Sad news :)

Something huge in my family has happened, not a good thing so thereefore I’m leaving this blog to sort things out.

I’ve talked to the other girls and their fully suporting me in this. I’ll miss all the sweet reader, the demanding anons and the creative requests. Keep it up you guys, and have fun. Goodbye

~ Milla

Where's Joy? I miss her :(

Sorry bby I’m here, I started my senior year like 3 days ago and it’s already stressful and I have to worry about school first :( -J

Well he's really shy and I was told he does weird things when he's nervous and when we were walking back from the bus stop yesterday with our friend he was anything but normal

That can be a good sign, he’s so nervous around you and maybe it’s cuz he’s into you! That’s good news in my ears ~ M

How do I know if a guy likes me?!

Well it depends from boy to boy but like if he comes to you to talk, if he asks into you, hugs you or something. Those things can be signs but again, it depends on the boy ~ M

I loved teach me with harry 😍

I’m glad :) ~ M

thanks man -A

do any of you know what AU stands for? i see it all the time in roleplays and imagines.

Alternative universe -A

where do I read all your writing? Is it tagged under masterlink?

We don’t have everything that’s ever been written under one tag so click on one shots, gif imagines or frustrations depending on what ur interested in reading :) -A

For some odd reason it says URL can't be found??

Odd :( ~ M

Nvm sorry! It's working now. You probably think I'm soo annoying ah sorry

No, it’s fine :) ~ M

Are you able to send me a link all the harry stories please? :)
How do you get to the categories on the mobile app!? I'm so confused

I don’t think you can. You have to use the browser :) ~ M

Are we allowed to request which co-owner we want to write a story?

Sure :) ~ M

Mmhmm(: - B
Can I request a cute and cuddly with niall horan????

Sure you can, actually I’d love to take that one one personally :) ~ M

Request break up sex with Liam. PleAse someone write it!

Uh, sounds like an amazing plan! ~ M

I am black and FUCKING Love the Mr. Styles.... Can you please make a fucking post about Harry fucking the living shit out of a black girl SO I CAN FEEL AS IF IT'S REAL AS SHIT DAMN!PLEASE, IT'S FOR ALL MY SISTAS! DUDE PLEASE ~Jordan Also I saw them in concert (8/16/14) and HARRY was on point.... He hip thrust and I was like "SAVE THAT FOR LATER!"

Wow omg. Sounds amazing! ~ M