I remember asking u like last year if you knew any good "the vamps" blogs like this and you said something like "not sure I prefer wolf ones" or something but I meant the band and now u have your own blog for them idk why I find that funny but yeah

Oh lmao yeah over the year I’ve grown a liking for them :P

Salad in the wind
Get a proper job you dick
I’d marry you harry
The thing that pretty much ruined everything

different dick everynight

I like girls who eat carrots
The thing Louis said that ruined his life
Are you looking for a co-owner for the Vamps page?

Yeah, when it has more than 1 follow haha :)

I followed it (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

woo ^-^

heres the link for the vamps bloggity 


go nuts

there’s nothing there now but oh just u wait

OMFG thank you so much for making the vamps page. I love you so much rn.

haha ur welcome, its under construction rn ily2bby<3

You should make a vamps page like this one and maybe get a co-owner to help you out because there must be a good vamps page that has smut tbh

i should

im going to right now like literally right now

harry tomorrow probably

the boys are probably going to tweet something like wow golly gee thank you guys so much for all the support then you got harry like “four” 

Hey :) I was wondering if you could promo my One Direction fan fiction blog, it's in spanish, soooo if you can it is ourown1dlife Thank you very much! btw I loooove this blog !!


can i have the link to the lake house ones? please