Closer To - Liam Payne

“Liam?” you call from the bedroom the two of you share. You’ve lived with Liam for about a year, but he’s been on tour for the past four months so it seems like you still live alone. You thought you heard the front door close, so you head out to investigate. You reach the living room, but no one is there. As you turn to walk back to your bedroom, Liam appears from around a corner with a bouquet of red roses.

“Surprise, babe,” he whispers in your ear as he pulls you in for a much needed hug. You feel the comfort of his strong body pressed against yours. The familiar scent of Liam’s cologne reaches your nose and sends a shiver down your spine. “I’ve missed you so much, (y/n), you have no idea.”

You loosen your grip on your boyfriend just long enough to stare, just for a moment, into his chocolate brown eyes. This pause was enough for Liam to press his forehead against yours for a split second before delicately placing his lips on yours. His hands trailed down your back toward your bum, pulling you closer into his body.

As the kiss intensifies, you begin to gently tug at the hem of Liam’s shirt. You feel him smile into your lips as you pull his shirt off, revealing his toned stomach. He puts his hands on your hips and begins to kiss up and down your jaw. You place your hands on his bare chest and sigh heavily as you tilt your head back. Before he can get too intense, you kiss his soft lips and grab his hand. You pull him back to your bedroom with a cheeky smile on your face. Liam kisses you again and starts to take your shirt off. Only then does he realise that you’re wearing one of his favorite jumpers. He smiles sweetly before tearing it away from your skin.

In one fluid motion, Liam sits down on the bed and pulls you onto his lap. You wrap your arms around his neck as he begins to kiss your collarbones, leaving little love bites across them. You feel his hands slide down you sides, tracing your curves, then back up to trace the outline of your bra.

You give him a slow, smoldering kiss on the lips before you lean in close to whisper a simple, “I’m ready” in his ear.

Liam looks deep into your eyes before asking if you’re sure about this. You’re a virgin and he knows. The look in his eyes tells you he wants you badly, but he wants you to be completely ready. You nod your agreement and return your attention to his lips. Your hands begin to wander down his chest and over his abs before finally reaching his belt. Liam pulls his pants off and throws them onto the floor at the foot of the bed. His hands quickly find your bra. Within seconds, the black lace bra has made its way to the pile of clothing quickly growing on your bedroom floor.

Liam removes your shorts and tosses them aside. Before you know it, he’s sliding your thong down to join the rest of your clothing on the floor. He gives you a slow, passionate kiss before pulling away and looking into your eyes. You could see the lust pouring from his eyes. He slowly slides down your body until his head is between your thighs. Liam looks at you one last time, his hot breath driving you crazy. You open your mouth to tell him to quit teasing, but at that same moment his lips come crashing down on you. You let out a soft moan instead of words. One of your hands is entwined in Liam’s hair while the other grips the sheets. Suddenly, you feel his tongue slip inside you. As Liam pushes you closer and closer to your climax, you throw your head back and moan his name.

Just before you reach your climax, Liam gets up and kisses you. You pull off his boxers to reveal his erection. He kisses you again before asking one last time if you’re sure you want to do this. In reply, you grab the back of his neck and pull him in for a steamy kiss. He finally pulls away from your lips and begins to enter you. You let out a sharp gasp and squeeze your eyes shut. Seeing the pain in your face, Liam stops. You urge him on, and he pushes the rest of his length into you. He gives you a moment to adjust before he begins to thrust in and out of you. He begins to move faster and faster. Your moans mix with his as you both get closer. Liam begins to thrust harder and faster that before until you tell him you’re almost there. He tells you to hold out just a little longer. You simply can’t wait any more and you finish just before he does. You feel him release inside you as he loudly moans your name. The two of you rest a bit before Liam scoops you up and carries you into the shower.


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