I felt him twitch inside of me, I stopped bouncing and instead began to roll my hips forwards and backward, rubbing my clit against him. I heard Harry moan into the kiss, in pleasure.

As soon as we broke the kiss, the whole room was full of nothing but moans and screams. After a couple more rolls, we both reached our high and let it go. I felt his warm cum inside of me as I continued to roll my hips while moaning in pleasure, until we were both finished.

My legs felt week so I lazily got up and slouched down next to him, trying to catch my breath. “What a nice way to wake up,” I said placing a kiss on his shoulder before resting my head on it.


Guys my crush is fucking gay. And he is so beautiful and his boyfriend in all honestly is pretty damn ugly (I'm not just saying that because I don't like him) and the boys in the gym locker room will bully him and shit and uhhh I wish he wasn't gay

gurllll you have no idea…I have crush on a guy I believe to be gay and it hurts a hell of a lot. I’m sorry that your going through this, but I get it 😖- B

The last two requests HAVE to be written

You got it dude -A

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Nine

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

Tonight is the opening night for the This Is It tour; I still laugh each time I hear it, and all of us are emotionally nervous. The guys are hyper; which is nothing new. We’ve seen them like this before. Niall and Andrea are racing each other on segways, Liam and Zayn with Nicole and Perrie are riding around on golf carts through the arena. Louis and Eleanor are messing around with his skateboard outside the venue, and Harry is trying to escape like always. Honestly, the guys are all over the place; and it’s nothing new to me. I’m even trying to help Paul keep Harry here; little upset that he’s not listening to me. Especially with it getting closer to show time.

In the dressing room, the guys are busy with vocal warm ups and changing while waiting to get their hair done by Lou. Yep, the entire crew is with us again. The girls and I are just joking around making fun of them all. Andrea is trying to fix Niall’s hair since he’s already messed it up. “Don’t touch what you can’t afford,” he teases messing up hers. The guys get their final notice that it’s almost show time, and they have to go. The girls say our good lucks with quick hugs and kisses.

Harry holds me as tightly as possible. “Harry! We have to go!” yells Louis.

“Five more minutes!”

“The show starts in one!”

“I’ll see you after the show, Love,” he kisses me one last time before running off.

“Good luck, Harry!” I yell after him. I listen to them running down the hall excitedly screaming and singing. After that Paul comes to take us to our seats; a private section in front of the VIP area. I’m surprised at how the fans are reacting to us. I’m surprised the guys can still pull in a younger crowd. They ask us for pictures with them, and I really like talking to them. I’m almost tempted to ask Paul to let some of the girls to hang with us.

“COLLEEN!” I hear someone scream. I turn my head to the direction of the voice to see Jesy running over to me.

“Jesy!” I scream back. “What are you doing here?!”

“The guys wanted us to surprise you!”


“Jade and Leigh-Ann are on their way,” she smiles hugging me. The others make their way over pulling me into bone crushing hugs.

“Hi girls.”

“How are you, Colleen?” Leigh-Ann asks. Before the wedding they found out everything. I gave Per permission to tell them since they kept pestering her; and couldn’t get over what I had done to myself.

“I’m doing well. Really well,” I answer as we hold onto each other’s arms smiling.

“And what’s this little one?” Jesy asks pulling my hair to the side. Shit. I widen my eyes gripping my neck.

“It’s… It’s nothing… Really…”

They all shake their heads. “Married life seems to be suiting you,” Perrie says. “How did we not notice this earlier?”

“Maybe it’s because you were too focused on Harry’s,” I stick my tongue out.

“You gave Harry one?” Jade teases.

“Several,” Andrea winks.

“Girls! Stop it,” I whine. They all giggle as I blush pulling my hair back down.

The lights go out and the show finally begins! The guys open with Kiss You, What Makes You Beautiful; some of our favorites. Truly Madly Deeply, Story of My Life and Over Again.

Each time they sing our individual favorite songs we are pulled on stage one by one. Little Things is first for Andrea, and I’m last, like always, as Harry sings Irresistible to me. But when they start singing Better Than Words the five of us lose it. It’s the song we all could never get over when Midnight Memories came out. Niall makes Andrea go crazy when he points to her during his part. Through the Dark follows then Live While We’re Young, One Thing and ends with Best Song Ever.

Louis speaks, “You guys are amazing!”

“We love you all!” Niall shouts.

“Thank you to each and everyone one of you for your support through the years!” Harry screams. “We can’t thank you enough! We will make this the best tour ever!”

“Now,” says Liam calming the crowd. “We hope you like the next song, and the surprise that comes along with it.” The eight of us girls look back and forth between each other confused.

Don’t Forget Where You Belong starts to play and everyone goes crazy. Pictures of us are being displayed on the big screen behind the guys. The photos include our vacation, the weddings, Harry and I at the Little Mix show, the boys with their fans, some of the girls with the fans, our families; and funniest of all, the boys attacking each other at my wedding. I wish I could live that day over and over; I loved how they threw cake at one another, Niall getting drunk off his ass and Andrea not being able to help him since she was as drunk as him. I turn to the girls and they all pull me into their arms. Every embarrassing moment you could imagine is up there; like Harry getting trapped in my pool house, and Louis and Liam playing horrible pranks on the others. As the song continues our boys look straight into our eyes as we all tear up. I can’t believe how far we’ve come with the guys, and this is only the beginning to the rest of our lives.


We aren’t even two weeks into the tour when I realize something. “Harry?!” I yell worried through the hotel room.

“Yes, baby?” I wait until he’s in the same room as me. “What is it?”

“I haven’t gotten my period…” He just stares at me. “Harry! Say something!”

A huge smile spreads across his face, “Oh my gosh, Colleen!” He runs over to me scooping me into his arms then kisses me.

“I’m glad you’re smart enough to know what I meant,” I laugh.

“We have to tell the others!”

“No!” I yell; he looks at me confused. “No,” I shake my head.


“Harry,” I say calmly, “I don’t want anyone knowing unless we’re certain. I don’t know how possible it is; but, you know, it could either be a false alarm, or…”

“Or what?”

“It might not last…”

“You mean like a miscarriage?” he asks a scared.

“Yea. Like a miscarriage…”

“Why would you say something like that?!”

“I don’t know how my body will react to this. I don’t think anything will happen,” I say taking his hands in mine. “But just to be sure. My mom always says that you shouldn’t share the news unless you’re at least four, maybe five, months along. I thought this would be easier to explain,” I sigh.

“O-okay,” he says hesitantly. “Okay,” Harry smiles. “We’ll wait. What should we do about doctors and all? I mean we have to make sure the baby is okay though, right?”

“Right. Maybe we should at least tell Paul. He’ll probably be good at keeping that from the others.”

“And what will our excuse be every time we stop at a hospital?” I laugh.

“We… We could… Maybe… Maybe we can just make it that we’re doing a monthly date night thing!”

“That sounds good,” I laugh wrapping my arms around his chest.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a father.” I look up at Harry as I rest my chin on his chest. “We’re going to be a family.”

*Five months later*

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the tour, and I couldn’t be any prouder of the guys. They have accomplished so much in their time as One Direction. I still get a feeling of guilt when I think about how they had to deal with me after the incident; but to also think about how Harry and I are going to be parents makes it feel like nothing ever happened. My scars are barely visible, and my heart is healed.

The baby is doing really well; no signs of any problems. Everyone, as far as we know, thinks Harry and I have been going on monthly date nights through the countries. My doctor meets us at the nearest hospital when it’s time for the next appointment.

“Hey, Love,” Harry walks over to me as I stare into the mirror. “Look at that baby bump,” he laughs placing his hand over my stomach. “You ready to tell them?”

“Yea,” I smile.

Harry and I have asked the guys and the girls to our hotel room. “What’s this about?” Andrea asks.

“Just wait until everyone gets here,” I laugh. Louis and Eleanor are the last to arrive.

“Alright, tell us what’s going on!” Niall yells.

“Colleen and I have some news to share.”

“I’m pregnant,” I get straight to the point.

“Oh my gosh!” Perrie runs over to me. “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!”

“Because we wanted to make sure that it would last…” I say twiddling my thumbs.

“Why?!” Nicole.

“Just in case,” Harry says calmly. “How do I say this… You’re right, Colleen, this is hard to explain.”

“I think we understand, you two,” Perrie says. The rest of the girls hug me before they start to put their hands on my stomach. “Do you know what the sex is?”

“No. We want it to be a surprise,” answers Harry. “I think it’s a girl, though.”

“I’m hoping for a boy,” I laugh.

“Guys, are you gonna say anything?” Andrea turns to the boys who seem to be in complete shock. They all stare at me.

Louis is the first to speak, “I can’t believe you two are the first to get pregnant out of us all.” Everyone laughs.

“When did this happen?! How far along are you?! Is the baby healthy?!” Liam asks excitedly.

“We think it happened when we were on our honeymoon… We kind of forget to use protection the last night…” I say blushing. “I’m five months along,” I recover.

“And the baby is perfectly healthy,” Harry adds pulling me into him.


I’m writing this I call dibs 🙌👍😍- B



Lake house???

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Are any of you magcon fans?

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