I’ll Be With You Till The End

Louis is upset.

The only reason Harry can tell is because he’s been in the shower for over thirty minutes and the only time Lou does that is when he needs a really good wank or something is making him feel low. Harry sighs with worry, conflicted about whether he should go in and comfort him or just wait until Louis is ready to talk. So Harry keeps plaiting Ava’s hair while telling Ryan to go brush his teeth before bed. The sound of the shower turns off and Louis comes down the stairs with a wet fringe, and wearing oversized clothes which made Harry grin because he looked so cute and cuddly.

“Hey babe.” His voice is deep as he reaches a free hand up, grazing his finger across Louis’ soft, shiny cheek. A faint smile (that looked a bit forced in Harry’s opinions) grows across his light pink lips as he plops down next to him, leaning over and grinning at Ava. “Why don’t you go help Ryan in to bed, love?” With a wide smile and crinkly eyes, Ava nods, making her hair flop against her forehead as she stands up, running out of the room and tugging Ryan’s hand.

Harry’s arm falls around Louis’ shoulders, pulling him so close that Harry can smell the mint from his lips when Louis licks them slow, pink tongue poking out in a way that made Harry stare for a moment. “You alright?” Louis nods at Harry’s question, biting his lip as he looks up at him through his long, dark eyelashes. “You sure, babe? Seem upset..” Harry grazes his knuckle along Louis’ sharp, defined jawline. The contact of Harry’s warm fingers against his cool skin makes Louis shiver, taking his bottom lip into his mouth as he bites down on it. His cheeks are tinted with red when he finally speaks up, voice a bit higher than usual from his lack of talking. “N-no. I’m fine.”

Harry presses his lips together, eyes flickering over his husband’s face for any sign of sadness. Louis blushed at the intimate stare, turning his face away from the curly haired boy as he looks at the television screen, head falling against Harry’s shoulder. His blue eyes were fixed on the tv while Harry’s green pair looked down at him fondly.

"I love you, Lou." Louis smiles at his words at his words and nods, but despite that smile, Harry finally is given the sign of sadness when Louis’ smile doesn’t reach his eyes, the usual sparkling glint not there and the crinkles at the corners of his eyes remaining non existent. Lou just shrugs, eyes still on the show that he had completely zero interest in. Harry’s large hand moves to grip Louis’ jaw, pulling his face in the direction of his. “Tell me what is wrong.” The older boy sighs and reaches for the remote, turning the tv off when he gets it. His blue eyes bore into Harry’s when he turns back to him. “Do you want me anymore?”

Harry’s jaw goes slack in shock. “What? Of course I do.” Louis scoffs and rolls his eyes, pulling his face away from the green eyes boys hold. “Then why won’t you touch me?” Harry’s brow furrows in confusion, a wrinkle forming in between them. “I do touch you? I mean I know we don’t have sex as often as we used to be we aren’t 17 anymore, Lou.” “Oh, I know. I’m not the Louis who has the nicest bum in all of England anymore; I’m the Louis who steps over child fences now.” With a huff, Louis sits back into the couch, flipping his fringe out of his eyes.

The terrible feeling of insecurity was hitting Louis hard. He felt gross and not good enough and unwanted and he hated that he was putting this on Harry and causing a fight because he knew that the only reason they didn’t make love like they used to was due to stress, work and parenting. But knowing that did nothing for Louis because he used to have to /reject/ Harry since he was always on him, sucking on Louis’ sweet spot and sneaking a hand down the front of his pants. And yes of course Harry was right, they weren’t seventeen anymore but Louis wanted the passionate love making where they needed each other and not just an orgasm.

"Am I not sexy anymore?" Louis’ voice cracks. It’s coated in anxiety, shaking a bit as he continues, "Do you not want me like you did?"

Harry’s expressions soften because /oh/. Understanding floods through him as he shakes his head, pulling Louis into his arms and kissing his temple lovingly. “No, Lou. It isn’t like that..it’s just..the kids are here and..well.. “Harry blushes as he fumbles through his words. “I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you begging me, and thanking me and..It just does a lot for me, Louis.” Harry reaches up, stroking Louis’ cheek then leaning in for a kiss, pressing his soft plump lips against Louis’ with a tiny moan.

The smaller boy reaches up to knot his fingers in the brown curly locks that he loved so much. His fingers trailed through them, stopping when he got to the ends at the back where it was much curlier than the top. Louis tugs on them, making Harry moan into his mouth and allowing him to slide his tongue into it. Their kiss starts off slow and loving but turns passionate quickly, when Harry reaches around to squeeze Louis’ ass.

"Fuck." Louis breathes into Harry’s mouth, tugging at the curls. Pulling away, Harry smirks and winks. "C’mon, Lou. Let me take you to bed. Show you how much I want you." Leaning in close to Louis, Harry whispers into his ear, his voice low and husky with desire and need. "I hope you can take it." A dark chuckle leaves his lips as he nips at the blue eyed boy’s earlobe gently. "I’m sure you can though, always such a good boy for me. Taking my cock up your arse so well, hm?"

Louis is just about panting, his erection causing a tent in his gray sweatpants. Aiming to tease, Harry drags his fingers across where the bulge is and causing Louis to buck up with a whine, eager for more contact. Chuckling, Harry takes his hand and leads him upstairs to their room. Their bodies press together, so close that their bulges are moving against each other in need as their tongues slide together, tiny moans pushing out from between the both of their lips.

Harry’s teeth are suddenly at Louis’ neck, nipping the skin harshly as he pushes the blue eyed boys shirt over his head. Leaving open mouth kisses to his chest, Harry sinks to his knees and pushes Louis on to bed gently.
“Turn over.” He murmurs, patting Louis’ tummy gently. Obediently, Louis flips over and holds himself up on his elbows, arse up in the air as Harry stands behind him, pulling the pants and boxers down to his knees. The feeling of cool air hitting his bare skin makes Louis gasp and shiver, goose bumps rising on his forearms. “Look so good, Lou..” Harry murmurs, stroking the cheek and spreading Louis open. “Fuck. Wanna eat you out.” A loud gasp leaves Louis’ lips when Harry leaned forward, a small kitten lick skimming over his rim. Harry chuckled because he knew it wouldn’t be long until Louis was sobbing and begging for more, cum dripping down his chest and stomach.

Harry licks Louis teasingly, circling his hole slowly and slapping the boys hand away from his hard cock. “Don’t touch yourself.” Harry growled, digging his nails into the skin of Louis’ ass while he holds him open. Hands fist the sheets, needy sobs leaving the blue eyed boy while the boy with green eyes moves his tongue, pushing it past Louis’ rim. Moans leave the both of them because this was so /dirty/ and fuck, it was so bad but Harry loved when Louis got like this; face all red, whimpering while his eyes filled with tears.

"More..more, please. Fuck." Louis choked out as Harry fucked the tight needy hole with his tongue, swirling it around before he shoves fingers in alongside his wet, pink tongue, pressing hard against Louis’ prostate. An estranged moan plays through out the room, going straight to Harry’s already hard cock and making it twitch and ache because holy fuck, Louis sounded so good like this; moaning Harry’s name and begging for more and just loving it. Harry pulls his mouth and fingers away from his lover slowly when Louis groans and says he’s close. With a frustrated whimper, Louis pushes his ass out to Harry, cheek pressed against the white sheets. "Fuck, Harry. Please fuck me. I need it, please.."

With a chuckle, Harry grips a side of Louis’ ass, leaning forward and opening the drawer next to their bed, searching for the bottle of lube. He grabs it and pulls it to him. Louis hears the ‘pop’ of the lid in the silent room, the squirting sound of the bottle loud when Harry applies some of the sticky lube to his fingers. He presses them against Louis’ rim, circling it and snorting when Louis huffs in sexual frustration. “Really, Harry? Just get on with it. I’m not a virgin.” Harry chuckles because although he wasn’t topping, Louis was definitely the dominant one; Harry does whatever he says. His middle finger pushes into Louis’s warm hole, curling when it’s in to his knuckle.

Louis lets out a loud moan, causing him to bite down on his bottom lip in worry because he definitely did not want the kids waking up and coming in here. He goes to ask the curly haired boy to lock the door, but he’s cut off when Harry suddenly thrusts three fingers into Louis, making his hole stretch in a way that just ached so good. “Oh fuck, Harry!” Louis moans out, fisting the sheets with his small hand. Shaking his head and chuckling, Harry grinds his fingers against the spot that makes Louis whine in pleasure because “fuck, yes, Harry! Right there!”

It isn’t long until Louis is moaning out in little whimpers, head hung low as he gasps for air. Harry reaches around to pump his throbbing cock, rubbing a finger across the swollen, red head of it. The calloused fingertip brushes Louis’ slit, causing him to let out a low moan as he releases all over the sheets. The room is silent except for Louis’ pants as Harry curls his body around his, smoothing his fringe off of his sweaty forehead and murmurs praise of, “you look so pretty when you come, babe..”

With a small whine, Louis turns his body and snuggles into his lover’s chest, eyes shut with tear stained cheeks. Harry’s big hands rub Louis’ back soothingly, his voice gentle as he murmurs in his ear, “do you feel better?” Louis’ face is almost of a child’s, his bottom lip jutted out and eyes wide as he looks up at Harry and nods. “Mhm,” his voice is lazy as he tangles his legs with Harry’s, “I just really really missed being like this. I was scared.” A gentle smile grows across the curly haired boy’s face as he nods, smoothing Louis’s fringe back and leaving a small kiss on his forehead. “Don’t be scared, loser. I’ll be always be here with you.”

Possesive-Larry Smut

" Can I have a little smooch" the woman said leaning her cheek toward me.

I complied giving her a quick peck on the cheek. Louis moved away from me and I didnt bother to look at his face. If I knew him well enough; which I did, he was most likely pursing his lips together. I played it off cool looking straight forward as we made our way into the large stadium and found our seats. I watched Louis tentively. I bit my lip slightly, he looked so good. Rihanna came up to us and we stood to greet her. She gave the rest of the boys friendly pecks of the cheek but went in for my lips. I didnt want to be rude so I went with it, but I hoped to god cameras didnt catch it. More than that I really hoped Louis didnt see it either.

"You look good" she smirked.

"You too." I smiled politly.

I sat back down and eyed Louis from the corner of my eye; his leg was bouncing impatiently and annoyed and he took a swig of his beer. Shit.

An interviewer came up for a quick chat and we all sat up.

"So Harry, we heard a few things about you and Ms. Marshal."

Louis let out a frustrated sigh.
Goddammit. I cleared my throat, trying to hide the fact that I was annoyed and nervous because my boyfriend was directly beside me.

"Not much to tell" I said blankly, "we just hung out a few times is all. Nothing serious, shes a friend of Lou, our stylist. So, yeah…"

She asked Lou about Eleanor and he said the same thing he always says when asked about his “girlfriend.”

"She’s alright" with a faked smile.

Through out the night Lou didnt look at me let alone speak to me.

After the show we headed back to a hotel. Lou didnt speak until we got into the hotel room.


"What?" He said coldly, removing his shoes.

"You mad?" What a stupid question, of course hes mad.

"Oh no of course not. I love seeing my boyfriend kiss other people…"


"I dont think sorry quite cuts it." He said walking over to me. " you’ve been very bad lately Styles."

He lifted my chin with his thumb and index finger. Bringing my lips about and inch away from his. I felt my insides begin to pulse; an effect Louis always has on me. I lean my head in for a kiss, but Lou pulled back. He smirked devishly, letting out a little chuckle. He moved his hand from my chin, down to my chest, to my stomach. Lou’s index finger slid into my right belt loop pulling me into him. I felt myself growing inside my tight jeans and Im sure Lou felt it too since It was pressed up against him. He kissed me hard, gripping the back of my neck. I ran my hand down his back gripping his bum roughly. He moaned into my mouth making me even harder. His other hand rubbed my erection through my jeans making me groan. He pulled away and pushed me down onto my knees.

"You know what to do."

I fumbled with his jeans tryin to get them down as soon as possible. I brought his underwear down with them. He sprung up from the restraining tight boxerbriefs. He removed his own shirt, then kicked this pants aside. I gripped him with my hand bringing him to my mouth, sliding him down my tongue to the back of my throat. His breath hitched and I bobbed my head up and down his shaft; taking in as much as I could, earning various moans. He gripped a fist of my hair roughly making my eyes shut tightly. He thrusted fast and roughly into my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth his cock covered in my savliva. He pulled me up by the neck hem of my shirt.

"Get undress." He ordered.

When I finished removing all clothing Lou spun me around and bent me over the night stand. The side of my face resting on the cold wood, my hands griping the edges tightly. I felt a sharp smack against my right arse cheek.

I gritted my teeth, letting out a small whimper.

He chuckled sensually and rubbed my bum. He striked my bum again; same spot but even harder.


He patted my bum lightly before laying down another relentless smack. Then another. I felt my ass cheek getting sore and sensitive.

"You should know im a very possesive guy babe and I dont share."

He stroked my bum again soothing the soreness.

"This is mine." He gripped my bum harshly, "got it?"

"Yes Lou, All Yours" I breathed.

He sucked on one finger, lubricating it before pushing it into me, then twisted it as he pulled it out. I inhaled sharply. He fingered me slowly for a while. Louis removed his finger. Spitting into the palm of his hand then stroking himself. He pressed the tip to my asshole, slowly sinking into me until he was fully inside. I groaned and gripped the edges of the dresser even tighter so that my nails dug into the wood. He placed both hands on my hips guiding himself in and out of me slowly at first.

"Shit." I panted as he began to pound in and out of me.

My cheek slid up and down the smooth serface of the dresser with every one of Louis’ rough thrust. I had my eyes clenched shut and my mouth fell open.

"Fuck." Lou moaned he pulled out and I whimpered at his absence.

He grabbed my arm pushing me onto the bed.

"Come here" he demanded, patting the edge of the bed where he stood.

I lay on my back with my legs resting on his shoulders. He entered me again, making both of us moan. He had his arms on the outside of my legs and he reached around my left leg to grip my shaft. He began to stroke it and thrust into me at the same time.

"Fuck. Lou." I groaned, gripping his forarm that was now moving fiercly, stroking me.

My pre-cum was already dripping out and the feeling of Lou inside me and wanking me off was almost overwhelming.

"You like that?" Lou stammered to say breathlessly.

"God… Yes."

With that I went over the edge. I twitched inside Louis palm before my sperm shot out, dripping onto Louis hand and my lower stomach. I felt myself clench around Louis’ cock He let out a long groan, then quickly pulled out releasing his load onto my dick and thighs.

He bent down kissing me for a long period of time. I grabbed his arm pulling him onto then bed and even though I was covered with both our cum neither of us cared. I just needed to hold him. I wrapped my self around him. We lay spooning in blissful silence.

"All yours." I whispered, kissing the back of his head.

Larry Smut In Louis’ P.O.V - Louis Tomlinson

I looked in the mirror, disappointed and what I could see. Nothing special. Just a boy, not handsome. I did not deserve Harry. I was ugly. Ugly. That was me. I traced over my bare chest, down to my stomach. I felt… fat. I sighed and adjusted my boxers which were twisted a bit. As I turned around, I saw Harry, leaning against the door watching me. He had a small frown on his face. Harry took a few steps towards me, wrapping his long arms around my body. He gently pressed a warm, soft kiss to my lips before he spoke.
“Lou, you’re so perfect… Why would you say things like that? It’s me who doesn’t deserve you. You’re so amazing, Louis.” A slight blush crept onto my cheeks and I pecked his lips.
“I care about you and love you so much, boo. You mean everything to me, Louis. Everything.” I smiled, and slowly pushed him to the bed, which was just in the other room.
“Prove it.” I smirked, wrapping my arms around his bare torso and gently kissing his chest. He shivered, a happy shiver and started unbuckling his jeans, pulling them off. He gently pushed me onto the bed so I was on my back.
“My pleasure.” I watched as he slid my boxers off, pressing a kiss to my v-line. Holding in a soft moan, I let him do his thing. He moved his lips to my ear, pressing a soft kiss to it.
“I’m gonna make you feel so good. Then I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to stand.” He smirked and moved to my chest, placing his lips on one of my nipples. He started sucking it, while rubbing the other. I let out a soft moan as he nibbled and sucked, rubbing his crotch to mine. I stopped sucking my nipple and ripped my boxers off… and his. My eyes grew dark as his length slapped up against his stomach.
“Holy fuck Harry…” He smirked.
“I could say the same to you.” He roughly pushed my legs apart, pushing them up a bit. I let out a moan as he stuck his face between them, gripping my thighs roughly. Whimpering slightly, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. His lips got going straight away. He placed them on one of my balls, sucking it roughly while playing with the other. I let out a loud moan, arching my back slightly. He started sucking it harder, roughly playing with the other one. As he removed himself, he started sucking my hard on. Moaning loudly, I gripped onto his hair, shoving him further on. He let out a moan, as did I.
“Harry, I want to fuck your mouth.” He moaned against me, nodding slightly. I gripped his hair tighter, thrusting in and out of his mouth roughly, my dick hitting the back of his throat making him choke. He moaned, whimpering slightly as I did it harder and harder. He kept choking on it, making him extremely sexy. The face he had was so hot. Gagging on my cock as I fucked him in the mouth. As I finished, Harry coughed and shoved me down with a smirk.
“I’m gonna have to punish you real hard Lou. You’re such a slut.” He moaned into my ear. I closed my eyes tight, getting harder. He smirked.
“Get on your hands and knees, slut.” I did as he said, sticking my ass into the air. Harry sat on my back gripping my ass roughly. He leaned his head over, licking a circle around my hole. I moaned loudly as he inserted his tongue inside, licking it roughly. He stuck it in and out, making sure to do it roughly. I moaned loudly as he pulled out.
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard now, Louis.” He whispered, adjusting his body over me. He has never actually fucked me hard before. It was normally just sweet, slow, love making. But now, it was gonna be hard. I closed my eyes, scared, but at the same time, excited. With no warning, Harry thirsted into me hard. I screamed loudly, as he thrusted in and out fast and hard. The screams turned into loud moans, as were his. Harry kept thrusting, making me weaker and weaker. I moaned loudly, him gripping my shoulders and biting into my neck. Suddenly, it started to hurt. Bad. I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Ha…Harry. Pl..please stop…” He thrusted harder.
“I can’t, slut. You asked me to fuck you hard, so I am.” He thrusted harder and harder, making me start to tear up a bit. His thrusts were hard and violent, extremy painful. I was getting weaker but he kept going, moaning and thrusting.
“Shit Lou you’re so tight!” He yelled releasing his hot liquids into me. I let out a moan, thinking he was going to stop but he didn’t. He just went harder. I started tearing up more, fisting the sheets.
“P..please Ha..Har… stop…” I whimpered out. He shook his head and kept going.
“I’m not done, slut.” He moaned out. I whimpered as he kept thrusting, me getting weaker. He thrusted one last time and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. The pain was excruciating. But he kept going. and going. And going. I was now crying, a she kept thrusting. Finally, with one last thrust, he pulled out. As I thought it was over, he flipped me around, not even glancing at my face and went straight to my dick.
“I want you to cum for me, baby.” He moaned out, still not looking at me. He massaged my balls, and started talking dirty.
“Oh Louis you’re so fucking hot I just want to fuck you all night long. I want to blow you and suck you hard. I wanna make you scream. You’re so fucking sexy I just wanna feel you all over.” He continued talking firty, and finally stuck my dick in his mouth. I was still quietly crying as I released my warm liquids, shooting them down his throat. He moaned. lick it it all up.
“Get back on your hands and knees slut.”
“N..no.” I whimpered out. Harry didn’t seem to care. He just flipped me back over, sticking his dick inside me. It was even MORE painful then the last time. By now, I was fully crying. It hurt so bad. He pulled out, breathing heavily. I whimpered and flopped down to the bed, wrapping myself in a blanket, crying. Harry finally noticed me and gasped, grabbing my shoulders.
“Louis… did..did I hurt you?” My tears kept coming out, as I nodded.
“I…I’m so so sorry… I love you so much…” He whispered, wiping my tears away. I looked at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“You should do it again sometime…” I whispered. He nodded. a smile on his face.
“Anything for you.”

Untitled - Larry Stylinson


He was slammed into a wall and was being kissed aggressively.
”Damn…! S-sorry…” the young mate mumbled across the other ones lips.
”Ugh…” he moaned. “…Just shut up and kiss me you fool.” He responded and slid off his navy jean jacket. He threw it to the floor and wrapped his arms around the younger ones neck.

The green pupiled boy slipped his tongue into the older ones mouth and started a small tongue fight with him.
The taller one moaned slightly as the other boy lifted his leg between his legs and grinded against him.
The blue-eyed boy smirked at his response to his actions and broke the kiss. He kissed the younger ones cheek repeatedly all the way down to his neck and began nipping on it. He sucked softly on the spot and made his way down to the skin of his collarbone. He pecked the area with his lips and bit down softly on his skin, leaving a small, red bruise.

”Ooohhh…!” the curly haired boy moaned out and thrust himself on the others leg. He slowly removed his navy blue blazer and let it fall on the ground. One of his hands made its way down to the other boy’s hem of his shirt and started pulling on it. “O-off…” he mumbled into the older boy’s ear, making him shiver at the sudden touch of air near him.
He started to take off his plain white t-shirt and slipped it over his head quickly, not wanting to miss one second of his contact with the younger boy in front of him. He immediately placed his lips back to the taller mates.
The younger boy firmly gripped the blue-eyed boy’s waist and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. He fidgeted with his legs, starting to feel a bulging sensation down below.
The other boy grunted as his mate rubbed his groin against his own. He removed his arms from around the others neck and made his hands travel all the way to the zip of his trousers.
The green-eyed boy bucked his hips towards his hands eagerly. “…P-please…I-I can’t…”

He played around with the buckle, trying to decide whether he should pleasure him or not. He smirked cheekily to himself and started undoing the belt. He unzipped the zip and slowly slid hand inside the younger boy’s briefs, grabbing his length.
He widened his eyes at the touch and breathed out heavily. “…O-ooh…L-Louis…!”  He stammered out, throwing his head back in pleasure.

The older boy smirked and started moving his hand up and down his shaft. He looked up at his mate, seductively biting his lip. “…Does this feel good, babe?” the boy asked, quietly whispering.

The brown haired boy whimpered nothing able to come out of his mouth properly but small noises.

“Am I making you feel good?” he asks again, leaving chaste kisses near his lips, but not directly upon them.
He bobbed his head furiously. “Y-yes! Oh-God! Yes!” he breathed out erotically.
The brunette quiffed boy continued to please him, stroking his member faster.

The green eyed boy moaned out loudly, obviously enjoying the hand job his older mate was giving him.
The older one tsked. “Nuh-uh-uh.” He started moving his hand slower; making the taller one whimper because of the pleasure he was losing. “Say it. I wanna’ hear you say it.” He whispered huskily in his ear.

The curly haired boy clenched his eyes shut as he toppled over the older one weakly. He panted heavily. “I-I…you…Ough!!” he stammered.

The shorter boy went even slower. “Say it…Tell me I make you feel good…” he seductively whispered.
The boy shuddered and started bucking his lips into the blue-eyed boy’s hand. He had the desperate urgent need to come. “You-you…! Oh, fuck!” he yelped.
The older mate groped his length tight, keeping him from trying to come. “Tell me, Harry…Tell me and I’ll give you want you want.” He purred, licking down his neck and kissing down it.

 He winced from the pain he was getting from his member. It was going throughout all of his body like electricity. He needed to come. Now.

 He started thrusting into his hand, digging his nails into the older boys back. “U-ugh…You-you-ohh!” he stuttered. He was losing it. He needed to come so desperately.

The older boy started moving his hand hard and fast across the boy’s length. “Yeah?”
”You make me feel good-Oh! Fuck! Ah-Louis!!” he screamed out. He arched his back out in pleasure and came all over the older ones hand.

 The older boy smirked as he licked off the cum on his hand.

The younger one panted heavily as he pushed himself off of him, his eyes staring deeply at him in affection and lust.

 The blue-eyed boy slid the boy’s trousers and briefs down. He swiftly turned himself around and leaned his hands against the wall, looking back at the other boy. “Fuck me, baby. “He breathed out huskily.

 He didn’t hesitate for a second. He pulled the boys clothing off in one swift movement. “…D-don’t’ got any lube…” he muttered across the blue-eyed boy’s neck.

He shivered at his touch and breathed heavily. “I don’t care. Just-just…“he grunted loudly. “Get in me already…!” he demanded.

 The tall boy took his own member, lowered himself to the others hole, and slowly started to enter him.

The shorter one gasped at the immediate pain he felt and regretted saying what he just did. He bit down on his lip hard until it bled. “God-fuck-Harry…!” he groaned through his clenched teeth.
He grabbed his waist firmly with the both of his hands and breathed onto his neck. “Y-you’re so fucking tight…!” he hissed. He fit his shaft all the way into the older one and stopped moving for him to get adjusted to his size.

 The boy fidgeted for a moment to get comfortable and then nodded his head. “O-okay…Move.” He commanded.

 The green-eyed mate obeyed his orders and thrust into him repeatedly. He panted heavily as he pumped into the older one.

















He thrusted in all different angles, searching for the boy’s prostate. Loud, wet sounds of their thighs slapping together each time he pumped into him filled the large, empty room. Once the taller one hit the shorter ones sweet spot, he whimpered out. “Y-yes…! R-right t-there, H-H-Harry!!”
The boy slammed into that spot over and over again, making the blue-eyed boy yell out in fits of ‘OhFuck!’ and ‘YesYesYes!’

 “H-harder, Harry! P-please! Harder!” he grunted.

 He did what was demanded and thrusted harder, hitting his prostate each time. “I’m gonna’ fuck you so hard ‘til you can’t walk. I’ll leave you begging for more…” he whispered dirtily into the older boy’s ear.

The fringe haired boy trembled at his words.
In his head played the boys mantra of ‘HarryHarryHarry!’ and ‘HarryHarderHarryHarder!’

“Harry!” he yelled out.

”Harry!” he screamed.

”Harry, please!” he pleaded.




The young boy jumped up, startled out of his active slumber. He panted heavily, his chest heaving up and down fast. He was hot and sweaty and his face felt flushed red.

“Harry!” a voice shouted beside him.

He turned his head quickly to the side. “G-Gemma…?” he breathed out.
”Jesus Christ, Harry! Get up! You’re going to miss your University interview!” his older sister told him.

He looked over at his navy blue digital alarm clock. ‘7:42 A.M.’ it read.

Had he not heard his alarm?
Did he unknowingly hit his snooze button?

He sighed and ran a hand through his messy bed hair.

”You were moaning and groaning a bunch in your sleep too. Are you alright?” she asked him, concerned.
He nodded. “Y-yeah…I’m-I’m okay…” He waved a hand at her, signaling for her to leave him alone now.
She rolled her eyes. “Rude.” She sighed and began to leave. “Don’t lie back down and go to sleep, Harry.” She left out of his room and closed the door behind her.

 He took a few deep breaths. He looked down at himself.

”…Shit…” he cursed, as he realized his boxers were soaking wet.

”I fucking creamed myself.” 

Untitled- Larry Stylinson
Louis pinned Harry’s tall body against the door of the locked dressing room. “What the fuck” left Louis’ mouth in a low growl as he nipped at Harry’s collarbones, his hands running up his shirt to reveal the tall boys long torso. “You are mine. Don’t give anyone but me hickies.” Louis’ hands grip Harry’s biceps, his teeth grazing down his chest, wet lips pressed down the valley between his pecks and all over his abs, tongue running through the Harry’s happy trail. “You think I wouldn’t mind?” “It wasn’t like that, Louis..” “The fuck it wasn’t! Let me show you who you belong to and who you can touch.” 

Louis’ mouth bites Harry’s collarbone again, sucking roughly and his hand is slipped inside his boxers, rubbing his hard cock, the precum soaking his hand. “Fuck, Louis..” Breathless moans leave Harry’s pink plump lips, his head rested back against the door, harry’s eyes squeezed shut as his hips buck upwards and his hands search for something to grab because holy fucking shit, Louis is so fucking good at this, shit shit. 

But Louis is teasing Harry, going slowly and chuckling when Harry’s body would beg for more by his hips bucking upwards and they have to go on stage in like 45 minutes, and Harry fucking refused to go out there without his release and his chest is now covered in sweat and hickies and Louis is grinding against his leg and “Fuck, Lou! I’m coming!” 

Harry’s liquid shot into Louis’ hand, Harry’s groans getting a bit high pitched as his body shuddered into Louis’ hand, and when he was done, Louis took his hand out of the pants. licking up the white liquid. Harry slowly opens his eyes, breathing heavily. “Fuck, that felt good”

“And you better believe I am the only one who will ever make you feel that good. Now go bend over on that fucking couch so you are facing the fucking mirror so you can see who you belong to.”

Harry walked over to the couch, laying his chest on it while he faced the mirror. Through big green eyes, he watched as Louis stood behind him, unbuckling his belt, sliding it of the loops, and moving it up and slapping the ground with it, a smirk playing on his lips. Pulling his shirt off of himself, Louis stepped closer to Harry, inch by inch.

Harry felt himself throb as Louis’ bulge in his pants pressed against his ass, Louis’ hand resting on the cheek. 

“Oh, Harry..you feel how hard you are? Were you that hard for Michael?”

Harry gasped as the Louis’ hand flew up, smacking against Harry’s ass. Louis bent down, sliding his hand under the couch cushion, grabbing a bottle of lube. “I have been preparing for this all day.”

Rubbing against the bare skin once more, Louis’ hand slaps the skin againt, it turning pink. Cool fingers press against Harry’s hole, slowly moving their way in. Louis squirts a bit more lube onto his fingers, rubbing the hole and heavily coats the area. “Now, I am going to fuck you so fucking hard.”

Louis’ tip is at Harry’s entrance, rubbing it around, resulting breathy moans escape Harry. Louis thrusts his hip forward, pushing into Harry. “Fuck.” Louis leans his chest down, biting Harry’s back, sucking on the  skin. pulling it in his teeth while his hips pull out of Harry slowly, then slamming back into, the room filled with the sound of skin slapping. Harry’s gasped and moaned as Louis slowly wrapped his fingers around the base of his dick, pumping Harry.

Harry’s raspy groans became louder and louder and Louis’ thrust get more prominent and sharp as he pulls his face from Harrys’ hickey covered back, his hand spanking against Harrys’ ass.

“You gonna cum, Hazz? Let it out. Look in the mirror as you cum and see who is controlling you and fucking you and making you cum so fucking hard.”
Harry’s mouth gapes open, his body beginning to shudder again as he gasps loudly. “Lou, Lou, Lou! Ughhh..” 

Harry’s juices spray out, soaking part of the couch cushion. Louis’ groans loudly, pulling Harry’s ass towards his thrusts as Louis’ meets his high, a low growl leaving his lips. “Feel me cumming inside of you? Feel my cum inside of you?”

Harry moans as Louis pulls out of him, his body falling in shakes onto the couch. Louis’ pulls him into his arms, cuddling up next to him, pressing warm open mouthedkisses to the back of Harrys’ neck.

“Mine..you’re mine.”

Harry nods, lacing his fingers with Louis’, as Louis smiles and nuzzles his face into Harry’s hair.


Breath - Harry Styles + Louis Tomlinson

“Lou please” Harry’s voice quivered and he could taste his own sweat when he licked his tongue out and bit down on his lip. Louis’ head snapped up from where it was buried between the younger boy’s legs, he replaced his mouth with his hand, moving in long slow, deliberate strokes as he lazily let his gaze fall on Harry’s face.

“I thought I told you to not speak.” He raised one eyebrow slightly and whilst making sure he kept eye-contact he licked two fingers into his mouth, wetting them, watching Harry’s eyes glaze over at the thought of what he was going to do and his hips grinding slightly up towards him.

“Hey!” Louis’ hand smacked down hard on Harry’s thigh. “I know I told you not to move.”

The whimper that fell from Harry’s lips was much louder than he wanted it to be, Louis had played this game with him for what felt like forever now, he could feel his whole body pulsating, wanting the other boy’s hand to move faster, to not keep stopping but instead he watched him suck his fingers in to his mouth again and he had to focus so hard on not moving, his thigh still burning.

The absence of Louis’ hand around him when he’d stopped the stroking made this long whiny noise bubble up from his throat, his hands above his head grab to his own hair and pulling, just needing something.

Louis used the hand he’d been stroking Harry with to spread his legs, not too much, just enough for him to press his wet finger against Harry, not quite letting it push in, just pressing as he watched the younger boy bite harder in to his lip, saw the strain in his neck as he tried to not push against him. When Louis was sure that his boy would stay still he pushed his finger in, not moving for a couple of seconds, feeling Harry clench around him but as he was going to reprimand him for it the focus on the younger boy’s face and the twitch in his muscles showed him that it wasn’t done on purpose, his body was simply reacting on its own. He pumped his finger in and let it slide out a couple of times before adding a second digit.

Harry’s head flung to the side, biting down on his own skin to keep from moving, keep from grinding and keep from just coming right then.

“Oi!” Louis scooted up along the side of Harry, fingers still buried deep but let his other hand grab his jaw and turn his face up towards him, the hold a little tighter than what it would have to be.

“I’m the only one who gets to leave marks on you! Keep your head still!” He let go of his jaw but couldn’t stop himself from leaning down and pressing his lips against Harry’s, tasting sweat, letting them linger a little longer but pulled away before the kiss got too deep and intense, leaned his forehead against his boy’s, not even minding the dampness of it and whispered a quiet:

“I love you.” before sitting back up, the stern look working its way onto his face once again as he watched the small smile play over Harry’s lips before yet another whimper escaped him.

Louis scooted down the floor a little, now on a mission, angling his fingers and intently watching Harry’s face, looking for that one spot that he knew would make him come undone in seconds.

When he found it and pressed his fingers rhythmically up against it the long low moan and Harry’s eyes rolling back had his cock twitch in his boxers.
He still kept the pressure light, making sure to not push him over the edge, he wanted him begging, he loved the look on his face and the way his breath caught in his throat.
Harry was focusing on forcing air down his lungs, his fingertips and toes tingling and Louis’ two fingers deep inside him once again pressed up right there, making him almost choke, breathing far too rapidly.

Louis slowed his movement a little more, still making sure to press up a little harder every time he heard Harry gasp for air and leaned down to blow out a cold breath against Harry’s throbbing length.

“Lou don’t” His voice was so strained but it only made Louis want to hear him moan louder and he let his tongue slip out, licked all the way from the base to the head, first once, slowly, then again.

He used his free hand to grab around Harry’s cock, lifting it up so that he could fit his mouth around, not really sucking, just taking it in his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around.

“I can’t, I can’t…” The words were falling out of Harry’s mouth like a chanting, the tingling in his toes was spreading up his legs now, Louis’ fingers still hitting that spot that made his eyes roll back in his head and now the feeling of his wet, warm mouth around him was too much, there was no way he could hold back and he could feel his balls tighten, leg twitching and just then Louis pulled away, fingers still in him but not moving, the hand that had been squeezed around him was now on his chest.

“Breath,” It was a simple command really, and Harry couldn’t quite understand why it took so much effort to do just that, strangled moans falling from his lips.

“Easy, now… just breathe…” Louis stroked Harry’s chest and pressed down in a slow rhythm, almost pushing calmer gasps of air out of the boy.

“You ok?” Harry nodded, close to having forced the tingling out of his body and pulled a warm hand through his damp hair, sweat everywhere and he took another big breath of air, happy to have a little of his control back. Louis must’ve sensed it though, because he started to move his fingers again, pushing into the same spot as before, faster this time, willing Harry to get up to that high much quicker. He leaned down and sucked him into his mouth, harder now, feeling the twitch and hearing Harry’s whimpers after what seemed like no time at all.

He felt the familiar tingle and slight vibration rush through Harry’s body and cock and pulled away once more, this time pulling his fingers out which caused a loud tortured moan to fall from the younger boy’s lips and his hips to grind up, trying to find friction.
Louis immediately pushed them down again and lowered his mouth to Harry’s chest, sucking in a bit of skin between his teeth and biting tenderly.

“Mine” he whispered against him, moved on to the other side and did the same thing there and then up to Harry’s neck. He gripped hold of the boy’s damp hair and pulled his head to the side only to bite down right under his ear.

Harry’s breathing was calmer again, although each time Louis’ lips connected with his skin he cried out both with pleasure and pain. Louis sucked yet another mark on Harry’s collarbone and then reached out to grab the lube that was next to Harry’s head. He had kept it there because he wanted Harry to see it, to know what was going to happen.

“Spread your legs.” Harry looked up at Louis with a pained expression.

“Lou, I can’t do it for much longer… I can’t hold back… I can’t.” Louis couldn’t help the small smile that played over his lips, he had him right where he wanted him, this was his favorite Harry, the begging, grinding one with curls stuck to his forehead and eyes almost filling with tears because he was throbbing so hard due to something Louis had done. He loved that he could push him to this point.

Louis leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss against his lips and then scooted down his body, squeezing a generous amount of lube onto his fingers and without warming it up circling Harry’s hole, pushing one, then two fingers in and then pulling them out to add some more lube, wanting to be able to move without any restraint.
He reached up to grab one of Harry’s hands with his own and pressed some lube into the confused boy’s palm and then nodded down towards him.

“Touch yourself, but I want you to use the same pace as me.” He let his fingers slowly slide out of Harry and then back in again as he watched the boy grip his lubed up hand around himself, moaning loudly as he began stroking.
Louis slapped his hand lightly and stilled it.

“Can you feel me moving? No. If I don’t move, you don’t move. Understood?” He caught Harry’s eyes with his and watched him drag in a deep breath and then nod.

“And I want your eyes open, look at me.” Harry forced himself to focus on Louis’ face and as he could feel the two fingers slide into him again he squeezed his cock with his hand, and concentrated on keeping the same speed as Louis, painfully slow, his body starting to pulsate again as Louis fingers pushed up right where he knew it would destroy him.

Louis pushed his fingers a little deeper as he simultaneously got up on his knees to slide his own boxers down, freeing himself from the only piece of fabric left on his body, his own erection hard and pulsating, he knew he wouldn’t last long, seeing Harry like this was like a beautiful torture.

He grabbed the lube and squeezed some out on himself, catching it with his hand and stroking slowly up his length.

“Right, I want your hand still on you, same rules apply, baby. Only move when I do.”
He looked down at the squirming boy that was his beautiful mess as he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his tip. Harry had managed to stop stroking himself as well, waiting for Louis’ next move, focusing so hard on not pushing up against him, wanting the fullness of him.

Louis slowly pushed in, he felt Harry’s muscles tense and relax around him and pulled out again, a loud long groan falling from Harry’s lips and he saw his hand twitch around his cock.

He held still for a second before pushing in again, slow, same feeling again, muscles tensing and relaxing and had to use all his self-control to pull away, almost coming just from the look of tortured pleasure on Harry’s face.

“Lou please!”

Louis looked down between then, to Harry’s already leaking cock, pre-cum making it glisten and pushed against him again, tensing and relaxing.

“Please, please, please don’t pull out.” Harry’s eyes were watery and his breathing erratic again.

“I need you Lou, don’t. I can’t.”

Louis leaned all his weight on his left arm and let his other hand wander up to Harry’s face, pressing two fingers into his mouth as he once again pulled out, Harry’s lips tighten and quivering around his fingers, his own cock twitching and aching, sweat forming on his forehead.

He could feel the vibration of Harry’s moan through his fingertips as he once more pushed in, muscles tensing, relaxing, staying put this time, Harry squirming under him, sucking hard on his fingers, eyes rolled back.
Louis moved his hand away from Harry’s mouth and used it to brace his weight as he slowly started to pump in and out, angling his body and focusing on Harry’s face, wanting to find that one spot again.

When he found it the moan that fell from Harry’s swollen lips almost pushed him over the edge and he tilted his head down so that he could watch himself slide in and out as Harry’s hand worked in rhythm with him, his cock red and swollen, mostly covered by his long fingers wrapped around it.

“Stop touching.” Louis’ own voice was strained now and he had to try hard to not pick up the speed, he wanted to see Harry, didn’t want anything to cover the beauty of him.

“Hand above your head.” When Harry didn’t immediately stop Louis raised his voice slightly, adding sternness to it.

“Now!” Harry twitched and let go of himself, forcing his hand to return to above his head.

“Good boy… there you go…” Louis mumbled against his ear and the strain in Harry’s voice when he spoke sent sparks down his body.

“Lou, I can’t hold back. I can’t… I’m gonna…” Harry’s body twitched again and Louis returned his gaze to in between them, picking up his speed just slightly, biting down on his lip and grabbing a hold of Harry’s hair, pulling his head back and catching his eyes.

“I want you to look at me.” He depend his thrusts, his own breathing out of control now, watching Harry try to focus and when their eyes finally met he smiled through sweat and moans.

“Don’t you let go, I’m not done with you yet. You still with me?” It took Harry a moment to gather himself enough to even nod, his eye-sight starting to go blurry, forcing the fire in his blood to cool as Louis pushed against that sweet spot deep inside of him again and again. He sucked in a deep breath that quickly came out as a loud moan when Louis’ lips connected with his, tongue dominating him and teeth softly biting the corner of his mouth just to quickly soothe it with a kiss.

Louis watched as Harry squeezed his eyes together and bit down on his lip, his eyes landed on his hands above his head, tight fists with white knuckles, realizing how much Harry was struggling to hold on he leant down close to his ear.

“You can let go now, come for me, baby.”

He picked up his speed just a little, hand leaving Harry’s hair to reach in between them and work his fingers slowly around Harry’s length, eyes locked as he watched how the younger boy struggled to pull in a breath and then his whole body convulsed up against Louis’, staggered breaths and moans and Louis struggled to hold him down as he felt some of Harry’s come trickle down his hand and the rest hitting his chest. He felt his own cock twitch and buried his face in Harry’s neck, still pumping his hand on the sensitive boy that was squirming underneath him, picking up the speed a bit more. The sounds coming from Harry was almost sending him over, so loud and so deep.
Harry was struggling to breath, his whole body twitching and his cock aching and over-sensitive, trying to gather himself as Louis bit down on his neck, moaning into his skin and he felt the warmth of his release deep inside him.

Louis stilled his movement and slowly pulled out, rolled off Harry and collapsed on the floor next to him, catching his breath fairly quickly, he reached out for a water bottle that was still stood on the living room table.

The liquid felt cool and good sliding down his throat and he placed it on the floor next to him, looking over to Harry’s still twitching body, he smiled a little and bent down to place a small kiss on the boy’s lips, pulled a blanket off the sofa and covered them both up.

Don’t Forget The Mayonnaise - Larry Stylinson

Louis sighed, opening the refrigerator door and peering in. He’d just come downstairs to make a sandwich for himself.

Harry was upstairs on Twit Cam with some fans. Louis had appeared briefly, per Harry’s request, but he only stopped long enough to say “hi” and answer a few questions. He didn’t much like to web chat with his fans; it was all too much to keep up with.

Louis lay out all his sandwich ingredients on the counter. He really wasn’t feeling hungry any more; he was just way too wound up and stressed to eat. Realizing this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of his time alone, he set down the plate he had gotten out of the cabinet.

He thought about how long it had been since he’d had a wank, his hand idly wandering towards his growing protrusion. He thought about going upstairs to his room, but feared he might get stopped by Harry and dragged back to Twit Cam, and Louis was in no mood for that. 

He reached into his pants and wrapped his hand around his thick cock. He closed his eyes and licked his lips, softly stroking his growing erection.

He pictured women topless, in a pool. No- at the beach, big tits, no- small tits; both. He stroked harder, getting lost in lust and pleasure. 

Harry popped into his head, motioning towards the girls with the big tits, and mocking them behind their backs. He held his hands out in front of him, demonstrating the size of their tits to Louis, as if he hadn’t already noticed. Louis smirked as Harry motor-boated the air. Whoa, Louis was focusing way too often on Harry- and why was Harry even here? It’s a fantasy, for god sake. 

Louis shook Harry out of his mind and focused on one of the girls. Long brown hair. No, short. Short hair, with soft curls. Cute dimples and a smile that could make your heart melt. Green eyes, so beautiful. Louis braced himself on the fridge with one hand. He was already so close. He imagined shagging this fantasy girl. He was taking her from behind, and she was moaning his name, and- Harry was back again, and-

“Oh, I’m sorry-“

Louis’ eyes shot open and he quickly removed his hands from his trousers. 

Harry awkwardly stood in the kitchen entry way, his face beet red. 

He was taken aback at first, looking over Louis who was flushed and breathing quite heavily, trying to position himself so that Harry wouldn’t see his hard-on. Harry held in a giggle and smirked.

“Harry! Thought you were still chatting..”

Harry leaned against the entry way frame, “Did you make your sandwich?” A smile played on his lips.

Louis swallowed hard and tried to retain his dignity. “Um, I was just about to-“

“Come?” Harry interrupted, raising his eyebrows.

Louis rolled his eyes, relaxing a little. No way he was getting out of this.

“I get the need,” Harry said, “Trust me, I get the need a lot.” 

Louis stomach flipped at his words.

“But in the kitchen, Lou? We all eat here! And I’m starting to think that’s not just mayonnaise,” Harry motioned towards the jar on the counter. 

Louis laughed, “Might be a little something extra mixed in.”

Harry pulled a fake disgusted face and gagged.

Louis sighed, “Honestly, I’ve just been really stressed lately. Haven’t had time to myself, so-“

“You decided to jerk off into the food?”

“Harry, really now, don’t pretend you don’t find the idea a little hot,” Louis joked, “I just got carried away is all. I’ll go up to my room to finish now that I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t disturb me.”

Harry shook his head and shoved Louis playfully as he walked passed him.

“Don’t eat the mayonnaise!” Louis shouted as he bounded up the stairs.

Harry smiled. He was glad Louis hadn’t noticed how turned on Harry had been by the whole ordeal. My god, he’d looked beautiful, in total ecstasy. Harry wished he could make Louis feel that way; wished he was the reason Louis was getting off in the kitchen. 

He shrugged off his feelings and shoved his rather prominent erection down, as if he could tell it to stay. 

He climbed the stairs, headed back to his room where thousands of fans awaited his return on Twit Cam. He knew by now they’d be making assumptions and fantasizing about Larry Stylinson, wondering what was taking him so long to come back. He’d come downstairs to get Louis, because he wanted to show him something a fan linked him, so they all knew he’d just been with Lou.

He winced as he palmed his persistent member. He couldn’t face his fans this flustered. He looked to Louis’ door, right next to his. He crept up slowly and pressed his ear and finger tips to it. He could hear heavy breathing, and quiet little moans that sent Harry over the edge. His cock throbbed.

Exhaling, he slid his hand into his knickers. This was the hardest he’d been in a long time.

“For fuck’s sake,” he whispered to himself, sliding down to the floor and leaning his head against the door gently. He pictured Louis’ hand instead of his own, stroking him hard and fast.

He heard Louis cry out as he came, and Harry came shortly after, the hot liquid jerking into his hand. 

— cobainseahorse