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Can you please make a liam one shot where he's always been gentle in bed but then he hears you talking to harry about how you and Liam's sex life lacks passion and he has rough sex with you!


Request: Happy sex with Zayn because you two are going to be parents??

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Can You make a One Direction Dirty Prefrence? Like His Favorite position


Please Believe I Love You.


*based on the ask: "Mabye someone could write a harry or niall story about a girls who’s insecure, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed or had sex. would be so cute and sweet :) and like you know." *


"God I hate her" He screams through his tears and sits heavily onto his couch, making me cringe.
Harry, who has been my best friend since we met 2 years ago, just got his heart broken by a girl a met while on tour. They had been dating for three months before today, when she called him and said it was over. Though, with his line of work, it’s quite hard to weed out the groupies and gold diggers. I mean their everywhere kinda like Mosquitos.
I sit down next to him and pull him closer to me, his head finding my lap, his fingers picking at my pants. 
I caress his long brown locks as he sobs, I hated seeing my best friend like this, so sad and helpless. I’m going to kill this bitch.
"I’m so glad I’ve never had a boyfriend" I whisper making Harry look up at me from my lap with a shocked expression, his tears stopping. I didn’t know he could hear me!
"Wait (y/n) you’ve never had a boyfriend!" He looks legitamitly shocked as he sits up. I thought he knew?
"I’m not pretty enough or sexy enough or experienced enough…" I start to babble making Harry grab my face between his large, soft hands. 
"Just shut up" he smiles leaning in, I knew what he is going to do so I pull away. He will just regret it later.
"Harry no your upset, you don’t want to do this I am seriously not worth it, and besides I’ve never been kissed either" I say and his face goes from pain to almost anger. Did I hurt him that bad?
"I can’t believe you think your not worth it! Dammit (y/n) you’re the most perfect girl I’ve ever met, none of the girls I’ve dated even come close to you! The fact that you think I’d actually regret kissing you, when I’ve been in love with you, hurts like hell" his voice cracks and he stand up. Tears reforming in his eyes, his hand running through his hair. Did he just say he loved me?
I stand up slowly and come close to him. I bring my hand to his cheek and I stroke it, his face falling into it. 
"I didn’t know" I whisper wiping the tears that start to run down his face. 
"Well I do" he says back and pouts, his gorgeous emerald green eyes looking directly into mine. 
He leans in once more and this time I do not stop him, his lips brushing against mine softly before pulling back up. 
I smile and grab his face, putting my lips back on his. He smiles into the kiss and pulls my body closer, letting his hand trail up and down my back. 
He licks my bottom lip, and I’ve seen enough movies to know what that means. I open my mouth and his tounge starts to explore. I pull back looking at Harry who looked puzzled. He looks so cute when he’s confused.
"What if I screw this up Haz" I say and Harry laughs, 
"If you mess up so what? I love you, I don’t care" he says and he kisses me again this time wasting to time, putting his tounge in my mouth. As I get the hang of it our tongues begin fight for dominance. 
Harry pushes me Agaisnt the wall, his body pressing hard agaisnt mine, I could feel his bulge on my thigh making me gasp. Do I want to go any further?
I look down and blush and as if he could hear my thoughts Harry shakes his head,
"We don’t have to go there (y/n), I know you’ve never done anything and I don’t want you to have to do anything you don’t want to do" he says and I look into his eyes biting my lip. I can’t believe I’m about to say this
"I want to" I say twirling my finger in one of Harry’s stray curls. How could this man, this beautiful man, love me?
Okay” is all he says as his lips find my neck. My lips part as he nips on a spot, his hands trailing down my back stopping on my ass. 
"I’ve always liked this" he whispers in my ear, giving my ass a squeeze making me jump. 
"Follow me love" he says breaking contact. I follow him through the Hallway to his bedroom and he closes the door behind us. 
"Nice bed" I say and his yes grow darker. 
"It would look nicer with you on it" he says, his voice husky and dark. 
He comes to me and kisses me again, his finger messing with my shirt. 
"Can I?" He asks and I nod lifting my arms. He takes it off and I quickly cover myself. What if he doesn’t like my body?
He pushes my arms away and kisses down my chest, is tounge licking the lining of my bra.
"Don’t hide yourself (y/n), your body is beautiful" he says, slowly pushing us down onto the bed, his lips now trailing down my stomach to the lining of my jeans. 
"Those can come off too" I say Innocently making Harry laugh against my stomach. Whoa that felt good!
Harry unbuttons my jeans and he pulls them off, throwing them off to the side. He stands up and pulls his shirt and pants off as well, my eyes trailing his toned body. 
"Like what you see love? I know I’m quite a catch?" He says making me giggle. 
"I love that sound" he says and I blush. 
"Go put your head on the pillows" he says, his voice so lovingly but still dark and sexy. 
I move back and he crawls onto the bed. His eyes trail my body like I was his favorite art piece, he stares at me like I was the brightest star in his sky and he couldn’t get enough. 
"God I’m so lucky" he says laying on top of me, resting his elbows on each side so not to crush me. You’re wrong Harry.
"I’m the lucky one Harry, I don’t deserve to be loved by you" I says and he frowns.
"What do I have to do to make you realize I’m in love with you, every single thing about you makes my stomach flutter and my heart race (y/n)" he says moving a lose strand of hair out of my face. He’s going to make me cry. 
"Let me make love to you? Let me show you how much I love you" he says as he Unclasps my bra taking it off. 
His lips kiss down my body as his hands find my breasts making a small moan escape my lips, and an accomplished smile form on his. 
One of his hands leave my breasts and slip into my panties, his hand running over my heat making me squirm.. 
"Sorry was that to much?" he asks and I shake my head fast. 
N-no it just scared me keep going” I stutter. 
His hand rubs back and forth across me, making my hips buck involuntarily into him. 
"Your so wet (y/n)" he says, almost a moan. 
His hand comes out and pulls my panties off, leaving me fully exposed. 
"You’re so fucking perfect" he says before looking into my eyes, 
"If we’re going to do this I have to loseb you up first, I’m going to finger you is that alright" my cheeks turn red showing how innocent I really am. 
"O-okay" I say and Harrys finger slides along my slit. 
His finger enters me slowly making me gasp. 
"You okay love" he asks and I nod, giving him the okay to keep going. He starts to thrust, his thumb finding my clit. He then Inserts another finger, stopping to let me get used to the stretching. It hurts at first but then feels great my head falling back into the pillows. He then enters a third one making me lips close and my body tense. 
"Shit I’m sorry baby did I hurt you?" he asks his eyes full of concern. 
"No it’s fine, I’m fine" I say. I knew it was going to hurt. 
He keeps his finger still for a second then starts to thrust, his thumb still stroking my clit.  as he thrusts it starts to feel good. Really good.
"Shit Harry" I groan and Harry stops, making me pout, but as he stands up I catch on. Am I sure about this?
He pulls his boxers down and my mouth slightly drops. Shit he’s huge. 
I look at him wide eyed, like a deer stuck in the headlights. 
"I’ll go really slow love don’t worry" he smiles getting back in the bed and reaching into his bedside drawer. 
He pulls out a condom and puts it on before sliding his dick up and down my slit. 
"You’ve always been a tease" I smile And he lines himself up to my entrance. 
He pushes his tip in but stops looking up into my eyes he looked almost afraid. Did I do something wrong?
"Are you really sure (y/n)" he asks, looking into my eyes for any sign of doubt. He won’t find any.
Yes Harry, with you, I’m sure” I say and his hands grab my hips as he slowly enters me half way. Holy shit!
I cry out a bit and my lip trembles making harrys eyes grow wide in horror. 
"Shit I’m so sorry baby, I’ll pull out, I’m sorry don’t cry!" He babbles and I run my hands down his chest,
"No, no, I knew it was going to hurt a little just keep going" I say and he frowns, unsure if he should. He’s so sweet.
"Please" I whine and he nods pushing all the way in. 
He sits there for a minute to let me get used to him, he bends down and kisses the stray tears off my face, and grabs my hands and intertwine them with his. 
He starts to thrust slowly, putting our hands agaisnt the headboard. 
As the pain subsides I start feeling pleasure, my hips coming up to meet his. 
"Faster" I moan out and he obeys, his head still nuzzled perfectly in my neck.
I could feel the love between us, though his thrusts were fast they were full of passion. He start to get sloppy and I know he’s close. 
"Shit (y/n)" he growls as his orgasm hits, sending his body limp agaisnt mine. Was he going to leave me hanging?
After a second he pulls out getting up to throw the condon away. He comes back over and smiles,
"Did you think I was going to not make you orgasm (y/n)" he slyly smirks. Well yeah I did. 
He gets back on the bed and his hand finds my clit stroking if fast and hard my hands gripping the pillows. 
"Harry" I scream as I feel a warm sensation fill my stomach, his fingers not slowing. 
Then it hits me, my body goes rigid and I scream out his name, my body shaking.
He lays down next to me and pulls my tired body close to his, pulling the covers over us. 
"I love you" he says into my hair. 
"I love you too, and thank you" I say turning to face him. 
"For what?" He asks confused. Oh Harry, my Harry.
"For loving me, even though I’m not worth it" I say and he kisses my forehead. 
"No thank you beautiful for loving me" he says as my head falls agaisnt his chest, and I start to drift off to sleep. 
Why are there hardly any zayn stories anymore

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Just an idea: when you post a requested fic, start the post with the request ask?

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Mabye someone could write a harry or niall story about a girls who's insecure, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed or had sex. would be so cute and sweet :) and like you know.

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Cute niall one 😊😊 I don't care what it is but just a cute niall one



Yo homeskillets, you guys should send in some requests because why not!? I’m bored and need something to write!! Help a sister out here man👍- B

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