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I saw the movie and during little things like everyone but me and my friend got their phone out and put it on flash and waved it in the air. It was so weird and annoying like I'm trying to watch a movie.

God damn it teenage girls with their flashes -A

I have a sexual question, I mean for the ones who aren't virgin (im sorry if im asking this but i need to know) its been 4 days since my bf & i did it, it was y first time, but since that day my P is like itching? and it's like really hurting and every time i put my panties on its like I HAVE TO use like cream and powder (baby one) and stuff and bc its like swelled up really badly and i just dont know what to do :(( help me please..

Since I’m basically an expert, I see red flags everywhere with the itching and swelling so I recommend that you tell your mom and maybe she can help a sister out - A

You’re Mine



He was mad, oh was he mad. I mean he had every right to be. Seeing the pictures of Harry and I in the tabloids… 

"Please Zayn" I whined backing myself into the wall. I was trapped.

"Don’t" he growled looking up at the ceiling, his hand running through his long messy hair.

It was a mistake, a drunken mistake. I don’t remember much other than waking up next to Harry, and our drunken escapades being shown all over the Internet…

I looked at him as he moved closer to me; his eyes so dark, so sinister it was almost like he’d been possessed by the devil himself.

I gulped as his gaze tore through me making my body go stiff against the wall.

"How could you" he snarled, through gritted teeth. 

"I’m sorry" I couldn’t think of anything else to say, my mind blank except for the face looking back at me. 

"Sorry isn’t good enough love" he said, rubbing his hand over his stubble; a nervous habit. 

"Are you leaving me? Oh god Please don’t" I cried out, my body going limp and sliding down the wall. I couldn’t lose him.

"No Im not leaving you, I love you way to fucking much to do that" he sighed walking over to me, his eyes were still dark, very dark.

He crouched down Infront of me, putting both of his strong hands on my knees, “I need to teach you who the fuck you belong too baby” he smiled evilishly making my skin crawl. 

"Zayn?" I yelped has his hand grabs my face roughly, I tried to pull back but I couldn’t. He’s too strong.

"Your scaring me" I cried as I looked into his eyes.

He softened a bit, his other hand coming to wipe the tears off of my face.

"You know I’d never hurt you" he whispered, his face torn between anger and love.

I leaned up and tried to kiss him but he pushed me back on the wall.

He grinned and shook his finger,  “Nope not yet baby I need to teach you a lesson first” he grabbed my arms roughly and stood us up, walking us back to our bedroom. 

"Ouch Zayn" I cried out but he didn’t  let go.

"Stand at the edge of the bed" he commanded and I obeyed, not wanting to anger him anymore than he already had been.

"Take off your clothes my little slut" I couldn’t believe what I had herd, did he really think of me that way?

I didn’t speak but kept on looking at his hard cold stare. I then did as I was told stripping myself down until I was standing exposed In front of him.

"That’s right baby naked only for me" he said before stripping down as well.

It took all my strength not to lick my lips as his god like body, his chiseled abs and tan skin, his member hard and ready. 

"You make me so hard (y/n) even when I’m furious" he growled walking over to me and grabbing my hair.

He yanked my head backwards and his lips found my neck, a moan escaping my lips when he nipped me.

"On the bed" he commanded and I fell into it. 

"Get on your knees and suck my cock" I got on my knees and he moved forward my mouth right in front of him.

I kissed his tip and his hands grabbed my hair, an accomplished smile forming on my face. I took Zayn into my mouth and he groaned, his hands becoming tighter on my hair. I started to suck him, my hands grabbing his ass for support.

I went faster one of my hands leaving his ass to play with his balls. I felt him twitch in my mouth as his tip hits the back of my throat. His body stiffened and his hands pulled at my hair as the warm salty liquid fell down my throat. He pulled out and I swallowed, a smile creeping onto Zayn’s still cold face.

"Lay down now!" He said pushing be backwards with force, my head hitting the pillows.

He climbed on the bed and leaned over me, his lips so close to mine I could feel his warm breath on my aching lips.

"Did Harry make you feel Good baby?" He whispered so closely to me that every breath he took tickled my lips the feeling going all the way to my core. 

"I asked you a question(y/n)" he said, his hands finding their way down and over my heat.

"I don’t remember" I whined my hands grabbed at the sheets below me.

  “Well then my love, I will just have to fuck you in such a way that you’ll  remember it till the day you die” he says through gritted teeth as two fingers enter me.

"Zayn" I screamed as my body arched off of the bed. 

"That’s right baby scream my name" he said as his fingers moved faster, curving in just the right way to hit my g-spot.

My body arched off the bed, my hands grabbing at the headboard above me.  Zayns eyes dark as he rammed himself into me, giving me no time to rest.

"only I can make you feel this way" he said as he started the thrust, his face buried in my neck. 

"Shit Zayn" I said as he thrust faster and harder, my hands scratching at his back.

"Your mine (y/n)" he growls as his face comes up and his lips finally find mine. 

I kissed him hungrily as the feeling in my stomach returns. 

"Let go baby" he said into my mouth and I was gone, my lips parting with his as my climax rips through me. 

I was a mess as Zayn reached his high, his body falling onto mine.

He pulled out and laid next to me and stared into my eyes. I was too afraid to come closer to him, I didn’t know what was going to happen.

"Come here" he said his arm stretching out so I could nuzzle into him. 

His warmth calmed my nerves as I stared strait into his eyes, 

"I’m sorry Zayn, I deserve for you to walk out on me and never look back" I said as tears filled my eyes.

"If I didn’t love you as much as I do baby I probably would, but I can’t live without you" he said breathing me in.

"You’re mine baby" He said before kissing my forehead. 

"Only yours Zayn" I whispered as my eyes became heavy and I drifted off to sleep 


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The movie was really good but these girls kept on talking and screaming for no reason. That is until my sisters friend shut them up.

Omg that gets annoying -J

Did any of you gals watch the 1D movie?

No :( -J

Fantasy - Liam Payne

This is a FFM threesome, so there’s a teeny bit of girlxgirl. Just a heads up.

I smiled down at Liam as I secured his wrist to the bed frame. I tugged on the rope to make sure it was sturdy before I moved to the other side of him and did the same. I stood off the bed and admired my work, smirking as my eyes moved down and landed on the already growing bulge in his boxers.

"Was tying me up really needed?" he asked, a small smile on his lips. I smiled, "I told you that if we were gonna do this, we were going to do it my way. You said your fantasy was to watch me with another girl, and that’s exactly what you’ll do, baby. You’ll watch"

He nodded, “Fair enough… So, where is this other girl? And who is she?” I smiled, “She’ll be here soon. Now, I’m going to go get ready and when I come back, she’ll be with me” I ignored his groan of frustration and left our room.

I headed into the bathroom and stripped down to my black bra and matching panties. I ruffled my hair in the mirror, giving it a look that was a little messy but still sexy. My heart jumped into my throat when I heard the doorbell finally ring.

I turned off the bathroom light and headed down the stairs, opening the door and smiling at the girl in front of me. “Hey, (Y/N)!” she said, smiling at me as she came into the foyer. She glanced around before looking at me again, “That’s a sexy little number you’ve got on” 

I looked down at myself and smiled before looking at her, “Liam’s upstairs, and very excited for our little adventure” She smirked, “Mmm… I bet he is. Shall we go?”

I nodded and locked the door before leading her upstairs to our bedroom.

I walked in first, leaning against the door frame and looking at him, “How you hanging in there, babe?” He scoffed, “I’d be better if you were riding me” I laughed, stepping into the room and motioning for Layla to follow me over to the bed.

"Babe, you remember Layla, don’t you? She used to work with me, and lucky for you, she happened to mention to me that she always wanted a threesome, and now here we are" I said, crawling onto the bed beside him. His eyes left me and went to her, a small smirk forming on his lips, "I remember"

She smiled and undid the buttons on her jacket, letting it fall off her shoulders to reveal a very skimpy red dress. “She looks good, doesn’t she?” I asked, noticing his eyes scanning her body.

She joined me on the bed and wrapped her arm around my waist, “How should we get this started?” I smiled, looking over at her, “Liam’s fantasy is to watch me with another girl. So, I think we should have some fun while he relaxes” She smiled, moving in closer and brushing my hair away from my face, “I think that sounds perfect”

I smirked and glanced at Liam quickly before I leaned in and kissed her, moving my hands to her hips and pulling her body closer to mine. 

She hummed against my lips and gripped my ass through my panties, making me release a small moan against her lips. I heard Liam mumble a soft “Shit” and it just edged me on more.

I moved my hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it aside and letting my hands find her breasts. She moaned as I squeezed them through her bra.

"I bet he’s loving this" she whispered into my ear, moving her hand down to graze against me through my panties. I smiled and kissed her again, pressing my hips into her hand.

"Babe" I heard him say, his voice sounding desperate and a bit jealous. I ignored him and continued to rock my hips against her fingers as they rubbed me a bit harder.

"(Y/N)" he said, his voice sounding more firm. I looked at him, "Hmm?" He raised an eyebrow at me, "Have you forgotten about something?" 

I bit my lip and cocked my head, pretending to be thinking about something before I shook my head. He scoffed, “Me”

I smiled innocently at him, “What’s wrong, Liam? Are you not enjoying this?” He shifted a bit, “I’d just like some attention too” I smiled at the jealousy in his voice and looked at Layla who also had a smirk on her face.

"I think we should help him out with that" she said, gesturing towards his cock that was straining against his boxers.

I moved past her and straddled Liam’s thighs, letting my hands move up them slowly and rest right beside his erection, “Did watching your girlfriend get touched by another woman really turn you on this much?”

He let out a breath, “Babe, please” I smiled and moved my hands to the waistband of his boxers, dipping my fingers into them and tugging them down to release his cock.

I bit my lip, already craving the feeling of him inside of me. “Damn” I heard Layla murmur. I smirked at her, “Bigger than you thought?” She smiled, moving closer to us, “Much”

Liam’s eyes never left me as I leaned down and pressed kisses against his hips.

I looked up at him as I moved a little lower and licked a stripe up his cock. He moaned softly, capturing his bottom lip between his teeth. “Don’t tease him, baby, take his cock” Layla said, watching me take Liam into my mouth.

His hips bucked, a small moan leaving his lips as I hollowed my cheeks and took him deeper.

Layla moved and up and kissed him as I continued to pleasure him with my mouth.

I had to admit that watching them kiss was turning me on more than I thought it would, and I could already feel myself becoming wet through my panties.

I took my mouth away from him and he broke his kiss with Layla, making me smirk. “I think we should really get to it” I said, sitting up and unhooking my bra. I tossed it aside and looked at Layla, “I think you should ride him. He loves it”

She smirked and stood off the bed, pushing her lace panties down her legs. “I’d love to” she said, getting back onto the bed and taking my place on his thighs as I moved to the side.

"I think he should return the favor and let you ride his face" she said, running her index finger along his length. I smirked, "I think that sounds fair"

Liam moaned and looked at me, “Come on, baby. I wanna taste you” His words went right to my core and I quickly pushed down my panties and moved to position myself over his face.

I bit my lip as his warm breath hit me. I watched Layla move and position herself over his cock, sinking down onto him slowly. She moaned as he filled her, stretching her walls the same way he always did mine.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I lowered myself so his tongue could move against my slit.

I pressed my hands to his chest, letting my eyes fall closed as he moved his tongue around my clit and sucked at me. “Shit” I gasped, pressing down a little more.

"Reach around and undo his hands" Layla moaned, grinding herself down on him. I turned a bit and quickly undid the knots that we’re holding his hands to the frame.

His hands instantly moved to my thighs, pulling me down against his mouth and making me moan. “Liam” I gasped, my hips jerking against his mouth as he dipped his tongue into me.

I let my gaze move to Layla and watched as she rode him. She was a moaning mess as he entered her over and over.

I was brought back to Liam when he landed a slap against my ass, making me cry out in pleasure.

He moved one hand to my core, slowly sliding two fingers into me and curving them to rub against my g-spot. I moaned again, pushing back into his touch.

"Shit, I’m gonna cum" I heard Layla gasp, her hand moving to rub her clit as she rocked her hips faster. Liam moaned against my clit, sending vibrations though me. "Shit, Liam" I groaned, rocking my hips as his fingers moved into me deeper and faster.

I could feel the heat building deep in my stomach and when he curved his fingers and hit my g-spot harder, I was gone.

I moaned his name loudly as my hips pressed harder against his mouth, my walls clenching around his fingers as my orgasm rocked through me.

I moved off of Liam and collapsed against the bed. I was vaguely aware of Layla’s moans as she finally hit her high. Liam moaned and gripped her hips, pounding up into her for a bit longer before he finally groaned as he came.

She collapsed against his chest, her breath coming in heavy spurts as she tried to control it.

"Shit" I finally muttered, sitting up and running my fingers through my hair. Layla sat up and Liam reach out, pulling me down and pressing a kiss against my lips. "Thank you" he murmured, making me smile and kiss him again.

"I should leave you love birds" Layla said with a smile, getting off the bed and beginning to redress herself. I smiled and laid my head on Liam’s chest, "Thanks again, Layla"

She nodded, smirking as she slipped back into her jacket and walked towards the door, “If you ever want a round two, you know where to find me”


Needy - Louis Tomlinson

“Oh! And Y/N, I don’t think you’ve met yet? My best man, Louis?” Harry exclaimed motioning his hand between the two of us.

            I looked at the man in front of me and almost immediately felt myself get wet. I had seen him at the wedding, of course, being the best man and all, but close up—damn. As I was about to open my mouth, to answer, I saw his perfectly symmetrical lips open up as they released the word, “No, I don’t think we have.” He reached out his hand, “I’m Louis, best man of this guy!” He smiled his perfectly proportionate face contorting into a perfectly dimpled amazingness.

            I slowly reached out my hand to shake, his larger one enveloping mine. I could see his eyes looking me up and down. Down from my updo of sleek chestnut brown hair, down past my viridescent eyes, to my lips, glossed over. His eyes lingered on them for a second, before once again trailing down, unwavering until he reached my chest; my cleavage was clear as it pushed against the satin maid of honor dress that was hanging off of me.

            Finally, he let go of my hand, letting it fall to my side and Harry’s eyes shifted back and forth between us for about 30 seconds before he said, “Ok then!” and walked away, momentarily glancing back at us with an odd expression on his face.

            The reception was bustling around us, and would probably last another hour or two. Louis looked at me and our eyes locked, my core begging to be touched. I squeezed my thighs together and tried to grunt out an excuse to go to the bathroom before he leaned forward, the beginnings of stubble pressing against my cheek, and whispered in my ear, “I want you. Now.”

            I nodded slowly a small gasp of relief leaving my lips and he took my hand, leading me out of the reception and onto the sidewalk. In front of us was the couple’s limo, to ride in after the reception was over. Louis peeked through the window, making sure the drivers seat was empty, and attempted to open the door. Surprisingly, it was unlocked and all I could think about was the slutty wedding sex we were about to have in the back of the wedding limo. Swoon.

            He opened the door wider and motioned for me to get in, smacking my bum as I entered. After I was in, he climbed in and shut the door behind him with a thud. “Shit, I fucking need you,” he growled before pouncing forward and pressing his lips against mine, pushing his tongue in while he hiked my dress up my thigh with longing. Our tongues intertwined and fought for what seemed like hours, him exploring my mouth while his needy hands roamed my body and me entangling my fingers in his hair, begging for more.

            After a while, he flipped me onto my stomach, slowly dragging the zipper down my back and then tugging it over my head. My black and nude lace strapless bra was then revealed along with a lacy black thong. My pumps remained on making me look whorish lounging on the couch.

            The tent in Louis’ pants was even larger than it had been even two minutes before, and my fingers reached out, grabbing his crotch area and popping open the zipper, aggressively jerking the zipper down. He slid the pants down his legs and stepped out of them, then revealing his hard on rigid against the tight material of his boxer briefs. He quickly shed his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt, divulging his toned torso. I couldn’t help but reach out and trace my hands over the crevices and dips.

            He eyed me, reaching out and kneading my C cup breasts through my bra. His despair was evident and mine was as well, so I reached behind me and unclipped the bra, throwing it towards the front of the vehicle, and then pulled his underwear down, as his member slapped up against his stomach.

            His relief at seeing my bare breasts was shown as he dive forward, grabbing each in one hand before he shoved his face in he middle, nuzzling against them while motorboating me as hard as he could. It may have been unconventional, but he was needy and passionate, and goddamn it was hot.

            “God, Y/N, how have I been missing this?”

            As he continued his assault on my breasts with his face, I could also feel him squeezing my nipples and every once in a while stopping to submerge one into his mouth while swirling his tongue around them.

            Uncontrollable moans were leaving my lips and eventually Louis’ face emerged from my breasts as he planted a chaste kiss on my lips. “Do you need me, Y/N?” Louis asked with certain deepness in his voice that was just surfacing now.

            I needed him so badly, that I let go of all my dignity and answered with total honesty. “God fuck Louis, I need you so damn bad I think I might die if you don’t give me what I need.”

            Louis smirked and smugly replied, “If you say so.” With that, and breathed. The wet spot in my panties had grown so big it looked like I had peed myself and I needed him to touch me.

            Slowly, he hooked his fingers into the sides of my thong and dragged the material down my legs. Once they were off, he threw them towards the front with my bra and lowered his head again. He was face to face with where I wanted him most, and I could tell he was having an internal battle. He needed me too.

            I heard him mumble, “fuck this,” and he suddenly stood up as high as he could, lining his member up with my dripping wet entrance. Then, without notice, he shoved his cock into me hard, eliciting a grunt from him, and a look of shock from me.

            “Ugh, so tight, Y/N, and so fucking fit,” he grunted. He pulled out of me until only his tip was immersed, and then thrust back in so that his balls bounced against my ass. He continued to do this, gradually picking up speed and I was in such a frenzy of pleasure, I had no idea the volume of the incontrollable noises I was making. My hands had nowhere to go, so they were everywhere: on his chest, in his hair, on his back, his arm, his ass.

“You like my thick, fat cock inside of you? You like when I shove it in you so hard my balls bounce all over your fit little ass? You like that?” He asked while continuously propelling himself into me.

            I moaned inexplicably loud at his words, helplessly turned on.

            “Mm, you like it when I talk dirty to you do you? Little slut, completely at the mercy of my dick.”

            Well, although I had given up my dignity, I was also a feminist and had a quick reply to that. “You brought me out here. I’m pretty sure you need me more than I need you.”

            The look of shock on his face from being talked back to by a girl in bed was priceless and I could almost feel him become even harder, if that’s even possible, inside of me. Suddenly, he was slamming into me as fast as he could, holding my breasts in his hands, and sticking his tongue out a little bit in concentration.

            All of the sudden, I came harder than I had in years, my orgasm completely overtaking my body causing me to convulse wildly. He had stopped moving and was just watching me, which was cause enough for him to come undone. I felt him twitch and then the sticky liquid filled me up. He was the most amazing, the hottest, the most passionate sex I had had since my first time and all I knew, the only thing my mind knew was what my body was telling me. I needed him. I was going to need him tomorrow, next week, a year from now. I was always going to fucking need him.

            Unexpectedly, the limo door opened and one of the bridesmaids screamed. Louis looked out at his best friend, Harry, with a devilish smile and reached out to close the door.

            I could hear Harry laughing harder than I ever heard while I could see in my head, his newlywed wife, my best friend, Leah, smiling to herself and chuckling beside him.

            Louis pulled out and began to laugh. “That was interesting!” he snickered.

            “Oh,” I responded, giggling, “Yes, it was.”

            As I got dressed again I heard him say, “Goddamn, how am I supposed to live now, knowing sex can be that good.”

            I knew it was supposed to be to himself, but I simply answered, “I’m around.” Because I knew I fucking needed him, in an absolutely unexplainable way.

Any tips for new writers?

1. Details man (try to cover the 5 senses)
2. Make sure ur grammar is perf
3. Sprinkle some magic pixie dust on ur final copy for special effects
4. Be fierce about ur work #beingconfidentiscool #slay


I am genuinely confused as to what joy and Alia do because Becca is the only one posting stories on this blog and that's not fair


I am genuinely confused about life but you don’t hear me complaining  -A

we all have lives so its hard for us to write, ive just had a bit too much time on my hands lately(:- B

Can I have a link to your master list?


Can someone do a Niall or Louis one where you like just meet and have to have each other, doesn't matter where or how but you just need them?! Really hot and passionate, let all of it boil over... I really hope that makes sense haha!


These stories have loads of unrealistic things in them nd honestly I don't mind but the one unrealistic thing I find "silly" is that in mostly any story the girl and the lad cum together without the girl cuming several times. Now when I'm with my boyfriend, I cum several times before he cums. So yeah, just wanted it out :) #NoOffence

Well in that matter everyone is different so lol -J