Solo - Harry Styles

Based off the Harry Masturbating request.

It was hell not having her here. Especially on lonely nights when I wanted nothing more than to have her with me. To feel her body against mine. To hear my name slip past her lips when I kissed her neck. I wanted her so badly and I was stuck being alone in my hotel room.

I sighed and tried readjusting my pillows. I needed to sleep but I just couldn’t. Every time I closed my eyes, my mind seemed to go straight to (Y/N).

After awhile I decided to stay up for a bit longer and handle the growing problem in my boxers.

I slipped my hand under my blanket and started to softly palm myself. I sighed, closing my eyes and imaging it was her. I started to move my hand a little faster until I couldn’t take it anymore. I kicked away the blanket and pushed my boxers down to my thighs.

I reach over to the nightstand for the bottle of plain lotion that the hotel provided and put some in my hand.

I captured my bottom lip between my teeth as I took my cock into my hand, pumping myself slowly. I let my eyes fall closed and imagined it was her. A moan fell past my lips as I imagined her riding me. The way her hips would move and how she’d moan my name. I moved my hand faster, swiping my thumb over my tip.

I tossed my head back against the pillows, moaning as my hips bucked into my hand. “Shit” I groaned, moving my other hand down to squeeze my balls.

I bit my lip again, trying to silence myself so no one in the room next door would hear. I started to think of her again as my hand moved faster and my body tensed.

I moaned out her name as I came. My hips rocking up against my hand as my climax racked through my body.

I sighed, relaxing against the sheets as my breathing returned to normal.

I smirked to myself and grabbed some tissues, cleaning myself off and tossing them into the bin.

It was amazing how just the thought of her could get me off so easily. I couldn’t wait to get home and actually have her.

A/N: I know it’s hella short, but there’s only so much you can do with having a wank. Sorry if it’s shit :)


Personal Experience: Chapter Forty

Well guys, this is it, this is the final chapter. Thank you to all that have been reading, and to those of you who voted.

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

I never thought that I would get pregnant this early into our marriage, and finding out while we were on tour. The best part, the fans are ecstatic. Another good thing is that the baby is due after tour is over, and it’s that time. “Harry!” I yell through the house.

"Yes, Love?"

"It’s time!"

"Shit! I’ll get your bags! Get to the car!" he yells back in excitement. Growing up I never wanted kids, but there something about Harry being the father that makes it wonderful. I hobble my way out to his Rover, but I can’t exactly get in it. Harry throws the bags in the car then easily lifts me into my seat.

At the hospital I’m immediately placed in a room, but since I’m not dilated enough I have to continue to wait, and the baby won’t stop kicking. Harry’s on the phone in the hall while I’m pacing back and forth in my room. I can hear how excited he is, and I really want him to shut up since he’s not the one in pain. Yet.

"Do you need anything, Colleen?" Harry asks smiling at me.

"To get the hell through this," I complain. Harry responds by walking over to me and wrapping me in his arms. He gets a few seconds of contact before I lean forward during another contractions.

Hours have passed and it’s finally time for me to deliver. Harry stays with me through it all. Through the screams, the bone crushing grip I have on his hands and the swearing. The two of us look at each other the entire time while he gently strokes the hair off my forehead.

"One more push," says the doctor. I scream once more as the baby finally comes crying like she should. I start panting heavily as beads of sweat roll off my skin.

"You did it, Love," Harry kisses my forehead. The nurse hands me our new baby girl.

"What’s her name?" asks the doctor.

"Diana," I say as she’s hands her to me. Her face peeks through the pink blanket wrapped around her tiny body. As I’m being taken back to my room with Harry at my side and Diana in my arms, I hear the others screams echoing in the hallway. "Harry." He looks at me. "Tell them that if they’re going to come in my room that they need to be quiet."

"I will," he smiles.

The guys and their wives pile into my room two by two. “She’s so pretty,” Andrea says.

"Just like her mum," Niall adds.

I’m not really paying attention to them as I stare into Diana’s eyes. “What’s her name?” Louis asks.

"Diana," replies Harry sitting on the bed with me. I relax into him tightening my hold on Diana as he wraps his arm around me.

"Why that name?" Nicole asks. I start to chuckle. "What’s so funny?"

"I chose this name because Wonder Woman is my favorite female superhero…" I blush looking at her and Liam. Liam smiles brightly; the two of us stare at each other since we have closely bonded over my comic book collection.

"It suits her," Eleanor says happily.

“It’s perfect,” Perrie adds.

"Can I hold her?!" Louis asks interrupting excitedly.

"Sure," I smile. As he carefully takes her from my arms I say, "Louis." He looks into my eyes. "We want you to be the Godfather," I take Harry’s hand in mine as it’s draped over my shoulder. There was no question who the Godfather would be since he is the older brother I never had.

"I’m hurt, Colleen," Niall laughs, "So much for being best friends." Andrea slaps his arm. "Ow! Whatcha do that for?!" She just shakes her head.

"So who’s the Godmother?"

"I hope it’s me." My eyes widen as I see my sister standing in the doorway with her husband, Eric; their hands wrapped around her baby bump, and their three year old daughter. Rachel is my only sister, and she is three years older than me.

"Rachel!" I yell. "But? How? You’re here! And pregnant again!”

"I’m here,” she smiles, “And I’m pregnant again. I wanted to wait to get here to show you. Harry set everything up. And it looks like I got here just in time too," she smiles at Harry.

"We didn’t think you’d go into labor this early. At least, not for a few more days," Harry speaks kissing the top of my head. "I called her knowing she was almost here."

"Are mom and dad here?"

"They’ll be coming in a few days." Harry really had this planned.

The next to step into the room are Harry’s mom, sister and step dad. Everyone circles around us; Louis not giving up Diana. My sister laughs when we tell her our baby’s name. She didn’t even have to ask where we got the name. Hey, if it was a boy it would have been Timothy, my favorite male superhero.

"Dads going to love you for that one," Rachel says. "So, am I going to be the Godmother or what?"

Everyone laughs. “Of course,” says Harry. “Gemma, you’ll be the next one.”

She laughs, “Why am I not this time?”

"Because she’s the one who had to carry the baby for nine months," Harry pulls me into him.

Louis speaks, “Sooooo, you all owe me,” taking his attention away from Diana for the first time.

"For what?!" I ask.

"What? Did you not expect us to make bets on the gender?" he laughs.

"Making bets on my child before she was even born," I shake my head. "For that, I want her back." Louis happily hands her over. After realizing Harry hasn’t gotten to hold her yet, I let him. I wanted a boy. Harry wanted a girl. I knew I would luck out; but seeing how happy he is makes everything perfect. "So who won other than Lou?" I ask.

"I did!" Andrea replies.

"Me too!" Zayn adds.

Hours have passed and the room is nearly cleared out. Louis, Eleanor, Rachel and Eric are still here. Louis can’t get enough of Diana. El stays with me while all that are left talk in the hallway. Eleanor finally has her turn holding my new born baby girl. “I can’t wait to have a child,” she smiles at Diana.

"Louis will make a great father," I say.

"I know," she laughs. "I still can’t believe you’re the first to have one." I’m still not sure how it happened. The guys have finally settled down, but it seems that Harry and I were the only ones were settled enough to get pregnant; other than Zayn and Perrie.

"It’ll happen. I can feel it," I pause, "In my belly." As the two of us begin to laugh hysterically the guys look back at us as Rachel and Eric leave.

"We’ll see you tomorrow, Colleen," Louis says. "And you too," he baby talks Diana once more.

"How do you feel?" Harry asks once we have the room to ourselves.

"Exhausted," I laugh holding Diana closer to me.

"Why don’t you get some rest."

"I want to look at her for the rest of my life." He laughs sitting next to us on the bed.

"She really does look like you."

"Yes, but she has your eyes," I look into his. "And your nose," I bop his nose.

"Then she’ll be the prettiest girl in the world," he laughs as he starts to run his thumb over her forehead. "Next to you, of course."

"No. She’ll be absolutely gorgeous."

"I know she will be." Harry and I look up from Diana into each other’s eyes. He leans in to kiss me; the first time in the last twelve hours or so.

"Gets some sleep," he demands softly taking Diana from me.

"And what about you?"

"I’m a dad now; I need as much time with her before she rebels." The two of us laugh. It’s near three am as I’m settling into my bed while Harry sits in the rocking chair next to the bed; and Diana in his arms. "Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love. And I will hold you closer. Hope your heart is strong enough when the night is coming down on you. We will find a way through the dark." I look down at my wrist that still holds the gold bracelet Harry gave me the night we officially became a couple. It seems that this song will no longer be mine; but now mine and Diana’s. I never thought I would have a child one day. I fall asleep listening to him sooth our daughter knowing that I wouldn’t want anything different.

Again, thanks to everyone who has read. I am working on a sequel, but I’m not sure when I’ll finish writing it; and I probably won’t post it on here since it’ll be another long one.

Chapter 14 of Blood: Sweets With A Stranger

My smile fades a little as I see my dad making his way down the bleachers for me… alone. 

"I’m so proud of you, honey… So what would you like to do to celebrate?" My dad asks cheerily as he reaches me and immediately wraps me in a comforting hug. 

"Hmm…  How about frozen yogurt?" The smile on my face returns to its original width and seems to have a mind of it’s own as I take in the sole remnant of family I have left. 

Truth be told, I do have more family, but we’re not on the best terms as of late. 

They just abruptly stopped talking to me all together a few months before my nineteenth birthday; which was only a little over a week ago now. 

I sent them their tickets in the mail for access to my graduation ceremony, but I guess they couldn’t be bothered enough to show up and support me with their unconditional love… 

"That sounds great!" He says, drawing me from my thoughts as he pulls back and rests his left hand on my right shoulder, "Lets go. I’ll meet you at Daddy Yo’s" he adds with a smile. 

"Beat you there!" I challenge as I suddenly turn on my heel to run back to my truck. 

I giggle to myself as I hear my dad call out, “You’re going down!” hearing his feet quickly hit the ground in the direction of his car as well.


The whole ride over is spent calmly nodding along to the beat of the music and thinking to myself about how my family seemingly abandoned me all of a sudden, with my progression of age. 

I arrive at Daddy Yo’s soon after leaving the school - seeing as it’s close by - but laugh to myself as I see my dad already in the parking lot, leaning his back up against the trunk of his 2005 Chrysler 300 C,  in his victory, with his arms folded over his chest. 

The parking lot is unusually packed, for the first time since it opened there are no unoccupied parking spaces; strange. 

I quickly drive up within talking distance of my dad to let him know that I will have to park down the street a little and meet him inside.

He nods understandingly before hitting the lock button on his remote key and strolls inside; stuffing the keys into the front-right pocket of his jeans. 

I watch him through one of the large windows as he makes his way to a moderately sized booth in the back, seeing as more room was available in contrast to the front, and begins to wait patiently for me; twiddling with a menu. 

I quickly head out of the parking lot - to keep the wait as short as possible - and make my way down the street, simultaneously peering over at each passing parking lot; the past three being packed as well. 

"What the hell? Is everyone in Santa Monica getting frozen yogurt today? Lord help me not to pull a ‘Madea’ and make room with a forklift…" I sigh in frustration just as I conveniently spot an unoccupied parking space. 

I can’t contain my burst of excitement as I start laughing triumphantly to myself and zoom into it; quickly come to a relieved stop.

I shift it into park, kill the engine, put on the emergency brake - out of paranoia and sheer habit - and check my appearance in the small flip-down mirror before grabbing my chapstick from my bag. 

I look back up to the small mirror and apply it to perfection; I cannot go one minute without chapstick… preferably Vaseline with Cocoa Butter. 

I find myself actually taking a second to look at my reflection for once. 

I’ve never really been one to care for how I look, appearance wise; I don’t like wearing makeup or care about styling my hair. 

But tonight there is a unmistakable glow about me; the affirmation that I’m finally free from the social hell, and immaturity of high school, flowing through me. 

My eyes seem to have shifted into an even lighter turquoise - something I never even thought possible, as my eyes match that of a vibrant Hawaiian ocean - my lips seem to be a shade darker, my skin brighter, and my hair falls perfectly passed my shoulders and stops just above my ribs. 

I look closer at my eyes - noticing all of the little intricate features - the outer rims of dark blue, vivid inner turquoise, and rings of rigid gold rounding my pupils; all encased under a dark frame of long, thick eyelashes. 

I actually feel confident about my appearance for once. 

I climb down from my ‘mini-mountain of a truck’, as my friends call it, before locking it and dropping my keychain over my head; settling around my neck and resting against my chest. 

My confidence seems to show through my walk as well - just barely noticing as my hips sway back and forth once I started walking - owning the sidewalk like my personal catwalk; a certain bounce in my step. 

I quickly make my way up to the four way intersection standing between me and Daddy Yo’s. 

My stomach starts to grumble in anticipation, like it knows I am getting closer and closer to the frozen yogurt.

Cars zoom by as I reach up to press the button that summons my delivery through the crosswalk, but I’m distracted by a pair of footsteps sounding close behind me before I could reach even halfway. 

I casually look over my shoulder, behind me - while simultaneously proceeding the rest of the small distance to the button - only to see a man standing diagonal of me; a comfortable distance set between us. 

I can’t help myself as I subtly lean my head slightly further over my shoulder to get a better look at him; grazing over the circumference of the button with the pads of my index and middle finger.

He is adorned in a dark-red beanie, a long black pea-coat, gray skinny jeans, black converse with typical white laces, and black aviator sunglasses that take up most of his face. 

He quickly catches notice of my eyes crawling over him and clears his throat, summoning me back from my curious, and seemingly rude, daze. 

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I was just… Um… Isn’t it a little dark out for sunglasses?" I inquire with an innocent smile and a friendly chuckle as I seem to have forgotten my hand upon the button and also the intent to press it.

He copies my verbal response, and takes part in the small laugh as well, “That it is, but, in all honestly, I’m trying to hide from someone right now.” I nod my head understandingly as his lips part to continue, “My ex won’t leave me alone tonight.” He offers me a shy grin. 

He had an astounding British accent, it’s beautiful, yet very rare around these parts. 

I momentarily lose myself in the wonder of his foreign tongue, feeling as though it’s a delicacy yet to get enough of, before returning a friendly smile.

Before I can stop it, a small giggle escapes from between my lips at the recognition of the fault in his logic, “Well, dont you think going full ‘ninja stealth mode’ would make it obvious that you’re trying to hide and make you stick out more?” My smile gets the better of me as his grin widens in return; the realization now hitting him as well.

His is a lovely smile; it’s very welcoming and quite endearing, as well as seeming truly genuine. 

"You do have a point…" he fades off into a chuckle, clearly defeated under my superior logic. "Ok, well if I show you something, then will you promise me that you won’t freak out or scream?" He asks, just above a whisper. 

"Umm… You’re not going to flash me are you? -Because if you do, then I will punch you. -Just giving you a fair warning." I say with a small smirk, although I am slightly put off by the wording of his question.

He laughs again, a little louder now, but seeming slightly more comfortable. 

"Fair enough." He raises his hands in front of him in mock-surrender before continuing, "But no, nothing scary like that." He takes a few steps closer, to where we’re shoulder to shoulder, before he slowly looks around in every direction and leans in closer to me. 

I don’t know why, but I partially lean in as well; curiosity getting the better of me. 

He reaches up to his sunglasses and slowly inches them up to his forehead; revealing the hidden portion of his face. 

He immediately slams his eyes shut, as if expecting me to do something crazy, but Instead, I’m just left confused; my head slightly cocked to the right. 

"Um, am I supposed to ‘scream or freak out’ now?" I ask jokingly as I quote his own words from before, watching him as his eyes open again and focus intently on me. 

He looks almost puzzled all of a sudden as he then takes the glasses off completely and carefully places them into one of his jacket pockets; keeping his eyes on me before parting his lips to speak again. 

"Wait…" He leans in a little closer to my face as he looks around hurriedly, "Do you not recognize me?" He asks in a hushed whisper, sounding almost baffled at my lack of identification. 

"Well you do look strangely familiar for some reason, but no, I’m sorry, I can’t say I do… Am I supposed to?" I raise an eyebrow in slight suspicion as his eyes widen in exchange. 

Next thing I know, he’s taken my right hand into his left - between us - and is squeezing it comfortably. 

"No, no, of course not, don’t worry about it. But forgive me for forgetting my manners, I didn’t meant to come off like a total creep. My name is Liam; Liam Payne." he utters with a proud smile and begins to shake my hand in his as introduction; his british accent thickens at the sounding of his own name. 

There is a pleasing glint in his eyes; probably the doubled reflection of the headlights passing by and the dazzling lights of the city encasing us. 

It looks as though the entire world around us has shrunken into miniature pictures, projecting into the dark gloss of his eyes; quite a beautiful sight to see. 

He looks at me expectantly, as if noticing the unforseen confusion dancing around in my mind, but I quickly snap back to our personalized space of reality, “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Liam. My name is Viddía Mailliard.” I say just as proudly, as I return the firm handshake. 

He seems to have taken some sort of interest in me, as his lips always manage to part with the finish of each new sentence shared between us; an interest that’s easily returned. 

"Wow, that’s a lovely name you have there! It’s so unique; where are you from? I don’t believe I hear an accent?" He questions, almost excitedly. 

"Well thank you, I appreciate that very much!" And I’m originally from France. Viddía is a form of ‘Vidya’; which is - or was - the name of a Hindu goddess. It means ‘wisdom, knowledge, and learning’ in Sanskrit. My mom wanted to be original" I say sarcastically, yet with a reminiscent smile none the less. 

"That’s really beautiful, and no doubt it actually is original. I’ve heard of Vidya quite a bit, but never Viddía; It has a different pronunciation, as well as a certain, appealing ring to it." He compliments with a friendly smile. 

I find myself gradually inching closer to him, somewhat drawn to his comforting aura, in order to heighten the pleasant conversation.

To my surprise, I catch him subtly doing the same, but neither of us going too far as to make it feel awkward or seem like a moment of an inevitable kiss scene in a movie. 

"What about your last name?" he urges politely. 

He really does seem to have taken an interest, but I find myself caring less and less as his warm smile is anything but offsetting. 

"Well, Mailliard is clearly french, but stems from ‘Milliard’, which is also french. You see, I’m from a long line of stinky frenchmen" I say with a playful wink, fully aware of just making fun of my own self in the hopes of giving effect to the pun. 

Thankfully it succeeds, as he follows suit by immediately howling with laughter. 

The aura between us has completely shifted from a stranger’s encounter to a friendly, more open and comfortable one, all in the matter of a few short minutes. 

It’s quite easy to talk to this man - Liam, as he calls himself - a matter’a fact, I am actually enjoying it. 

"Oh, and I almost forgot, you’re correct." It seems as though I caught him off guard, as he now looks at me a little confused. 

I smile sweetly before continuing “I don’t have an accent; my parents moved from France when I was practically a newborn, and then continued to move around a lot ever since. The language I was mostly brought up around was english. Aside from the small amount of French between my parents, english just stuck with me the most…. I still know some french though, mais pas trop bien, comme vous pouvez le voir.” I joked as I nudged his elbow with mine, given the new, closer proximity.

He looks at me, almost at a loss for words, “Sorry, but I’m a little rusty in the ‘foreign language department’… What did that mean?” he jokes back as he lets out a joyful laugh.

"It meant, ‘but not too much, as you can see’. It was just a silly play on words to prove I actually do know more than I previously let on" I say simply, basking in my cleverness.

He shakes his head at me playfully before settling back for an expectant look, as if encouraging me to continue with the curiosity behind his own gaze alone. 

"… Funny thing is, when I was a kid, they always told it was a game of ‘Chase Me, Catch Me’ and that they were ‘always moving to not get caught’…" I look over my shoulder, in the opposite direction of Liam, in reaction to the sound of skidding tires somewhere nearby. 

I waited a few moments before continuing, “But I personally just think they liked moving; lord knows money was never an issue.” I chuckle - mainly to myself at remembering their specific wording - turning my head to look back at him, only to see him as stiff as a board; every aspect of him was now tense. 

"Hey, are you alright Liam?" I ask as I place my right hand on his left shoulder, a little worried for the nice new stranger stood before me; straining muscles and clenched jaw, looking almost painful. 

"Yea, I’m fine sorry, just cold I guess." He hastily reassures me with kind eyes as he visibly relaxes and puts his hands into his jacket pockets; I dropped my arm back to my side soon after. 

"Well hey, I know this is kind of forward but I just graduated high school tonight and I’m here with my dad for some frozen yogurt in celebration… Would you possibly be interested in taking a break from your double life as an under-cover ninja, to join?" I ask with a big smile that reveals my straight white teeth, along with my dimples; a little less then prominent.

He looks taken back by my invitation but quickly responds, “Really? -But I could be some psycho-killer that prays on the young and beautiful for all you know…” He starts, but is interrupted soon after by my uncontrollable laughter. 

"Did you really just say that?" My head then rolls back as I struggle over my breath. 

"Well it’s true, you never know these days. I mean, I could be two little-people stacked on top of eachother, with an evil plot to dominate the world and force all ‘tall’ people to walk through small doorways for the rest of their lives." He says with a pained smirk, clearly struggling to restrain from bursting out into laughter as well. 

"Good one, and nice imagination by the way, but that’s not what I was talking about." My smile widens substantially, "I was talking about the whole ‘praying on the young and beautiful’ thing". 

I can no longer control myself as I start to laugh again. 

"No offense, but, you don’t exactly look like you could fit the part; unless you were like, a vampire… or a werewolf… or some kind of mythical creature or something crazy like that." I barely manage out my response through strained lungs; feeling as though they may burst open any second. 

My eyes begin to water from the strenuous amount of laughter as he looks at me for a second, nervous almost, then suddenly breaks into laughter with me. 

Our laughs twist and intertwine into the night sky before dispersing into a fleeting echo not too far off, down the street. 

He has a attractive laugh; it’s manly, yet has that slightly girlish tinge to it that makes it so incredibly contagious.

"Well, Viddía, I think I will take you up on your offer after all. This has been one heck of a first impression so far, so why stop it now?" he says as his laugh calms and subsides for an innocent, warm smile, "But could you promise me one thing?" His smile then fades somewhat as well, into a more serious shade of his happiness. 

"Depends on what it is." I inquire with a matching seriousness. 

"When we get in there, could you please try not say my name too loud?" He inquires in an almost desperate tone of voice.

"Oh, no problem! I understand how ex’s can be - trust me - you’re safe with me." I offer him a reassuring smirk. "Besides I don’t believe letting you get mauled by a crazy ex is very appropriate for starting off the friendship" I giggle like a five year old at the image coming to mind. 

He chuckles as well, “Agreed.” 

Just then had I realized we’d been standing at a corner of a four way intersection, talking, for about seven minutes. 

My dad is going to be upset that I made him wait so long; whoops. 

"Well let’s go then, shall we?" I ask, intending it as more of a statement, as I reach up to the button again to access our specific section of crosswalk. 

"You know, I’m kind of glad you noticed my glasses tonight" I heard him say beside me as he retrieved the sunglasses from his jacket pocket. 

"And why’s that?" I quickly straighten out the bottom of my dress - the result of a nervous tick - at the same time he tugs at his glasses to reposition them to what I assume to be a more comfortable position upon the bridge of his nose. 

It’s a simple dress - short and burgundy - draping down to just above my knees.

The sleeves are a beautiful lace reaching all the way down to my wrists.

The top half is snug around my chest and ribs while the bottom half subtly kicks outward, naturally brimming off into the structure of a calm, limp tutu. 

It’s quite soft and perfect for the occasion, not showing any inappropriate skin, yet not being too modest at the same time; showing off and complimenting my curved figure without needing to hug me like a girl on prom night to do so. 

"Well for a number of reasons actually… if that doesn’t sound totally creepy… But, for one, I would’ve been dodging her all night with no-one to talk to. Two, I wouldn’t have made a new friend. And three, I would’ve had nothing to do as fun as eating sweets with said, ‘new friend’." He smiles sweetly at me before starting across the crosswalk along side me. 

"Well those reasons are good by me; Glad I could be of some importance in your once seemingly lonely plans for the night. And to be honest, I’m pretty glad too." I look over to see him already looking at me, his innocent smile on display in reaction to my honesty. 

We walk in a comfortable silence for about a minute or two before nearing Daddy Yo’s. 

I can see, from the corner of my eye, as he pushes his glasses up further along his nose and then flips the collar of his jacket to rim around him face; almost like a shield. 

"Wow, she must really be after you, huh?" the look on his face says it all as he keeps his eyes facing ahead and nods reluctantly. 

I don’t know what possesses me to do it, but I suddenly find my hand upon his closest shoulder, again, rubbing up and down encouragingly, “It’ll be ok, she’ll give up eventually, just give it time.” I said with a reassuring smile and a small giggle. 

"What do you mean?" He turns his head to look at me, but I can’t see his eyes behind the dark lenses of his sunglasses. 

"Well, no one - no matter who they are - has the capability of keeping their preconceived plan of dedication without eventually losing interest and giving up to find something new to peak a different version of their interest in exchange…" I explain further, feeling a bit philosophical.

I can sense Liam’s eyes on me as he slowly nods along with every few words. 

"So, all in all, I believe everyone just needs to focus on things that are more progressive, and less trivial… like stalking their ex, for instance" I finished with a playful smirk, as I finally look over to view Liam’s expression; his mouth slightly agape and eyes wide. 

My shy giggle in response to his facial expression seems to have knocked him from his apparent shock as he finally speaks, “Wow, Viddía… I’m really impressed, that was quite intelligible.” He says, as his eyebrows start to slowly come back down from practically losing themselves in his hairline. 

"Thanks, I try" I flash him a single dimple as I casually play off the flattering admiration. 

"You know, I don’t believe you even need to try; I think you’re just smarter than you let on" he lengthens the compliment and I return his smile with my own. 

"Well thank you, Liam, I’m flattered." talking to him has become really easy, and truly enjoyable; he seems like the perfect example of a person I would be friends with, given the immediate connection and conversation thus far.

"Well, are you ready for some amazing frozen yogurt?" I ask excitedly - mere moments away from satisfying my hunger, as well as my sweet tooth - as I reach for the handle of the large glass door before us.

"Sure am!" He responds immediately, smiling as he places his hand over his stomach as further evidence

Chapter 13 of Blood: What A Frightened Flower

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It feels as though I’m staring down the barrel of a gun as I’m locked in to Zayn’s unreadable glare; but this gun is stitched together with the never ending possibilities that follow close behind his quick temper. 

He bores into me with wildfire burning intently behind the potential, but his stare isn’t what’s so unsettling; it’s watching as his eyes slowly morph into a completely new color, just as Harry’s did. 

Zayn’s shade of alteration is different though; instead of wavering into a deep crimson, the brown fades into a haunting gold. 

It seems as though the effect of their - both Harry and Zayn’s - emotional response shows primarily through the multitude of threads within their retinas.

The change appears to express the polar-opposite shade of their birth-given eye colors - such as Harry’s deep crimson consuming the light swirl or green, and Zayn’s chocolate brown giving way for the translucent gold - shifting into a rigid illumination of pure anger. 

He stands before me as my reaper yet again, holding me in a grip that could end it all with a simple flick of the wrist. 

He gradually tightens his grip, little by little, sure to keep the edge on the situation and assure me of his seriousness but doesn’t make a move to kill me… He just stares at me. 

He holds my eyes in an ominous stare as he slowly brings his face an inch in front of mine, “Listen here princess, this is how it’s going to work from now on; you’re going to be respectful, obey every rule, and stay off my bad side. -You got that?” A subtle growl sneaks from the back of his throat as he tries to keep his voice at a whisper. 

"Or else what - you’ll give me whiplash from all your mood swings? - Ohh I’m shaking in my Toms." I croak out in a strangled challenge before I can think it through. 

He then moves his head toward the crook of my neck as he purrs “Or I’ll be the one to pluck your pretty little pedals…” in my ear; a simple yet haunting, sexual innuendo.

"Y-You wouldn’t!" I stammer, feeling defiled by his words alone.

It feels like I might just melt under his wonton stare as the temperature around me seems to have suddenly shot up 10 degrees. 

"Oh but I would… It would be so easy too…" he begins to trail the fingers of his free hand from the bottom of my thigh, to the top, and back again; over the entire length of my left thigh. 

"And don’t think, for one second, that Harry could ever stand in my way of getting to you… Vixen" he then presses a gentle kiss against the top of my left shoulder - as a symbol of warning - sealing the gravity, and imagery, behind his sadistic threat.

A shiver rakes through my entire body at the sheer sensation ringing forth from the feeling of his lips pressing down against the material of my jacket, and the thoughts brought to mind by his perfectly articulated words. 

I certainly don’t need, or want, anymore attention in that department… But I’m sure as hell not going to let him boss me around. 

Just as Zayn pulls back - meeting my eyes with a devilish smirk - the front door swivels open, the blonde man steps in, and in return immediately snatches Zayn’s attention. 

I see from the corner of my eye as he quickly whips his gaze up to the second floor, then scans the entirety of the room - from left to right - before findind a very confused Zayn, who is already returning his stare. 

All the while I couldn’t care less about the sudden ‘intrusion’, as my eyes remain fixed on the beautiful psychopath before me; holding me up against the wall and strangling me half to death like it was no trouble against his conscience.

As soon as the blonde-man meets Zayn’s crazed glare, he immediately looks worried, ”What are you doing! -Let her go!… Now!” The man orders in a shocked, yet gruff tone; his eyes now trained on the connection between my throat and Zayn’s hand. 

At the man’s words, I finally break from my trance and dart my eyes back and forth between the two men in exchange. 

Zayn keeps his focus on the man as he steadily puts more distance between us, yet doesn’t release me; clearly still absorbed by some portion of his anger. 

I watch cautiously as his eyes start to gradually mutate back to their natural shade of brown; slicking over the gold like tar and pooling to a coherent solid.

Just then, a dangerous idea strikes up in my subconscious; as I can feel myself starting to panic under the lack of oxygen circulating to my brain. 

With what little strength I have left within me, I bring my legs up as high as possible towards my chin - simultaneously bending them at the knee - to sneak into the space freshly granted between our bodies. 

Once high enough, I quickly shoot my feet straight out at him, catch him along the chest, and force him away from me in one strong, outward kick; knocking all air from his lungs in return. 

Right on que, his grip is torn from my throat and I partially collide against the wall behind me as I make contact with the ground in reaction. On the way down I manage to see him fly away from me; crashing onto the floor soon after me. 

I quickly look up and watch with a weakened smile as he slides across the floor, about another foot, before coming to a solid stop. 

Once satisfied, I drop my head, immediately reach up to my neck, and feel the surrounding skin - as if making sure it’s still there - before wrapping my own small hand carefully around my neck to softly caress it. 

The man practically imitates a statue, shocked, darting his eyes back and forth between Zayn and I.

Through having my oxygen denied passage to my lungs for so long and having the remaining strength completely drained from me after that kick, I can’t hide the great please taking form over my face at seeing Zayn sprawled out on his back about a yard away from me; struggling not to choke over his own returning breath. 

With what fraction of motor skills I have left, I chance a look up at the man, to see his once calm features have long been replaced with an appalled expression.

Seeing the look on his face alone would make me burst out in a victorious laugh if I wasn’t so drained physically.

He quickly recovers his composure at meeting my eyes and speeds over to me, with slightly parted lips, before crouching down beside me in an attempt to meet my slumped stature. 

"Viddía?… Viddía, are yo…?" His words quickly faze out as I suddenly feel uneasy; like an elephant and a half are perched upon my head. 

I reluctantly start to slump further against the ground as all my weight seems to double and work against me; dragging me further into my quickly thriving haze. 

He must notice I’m slipping, as he then reaches down and takes both of my hands into his.

He pulls my hands into the air and drags my limp body up as far as possible before hoisting me into his arms. 

I can’t help but feel so weak, pitiful, and fragile all of a sudden.. I never thought I’d put those words to use against my own self… They feel like poison, clouding my thoughts. 

I’m far too exhausted to fight back at this point, so instead of possibly hurting myself from trying, I allow my head to fall back; over the side of his arm. 

My eyelids fall closed soon after, like lead curtains, and I’m unable to reopen them. 

"Don’t.. touch me…" I struggle out in a tired whisper as I try to remain conscious.

"Ok." He says simply before letting out a small, almost cute, chuckle and slightly tightening his hold of me; pulling me closer against his chest. 

He subtly leans back in place, causing my head to roll back against his chest from previously draping, in an uncomfortable position, over his arm. 

Of all the unexplainable things running through my mind, for some strange reason, an almost unnoticeable hint of a smile forms over my lips in reaction to his unexpected gesture. 

I barely start to feel him take a few steps in an unknown direction before unknowingly giving in to the overpowering exhaustion and fading to black in the man’s arms

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Nine

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

Tonight is the opening night for the This Is It tour; I still laugh each time I hear it, and all of us are emotionally nervous. The guys are hyper; which is nothing new. We’ve seen them like this before. Niall and Andrea are racing each other on segways, Liam and Zayn with Nicole and Perrie are riding around on golf carts through the arena. Louis and Eleanor are messing around with his skateboard outside the venue, and Harry is trying to escape like always. Honestly, the guys are all over the place; and it’s nothing new to me. I’m even trying to help Paul keep Harry here; little upset that he’s not listening to me. Especially with it getting closer to show time.

In the dressing room, the guys are busy with vocal warm ups and changing while waiting to get their hair done by Lou. Yep, the entire crew is with us again. The girls and I are just joking around making fun of them all. Andrea is trying to fix Niall’s hair since he’s already messed it up. “Don’t touch what you can’t afford,” he teases messing up hers. The guys get their final notice that it’s almost show time, and they have to go. The girls say our good lucks with quick hugs and kisses.

Harry holds me as tightly as possible. “Harry! We have to go!” yells Louis.

“Five more minutes!”

“The show starts in one!”

“I’ll see you after the show, Love,” he kisses me one last time before running off.

“Good luck, Harry!” I yell after him. I listen to them running down the hall excitedly screaming and singing. After that Paul comes to take us to our seats; a private section in front of the VIP area. I’m surprised at how the fans are reacting to us. I’m surprised the guys can still pull in a younger crowd. They ask us for pictures with them, and I really like talking to them. I’m almost tempted to ask Paul to let some of the girls to hang with us.

“COLLEEN!” I hear someone scream. I turn my head to the direction of the voice to see Jesy running over to me.

“Jesy!” I scream back. “What are you doing here?!”

“The guys wanted us to surprise you!”


“Jade and Leigh-Ann are on their way,” she smiles hugging me. The others make their way over pulling me into bone crushing hugs.

“Hi girls.”

“How are you, Colleen?” Leigh-Ann asks. Before the wedding they found out everything. I gave Per permission to tell them since they kept pestering her; and couldn’t get over what I had done to myself.

“I’m doing well. Really well,” I answer as we hold onto each other’s arms smiling.

“And what’s this little one?” Jesy asks pulling my hair to the side. Shit. I widen my eyes gripping my neck.

“It’s… It’s nothing… Really…”

They all shake their heads. “Married life seems to be suiting you,” Perrie says. “How did we not notice this earlier?”

“Maybe it’s because you were too focused on Harry’s,” I stick my tongue out.

“You gave Harry one?” Jade teases.

“Several,” Andrea winks.

“Girls! Stop it,” I whine. They all giggle as I blush pulling my hair back down.

The lights go out and the show finally begins! The guys open with Kiss You, What Makes You Beautiful; some of our favorites. Truly Madly Deeply, Story of My Life and Over Again.

Each time they sing our individual favorite songs we are pulled on stage one by one. Little Things is first for Andrea, and I’m last, like always, as Harry sings Irresistible to me. But when they start singing Better Than Words the five of us lose it. It’s the song we all could never get over when Midnight Memories came out. Niall makes Andrea go crazy when he points to her during his part. Through the Dark follows then Live While We’re Young, One Thing and ends with Best Song Ever.

Louis speaks, “You guys are amazing!”

“We love you all!” Niall shouts.

“Thank you to each and everyone one of you for your support through the years!” Harry screams. “We can’t thank you enough! We will make this the best tour ever!”

“Now,” says Liam calming the crowd. “We hope you like the next song, and the surprise that comes along with it.” The eight of us girls look back and forth between each other confused.

Don’t Forget Where You Belong starts to play and everyone goes crazy. Pictures of us are being displayed on the big screen behind the guys. The photos include our vacation, the weddings, Harry and I at the Little Mix show, the boys with their fans, some of the girls with the fans, our families; and funniest of all, the boys attacking each other at my wedding. I wish I could live that day over and over; I loved how they threw cake at one another, Niall getting drunk off his ass and Andrea not being able to help him since she was as drunk as him. I turn to the girls and they all pull me into their arms. Every embarrassing moment you could imagine is up there; like Harry getting trapped in my pool house, and Louis and Liam playing horrible pranks on the others. As the song continues our boys look straight into our eyes as we all tear up. I can’t believe how far we’ve come with the guys, and this is only the beginning to the rest of our lives.


We aren’t even two weeks into the tour when I realize something. “Harry?!” I yell worried through the hotel room.

“Yes, baby?” I wait until he’s in the same room as me. “What is it?”

“I haven’t gotten my period…” He just stares at me. “Harry! Say something!”

A huge smile spreads across his face, “Oh my gosh, Colleen!” He runs over to me scooping me into his arms then kisses me.

“I’m glad you’re smart enough to know what I meant,” I laugh.

“We have to tell the others!”

“No!” I yell; he looks at me confused. “No,” I shake my head.


“Harry,” I say calmly, “I don’t want anyone knowing unless we’re certain. I don’t know how possible it is; but, you know, it could either be a false alarm, or…”

“Or what?”

“It might not last…”

“You mean like a miscarriage?” he asks a scared.

“Yea. Like a miscarriage…”

“Why would you say something like that?!”

“I don’t know how my body will react to this. I don’t think anything will happen,” I say taking his hands in mine. “But just to be sure. My mom always says that you shouldn’t share the news unless you’re at least four, maybe five, months along. I thought this would be easier to explain,” I sigh.

“O-okay,” he says hesitantly. “Okay,” Harry smiles. “We’ll wait. What should we do about doctors and all? I mean we have to make sure the baby is okay though, right?”

“Right. Maybe we should at least tell Paul. He’ll probably be good at keeping that from the others.”

“And what will our excuse be every time we stop at a hospital?” I laugh.

“We… We could… Maybe… Maybe we can just make it that we’re doing a monthly date night thing!”

“That sounds good,” I laugh wrapping my arms around his chest.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a father.” I look up at Harry as I rest my chin on his chest. “We’re going to be a family.”

*Five months later*

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the tour, and I couldn’t be any prouder of the guys. They have accomplished so much in their time as One Direction. I still get a feeling of guilt when I think about how they had to deal with me after the incident; but to also think about how Harry and I are going to be parents makes it feel like nothing ever happened. My scars are barely visible, and my heart is healed.

The baby is doing really well; no signs of any problems. Everyone, as far as we know, thinks Harry and I have been going on monthly date nights through the countries. My doctor meets us at the nearest hospital when it’s time for the next appointment.

“Hey, Love,” Harry walks over to me as I stare into the mirror. “Look at that baby bump,” he laughs placing his hand over my stomach. “You ready to tell them?”

“Yea,” I smile.

Harry and I have asked the guys and the girls to our hotel room. “What’s this about?” Andrea asks.

“Just wait until everyone gets here,” I laugh. Louis and Eleanor are the last to arrive.

“Alright, tell us what’s going on!” Niall yells.

“Colleen and I have some news to share.”

“I’m pregnant,” I get straight to the point.

“Oh my gosh!” Perrie runs over to me. “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!”

“Because we wanted to make sure that it would last…” I say twiddling my thumbs.

“Why?!” Nicole.

“Just in case,” Harry says calmly. “How do I say this… You’re right, Colleen, this is hard to explain.”

“I think we understand, you two,” Perrie says. The rest of the girls hug me before they start to put their hands on my stomach. “Do you know what the sex is?”

“No. We want it to be a surprise,” answers Harry. “I think it’s a girl, though.”

“I’m hoping for a boy,” I laugh.

“Guys, are you gonna say anything?” Andrea turns to the boys who seem to be in complete shock. They all stare at me.

Louis is the first to speak, “I can’t believe you two are the first to get pregnant out of us all.” Everyone laughs.

“When did this happen?! How far along are you?! Is the baby healthy?!” Liam asks excitedly.

“We think it happened when we were on our honeymoon… We kind of forget to use protection the last night…” I say blushing. “I’m five months along,” I recover.

“And the baby is perfectly healthy,” Harry adds pulling me into him.

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Eight

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

I wake up at six am to get ready for today’s rehearsals. A big part of my life is coming to an end, but a new chapter is just starting for Colleen and me. Before I open my eyes I feel that I’m no longer holding onto her, so she must of been dreaming again. I kiss the top of her head knowing she’ll want to sleep longer. She smiles as I leave the bed dragging my fingers over her skin. I wash up before I head out even though I’ll be sweating horribly today.

I have to meet Niall at his place since we made arrangements last night that we’ll be driving together. When I arrive at his and Andrea’s place I’m greeted by their dog, Hunter, a Jack Russel; or as Andrea calls him, the new addition to their family.

“Hey, boy, where’s the rest of the family?” I greet the pup who barks down the passage as if he’s calling them.

“Hi, Harry,” Andrea smiles coming down the hall.

“Hello, how are you?” I greet her with a hug.

“Always good. Can I get you some tea while you wait for Niall? He’s in the shower/

“I’m not going to say no to a cup of tea,” I follow her to the kitchen.

“HUNTER!” we hear Niall yell as Hunger starts running down the hallway with Niall’s tracksuit pants straight to Andrea, and Niall running after him in only his boxers. I try to hold back laughter until I turn to Andrea nearly snorting and spitting out my tea.  “I’m going to kill that dog,” he grumbles picking his pants up from the floor.

“Try it, mister, and you’ll have to deal with me,” Andrea says as she hands him his cup of coffee.

“How’s Colleen, Harry?”

“She’s doing great,” I answer thinking back to last night smirking to myself.

“What’s that look for, mate?”

Andrea laughs, “I know what that look is.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Where is she?”

“At home, obviously. Probably still sleeping.”

“I wonder why,” Andrea says trying to push the collar of my shirt.

“Hey. Hey!” I say trying not to let her see shoulder.

“How did you get this out of her?!”

“That is none of your business!” I laugh.

“Andrea, let him go. You know you’re able to do the same thing,” Niall wiggles his eyebrows.

“Ha! None of my business, my ass! This is priceless.”

“Are you ready to go?” Niall rescues me from the awkwardness.

“Yea, let’s go, goodbye Andrea.”

“Sorry mate, Andrea’s dropping us off,” Niall says as he picks up his guitar cases. Fuck. I think to myself.

“Well let’s go then.”

Niall picks up a pair of sunglasses from the kitchen table with the keys. “Na uh! Those are my sunglasses, Niall!” she yells.

“Does it matter? Both of ours are black!”

“Yes, it does. You have broken yours a million times already. I just got mine!”

“You two! Can we please go?!” I yell laughing at them. “You two are worse than kids, I tell you.” As Niall locks up I take Andrea around the neck and whisper to her, “Can we keep these marks between us, please?”

“Of course,” she answers with a sly tone. I never trust that tone. I’m doomed. I can tell Andrea has been driving Niall’s car for a while now since we are listening to Lana Del Rey. “Oh, my God, I feel it in the air. Telephone wires above, sizzling like a snare. Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere. Nothing scares me anymore. Kiss me hard before you go; summertime sadness. I just wanted you to know, that baby, you’re the best,” she sings to Niall causing me to laugh.

“You two are too cheesy.” As the car pulls up to the arena I say, “Finally,” to myself.

“So nice of the two of you to join us,” Louis yells from the other side of the stage.

“Blame these two!” I yell back. Andrea heads straight to Nicole, Eleanor and Perrie. I’m seriously doomed.

“Ni, I’ll see you later, okay?”

“What are you up to, Andrea?” he asks just as concerned as I would.

“Nothing,” she smirks. “El, Nicole, Per and I are just going to get some… Some food. Yes, we’re going to get some food.”

“Oh. then I’ll see you soon. Drive safely,” Niall responds giving Andrea a quick kiss.

“You idiot! Don’ tell me you fell for that?” I slap the back of his head in what Colleen likes to call a ‘Gibbs slap.’

“Dude, the moment she mentioned food, I was sold. She can do whatever she wants as long as she brings back food for me,” Niall laughs.

I turn back to the girls when I see Eleanor coming over from the corner of my eye. She goes straight for Louis to whisper something in his ear; which makes him look at me with a sly grin plastered on his face. Great. I watch the four of them leave the arena trying not to face the guys.

“Are we going to discuss the setlist?” I ask hoping she didn’t tell him what I’m thinking.

“Hmmm, I don’t know mate; my neck is kind of sore. Eleanor and I were having some fun last night,” Louis teases rubbing his neck causing the rest of the guys to laugh.

“Oh, fuck off,” I say punching him in the arm.

“Let’s see it,” Liam joins in on the teasing.

“Colleen will kill me. What happens behind closed doors between her and me stays between her and me. Besides, is this not contradicting the lesson we tried to teach them about the kissing and telling?”

“We’re guys, we do that. They’re just not allowed to.”

“You’re such an ass, Louis. If we’re allowed to do it, so should they. But Colleen at least has the decency to keep that to herself.”

“Says the one who knows she told about playing baseball.” I pull down my shirt anyways.

“Would you look at that?” says Zayn. “You sure know how to get her going.”

“This is priceless!” Louis screams.

“You should have seen what she did to me on our honeymoon,” I chuckle breaking the rules.

I feel my phone go off, and it’s Colleen: YOU SHOWED ANDREA?!??!!!

Me: I’ll get her for this one. She’s observant, that one. You know I wouldn’t have told. And she told the guys, so I’ll be getting them all back.

Colleen: Grrrr now they won’t leave me alone about it.

Me: How do you think I feel?! I told you the guys would rag on me about this one!

Colleen: Ugh! Just don’t tell too much!

Me: I won’t. I promise!

I close my phone. “So, what did she do to you during your honeymoon?” Liam asks.

I laugh, “I’ll keep that one to myself, and let you all think what you must. And what, did Andrea go to get food at my place, Niall?” I ask sarcastically.

“MmMmm,” he shrugs his shoulders.

“You’re such a fucking idiot. The girls are with Colleen. And you can imagine what the topic of discussion will be.” I hit him.


Rehearsal is going well as the girls arrive, with Colleen, back at the arena; food and drinks in hand. Rehearsal is in full swing; Paul and our choreographer have given up once again. Still not sure why they try to give us one after all these years. Josh, Sand, Jon and Dan are messing around as we chill on stage for another break.

“Hey Colleen! Can you please check something out for me? I think I have a bruise on my neck,” Louis teases her.

“Come on guys,” she blushes. “Like you never came to rehearsals with marks of passion on your bodies?” she lightens up. “Niall, do you remember the Kiss You music video? Or would you like me to elaborate?!”

“No, I’m cool,” Niall answers brushing his hand through his hair. All of us look at Niall curious as to what Colleen is talking about; then it hits all of us.

“Oh, yes, I remember now,” I say. “Niall still says he had an itch back and asked Andrea to scratch it. But we all know the truth behind that one. Andrea just returned from visiting her parents in South Africa the day before.”

“Two months apart sure is a long time,” Andrea says.

“Guess you had to make up for long time.”

“Okay. Okay! We’re even!” Niall gives in. After we eat we attempt to rehearse again, and as I walk on stage Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall turn around with these huge purple and blue marks on their necks. Looks like Andrea and Perrie were having fun with their makeup; Colleen and I being the only ones not laughing. Around one am when we’re finally down to one song to go and then we can go home. Colleen and the girls are sitting on the edge of the stage chatting and looking half asleep. I know exactly what will wake them up. Especially Colleen. I look at the boys and the band, “You know what to play,” I say slyly. The tune to Midnight Memories plays and the girls shoot their heads around to look at us.

I start to sing staring into Colleen’s eyes. “Straight off the plane to a new hotel. Just touched down, you could never tell. A big house party with a crowded kitchen. People talk shh, but we don’t listen.” Colleen gets a devilish grin on her face as she wakes up.

“Tell me that I’m wrong, but I do what I please. Way too many people in the Addison Lee. Now I’m at the age when I know what I need. Oh, woah.”

“Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Baby you and me, stumbling in the street singing, singing, singing, singing Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Anywhere we go. Never say no.” Colleen starts dancing the way she did back on the beach as a smile spreads across my face. The girls join her, and go crazy to our music as if they’re hearing the song for the first time; still our biggest fans. “Just do it, do it, do it, do it.”

“Five foot something with the skinny jeans. Don’t look back, baby follow me.”

“I know know where I’m going, but I’m finding my way. Same old shh, but a different day.”

“Tell me that I’m wrong, but I do what I please. Way too many people in the Addison Lee. Now I’m at the age when I know what I need, Oh-Woah!”

“Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Baby you and me, stumbling in the street singing, singing, singing, singing Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Anywhere we go. Never say no. Just do it, do it, do it.” Andrea shocks us all when she comes out of nowhere with her guitar, and does this bit with Niall.

He almost forgets his words. “You and me and all our friends. I don’t care how my we spend, baby. This is what the night is for, oooh, woooah.”

“I know nothin’s makin’ sense. For tonight let’s just pretend; I don’t wanna stop so give me more-ore-ore-ore OWE!”

“Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Baby you and me, stumbling in the street singing, singing, singing, singing Midnight Memories. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Anywhere we go. Never say no. Just do it, do it, do it.” We pant after we finish up the song; not only from singing and running around the stage, but because of watching the girls.

I lick my lips as I stare at Colleen then walk over to her. “I fucking hate it when you do that,” I whisper in her ear causing her to giggle.

“I know you do,” she whispers back.

Angry Make Up Sex.

This is my very first time writing anything like this and I really hope it’s okay(: I had no idea how to make this anonymous so hope no one from school sees this! This is for the one who requested the make up sex with gifs, hope you like it. 


"I’ll see you Monday," I smiled. 
"Yeah, Monday for coffee," Jacob nodded. 
"I’ll be there," I laughed as I walked towards the front door. 

I reached forward, grasping onto the door knob before pulling it open. 
"Niall?" I gasped. "What are you doing here?" I watched as the blonde’s eyes moved to glance behind me. 
"Who’s that?" He ignored my previous question. 
"That’s Jacob," I introduced. "Jacob, this is Niall."
"It’s nice to meet you," Jacob held out his hand. Niall kept his right hand firmly in his pocket, glaring at Jacob. "Right," Jacob laughed. "So Monday, don’t forget!" He said one last time, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out. 

"Why are you here?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. 
"I came to talk to you, but I see you obviously moved on," he laughed. 
"What’s so funny?" 
"Nothing, nothing at all," Niall smiled as he walked into my house. "I just thought I knew you better," he shrugged, kicking the door closed behind him. 
"Excuse me?" 
"Well I just assumed you weren’t some slut who hooked up with a guy two days after a break up," Niall stared at me. "But I was wrong." 
"How dare-"
"I mean it took three whole months to get you to sleep with me!" He yelled. "I didn’t know after you lost your virginity you would become such a whore." 
"Niall what the hell is wrong with you!" I screamed. "How dare you say those things about me!" I pushed him back. "First of all, you broke up with me! You have no right to even be here right now!" I pushed him harder until he hit the door behind him. 

"I bet he was only here because you missed me," Niall scoffed. 
"Absolutely not!" I laughed. 
"Oh really?" Niall smirked. "Did he kiss you like this?" 

Before I could even blink, I was pushed against the wall as Niall’s lips attached to mine. 

I immediately gripped onto his shoulders, pulling him into me and deepening the kiss. My hands wrapped around his neck, running my fingers through his hair as we continued to kiss. His tongue ran across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. Opening my mouth, I allowed his tongue to roam my mouth as I did to his. 

"He was better," I pulled away breathlessly.

Niall growled, moving away from the wall as he pressed his lips back to mine. His hands ran down my sides, reaching down to my thighs and lifting me up.
I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to carry me to what I could only assume to be the bedroom. 

I knew damn well what was about to happen and I wasn’t even going to try and stop it. Niall may have only broken up with me two days ago, but I missed him. I missed his touch, his kiss, his competitiveness. 

"I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re not even going to remember that twat’s name," Niall smirked as he placed me onto my feet. I reached for the bottom of his t-shirt, pulling it off before speaking. 
"Yeah, we’ll see," I scoffed.

Niall’s smirk only grew as he pushed me back onto the bed. 

A cocky smile grew on my lips as he began to crawl over my body, dipping his head to meet his lips with mine once more. I sighed in content as he started to grind his lower half against mine, my body automatically moving against his as I felt the bulge begin to form in against his jeans.

A small whimper escaped my lips as his fingers slipped into the band of my shorts, stroking against my covered heat. “I know he didn’t make you this wet,” he growled in my ear. “You’re soaking through your panties, babe.” 

"I was thinking about Jacob," I smiled.

"You lying little slut," Niall’s teeth grazed my neck. His hands reached the bottom of my shirt, ripping the buttons off as he pulled it open. "Tell Jacob he owes you a new shirt," Niall smirked. I pulled the remains of my shirt off of my body, along with my bra, before staring up at Niall. "I will on Monday," I said. 

"You’re not even going to remember who he is in about ten minutes babe," Niall huskily whispered above me. 

His lips began to trail down my neck, over my chest and down my stomach, causing goose bumps to raise. I placed my hands over my mouth so quiet the moan that was about to escape. Niall’s eyes continued to watch me, his lips traveling down to my covered heat.
"Let me hear you," Niall pulled my arms away. His lips attached to my covered folds, licking me over my panties as his eyes bore into mine.

"Niall," I whispered. 
"Hmm?" He hummed against me. 
"Stop teasing me you ass," I groaned, lifting my hips to meet his mouth.

He pulled away. Pulling the only clothing I had left off of me, leaving me bare in front of him. “God you’re beautiful,” he whispered to himself. A proud smile was glued onto his lips as he stared down at me. 

Niall stepped onto the floor, gripping onto my legs and pulling me towards him. “I’m going to make you feel so good baby,” he whispered. His lips began to leave kisses across my inner thighs, before landing onto me. Pulling my legs over his shoulders, he began to lick over my slit. “Niall,” I whispered. I pushed my hands through his hair, pushing his head closer to me as I bucked my hips towards his tongue. 

I felt the warmness begin to build in the pit of my stomach, my climax building as Niall continued. “Oh god Niall!” I moaned, my back arching as I knew I was close. I pulled my hands away from Niall’s hair, covering my mouth as I began to orgasm. 

"Niall!" I shrieked against my hands. My body began to shake, my legs pulling away from Niall in an attempt to close. 

"We’re not done yet," Niall pushed them apart. 

He crawled above me, pressing his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. 
He pulled away, taking off his pants and boxers in one swift movement. His lips landed on top of mine again, kissing me roughly yet passionately at the same time. His lips danced down my neck before finding their way to my breasts. 

He began to massage my breast, my nipples growing hard before he placed his lips over them. I reached down, wrapping my hands around Niall’s thick cock, pumping it a few times as he moaned. 
"Fuck," he groaned. 

I flipped us over, straddling his hips before kissing him. I pushed his penis down, slowly gliding him across my slit as I continued to kiss down his chest. 

"Fuck, y/n." I bit his neck lightly, sucking on his sweet spot. 

I sat up straight, lining my self up with him, before slamming down.
"Oh fuck!" Both of us moaned as I continued to ride him. 

"God I missed your cock," I moaned more to myself. 
"Remember that," Niall groaned. "No one-no one can please you like I can," he spoke breathlessly. 
"Mhmm," I nodded. 

I was quickly flipped onto my back, Niall now hovering over me. 
"No one," he emphasized. "No one can fuck you this well," he slammed into me. 

"Niall!" I shrieked as he began to his my g-spot with each thrust. 
"No one can make you scream that loud!" He yelled. 

I watched as the bead of sweat began to form on his forehead.

I scraped my nails down his back, feeling the sensation begin to build again. 

"Niall," I moaned. 

His thrusting began to get sloppy, his moans began to get louder. 
"Niall," I breathed. "Fuck Niall." 
"Come, y/n," Niall whispered in my ear. "Fuck," he groaned. 

His head dipped down, resting in the crook of my neck.
I began to pulsate around his cock, my breathing becoming erratic as I moaned his name repeatedly.  

"Shit, y/n," Niall moaned and with one final thrust, I felt him fill up inside me.

"God I missed you," Niall laughed breathlessly as he collapsed next to me.
"I missed you too," I smiled. 

His arm wrapped around me, pulling me into him as he held me close. “I love you,” he whispered into my hair. 
"I love you too," I kissed his chest. 

"Oh and Ni?" I smiled. 
"Jacob’s my cousin." 
"Of course he is," Niall laughed. His lips pressed against mine one last time before we both fell quickly asleep.

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Seven

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

It’s the album release party tonight; another formal event with lots of flashing lights, paparazzi and a press conference. I can tell Colleen is nervous, but I think that’s really just an understatement. She has to walk the red carpet with me tonight; the first time we’ll be at a big advent as husband and wife. Tonight, Colleen and I arrive in my black Ferrari F1 California. I help her out of my amazing sports car since she’s wearing a ball gown; an emerald green off-shoulder evening dress, and from what I heard, it took her a while to find the perfect dress for tonight, and it was well worth it. It’s her favorite color, shows her breast well without revealing too much, and it poofs out at a perfect width. I smile at her reassuringly as she takes my hand. The guys and I wanted this to be big; so we’re all dressed up. The other girls are also in extravagant ball gowns while the guys are all in tuxes. Go big or go home we all joked.

As the flashes go off around us Colleen’s grip on me tightens; this will take a long time for her to get used to. My hand never leaves her waist as we walk along the red carpet into the venue. I can tell she has many thoughts going through her head. Most likely the same as mine. What if they ask me about her and her past? What if they ask us why the last tour was cancelled? “It’s alright, Love. You know I won’t let them hurt you,” I say kissing her head.

Eleanor, Perrie, Nicole, Andrea and Colleen sit at the closest table to the stage for the press conference. The rest of the building is filled with a lot of security, some lucky fans who won tickets or who could afford them because the guys and I wanted to make it up to the fans.

We finally announce that we’re going on a farewell tour; “This Is It.” The girls like to joke it’s a bit of irony after our movie came out a few years ago. A huge commotion breaks out when I make the announcement.

“Can you tell us why this will be your last tour?!” one of the paparazzi yells over the gasps throughout the crowd.

“Well, we’ve been doing this for ten years now,” Liam answers calmly. “We would like to settle down with our wives. Myself and the rest of the guys will still be heavily involved with music, productions and record deals, but behind the scenes.”

“Does the fact that you are married now have any influence on your decision?” another asks.

“Yes, Liam just said that,” Louis answers. “But we can assure you that the group of lovely ladies in our lives is our support system, and they will support us in whichever way we chose.”

“Niall, your wife-“

Niall immediately cuts them off, “Andrea.”

“Very well then. Andrea, is older than you. Did she influence you at all to go with this decision the band has just announced?”

“First off, I don’t see what our wives personal lives or ages have to do with our final concert dates. Everyone already knows she is older than me. Next question?” Niall answers very pissed off.

“So cancelling the last concert, a three month vacation in Fiji and indefinite stays in Ireland had nothing to do with any of the girls lives?”

“Look, this party is to promote our new album and tour. All we hope is that the fans enjoy the new album as much as we enjoyed recording it,” I change the subject. “We have big things planned for this tour. This is our way of thanking our fans for their loyalty through the years.” I’m pissed as well.


The rest of the night is full of giggles, drunkenness and dancing. A lot of dancing. Colleen has opened back up more, so she’s having a little fun while on the dance floor with me. Given her dress, she’s still able to get a good reaction out of me. Even with the paps around, I don’t care what they say at this point; we’re husband and wife, and we can do what we want.

“You ready to go?” I ask Colleen around midnight.

“Yea,” she smiles. My car is brought around us, so we head home.

Once home Colleen heads straight for our room with my guess being to get out of her dress. I stare at her as she sways her hips over to the bathroom; but before she gets too far I place my hands on her shoulders. I turn her around to look into her eyes, and she stares right back; all I can see is love.

“No bra?” I question after unzipping her dress; I dance my fingertips along the skin of her back.

“No room,” she chuckles.

I gently place my lips on hers; them molding perfectly together like always. Every time we kiss I still get butterflies in my stomach; as wimpy as that sounds for a man. I smile as I begin to walk us over to the bed; her bed. I pull apart causing her to whimper. “What? We can’t do this while I still have my tux on, now can we?” I wink.

“I guess not,” she giggles.

Once I’m undressed down to my boxers I pull her tightly against me. I stare at her hungrily with a bit of want. We take turns sliding each other’s underwear off; then I pick her up and spin her around before we plop onto the bed. She presses her lips back against mine; a feeling that is completely indescribable to me. I place one hand on her breast and knead it while putting the other on her hip. As if routinely, I reach for the bedside table taking a condom from the drawer. I let her roll it on. “I’ve always liked when you do that,” I say pulling her hair out from the clip. I line myself up with her entrance, but tease a bit before entering her; this causing her to moan.

Once in I rock my hips into hers moaning her name; so she smiles at me. We stare into each other’s eyes. Colleen pulls me by my shoulders back down to her, and attacks my neck. She sucks on it in a slow way that I never knew could turn me on; I increase my speed.

"Harry," she breathes out releasing her grip from me. I drop my head into the crook of her neck, and when I pull back I smile at her then place my head between her breast, and kiss slowly back up to her neck. Once I reach her neck I find her sweet spot between her jawline and neck. I move my lips back to hers, and slip my tongue in when she moans again; closing her eyes.

"Keep your eyes open, love, I want to see them when you come," I tell her as she gets closer to her climax. She keeps them open while I thrust my hips into hers; slow and deep. My name once again rolls off her lips, so I kiss them, and Colleen kisses me back with passion. It’s a wonderful feeling when we make love. She means absolutely everything to me; an unconditional love between the two of us.

I feel her tightening around me, but I want us to come together, so I place my hand on my shaft, and start to pump faster. I moan out her name right before we come. She is panting heavily while I hold myself above her. I pull out, but continue to hold myself above her; looking deeply into her eyes. I kiss her forehead, and then fall next to her.

"I love you, Colleen," I breathe.

"I love you too, Harry," she says, "You are my everything."

I laugh, “I was just thinking the same thing,” I smile then kiss her once more. The two of us cuddle chest to chest not saying anything. Our arms are wrapped around each other as a few kisses are passed between us before we decide to go again.

“Can we try something different, Harry?” Colleen asks.

“Like what?” I respond confused.

“I don’t know… Like maybe a different position?” I look down to see her blushing.

“What did you have in mind?”

She stays quiet; so I patiently wait for her to answers. “Wha-what if I try top?”

I chuckle pulling her closer to me; not thinking we could get any closer, “I wouldn’t mine.”

“Will you guide me?”

“Of course,” I take her lips into mine. Before I pull Colleen on top of me I put on another condom. Keeping my hands on her waist I guide her down onto me. We both moan still sensitive from a little while ago. The pleasure is still as great as ever.

“Ah,” she groans.

“Just roll your hips like you did back on the dance floor,” I wink at her. Colleen listens; beginning to rock her hips. “You can also move up and down.” I hold tightly onto her waist helping her slide on and off. I leave one hand on her hips and slide the other one up to her chest. I look at her to make sure it’s still alright; she nods her head. I wrap my hand around her breast as she continues to move. I remember the first time we grinded together, and I was in complete shock never knowing a girl who could move like her.

“Ha-Harry,” my name rolls off of her lips. Colleen’s hands fall onto my chest as she tries to hold herself up.

“Fuck, baby,” I moan. I start to thrust upward into her; making her feel as good as she is making me feel. “Oh my God,” I groan. I lift her up then slam her back down.

“Ah!” Colleen’s groan is a little louder. She’s getting the hang of it when she nearly pulls off the whole way then comes back down harder than before. Her nails dig into my skin as she starts to move faster. Her hips move perfectly against mine; grinding harder than before. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. I thought it would have taken her a lot longer to get the feel for this. Not being able to just stare at her any longer I sit up pressing my lips against hers. I slide my hands to her bum squeezing it. “Fuck,” she swears making me laugh against her lips.

“I love this feeling,” I pant as we continue to move our hips together. “The feeling of being in you.” She groans wiggling her hips. I slide my lips to her neck adding another hickey. She wraps her hands around my shoulders before she bites into my neck. “You just looove to make it easy for the guys to rag on me, don’t you?” I say against her skin; Colleen only giggles. I begin to twitch inside her knowing she isn’t close yet. I moan her name loudly as I orgasm.

Before she gets the chance to get off I roll her onto her back so that I’m on top again. I thrust into her harder than before so I can get her to her climax. “Ha- Oh, Harry.” I press my thumb to her clit getting a louder moan from her. I feel her tighten around me.

“Let it go,” I whisper in her ear, and she does. Our bedroom is filled with our loud pants. “God, I love you so much,” I kiss her.

“I love you too,” she laughs while pushing the hair out of my face. I roll off of her then discard of this condom.

“Never expected that from you,” I breathe heavily. Colleen doesn’t say anything; she looks like she’s about to fall asleep. “Hey, let’s get a shower before you fall asleep,” I laugh.

“I don’t want to move,” she whines.

“Come on,” I chuckle again lifting her up bridal style from the bed. Colleen leans against me as we stand in the shower together; the water cascading over our bodies. We stay in the shower for as long as possible before she falls asleep. “Pjs or none?” I ask after we step back into the bedroom.

“Doesn’t matter,” she mumbles. I shake my head smiling to myself as I pull out one of my shirts and a pair of her underwear. As soon as she’s dressed she hits the bed, my bed, and falls sound asleep. I crawl in on my side pulling her close to me as possible before I fall asleep nuzzling into her neck.

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Six

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

Time has gone by so quick, and the honeymoon was amazing. Harry had me pampered with couples massages and wraps in a private suite. My skin and muscles have never felt better. Even though we only had sex twice, we were still being mischievous around the island. I couldn’t be any happier knowing I had married the love of my life. Even though it took three or four years for it to happen, anyone could tell that Harry and I are happy; and everyone else too.

Despite all the obstacles we have faced, as a group, this year, we made it through it all. As soon as we get back to our house after our daily stroll through the park Harry’s phone begins to ring. “Hello?” he puts it on speaker.“ANDREA IS GRADUATING!” he yells through the phone like a proud father.

Andrea has been studying to become a Certified Crime Scene Investigator when she met Niall. She had to skip a few months when she went on tour for a bit, and only after the incident with Jack and after their marriage did she start studying full time again. She has been waiting so long for this, and I’m thrilled for her.

We were all invited to the graduations, but only Louis, Eleanor, Niall, Harry me and Maura can make it to her Graduation at the British Academy of Forensic Science. Unfortunately, Andrea’s parents can’t make it along with Perrie, Zayn, Nicole and Liam.

“I am so proud of you,” I congratulate Andrea.

“Always knew you were a nerd,” Harry teases.

“Be careful Harry,” Andrea retorts, “I can hurt you, or kill you, and make it look like Barney did it.” Harry steps behind me.

“There she is,” Maura comes over to hug Andrea.

“Maura, so nice to see you! I missed you guys so much!”

“We missed you too, dear. Chris, Greg, Denise and Theo send their love; and they wish they were here.”

“Thank you,” Andrea smiles.

“Tell me dear, how’s that son of mine treating you?”

“Mom, do you ever wonder how she treats me?!” Niall teases.

“Sweetie, how could anyone ever treat you badly?” Maura jokes causing us all to laugh. Of course the paparazzi just had to be here; just like at my wedding. They still cause me to freak a little and hold onto Harry’s hand even tighter.

“Love, they will always be around; nothing we can do about it,” Harry says comforting me after he feels me tense up. I loosen my grip wishing that it would all just go away.

“So now that you are a Certified Crime Scene Investigator, I thought you might like this,” Louis says as he gives Andrea a velvet box. As she opens it she smiles when she see the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses.

“Ha, ha. Very funny you two,” Andrea says as she hugs them.”

“That way you can do that dramatic ‘this is a crime scene’ pose,” Louis chuckles.

“We’re so proud of you,” Eleanor smiles.

“I couldn’t be any more proud of her. It wasn’t easy; late night studying, the arguments and frustration finally paid off. I’m proud of you, Princess. I mean it,” Niall says as he pulls Andrea in for a kiss.

“Oh stop it, you two,” Louis pretends to be disgusted. As the ceremony stars all of us take seats in the third row so we don’t strain our necks. Niall acts as if it’s his child graduating kindergarten. Harry and I laugh at him trying to calm him down. Andrea stands on stage laughing more than ever because Niall keeps pulling funny faces at her; which she occasionally returns. I end up hitting him in the back of the head a few times. After about thirty minutes they call Andrea’s name.

“Graduating from the British Academy of Forensic Science,” says the head professor, “Is Andrea Samantha Horan on the levels of three, CCSI, level six, CCSA and a degree in Forensic Anthropology.” Niall jumps out of his chair cheering causing Maura and myself to jump a bit; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this proud in his life. Flashes begin to go off after Niall screams; which scares the audience. We were found by the paps even in the dark. I knew they were here, but I can’t believe they were allowed in here! It pisses us all off; who gives them the right to invade our privacy? Stealing pictures of our special events. I try my hardest to ignore them focusing on Andrea; she looks so beautiful in her dress; something she rarely wears. I think it’s only the third time I’ve ever seen her in a dress.

“Excuse me,” we all hear a young voice coming from behind Louis, “Mind if we take some pictures?” It’s a couple of younger girls.

“Of course not; it’s a special day for us after all,” Louis answers; sarcasm clearly being heard. Andrea, Eleanor, Maura and I all step back laughing because of how Louis reacts anymore.

“Andrea!” we hear being yelled across the room. “You never told me you were married to a pop star. I’m hurt; after all our mishaps in the lab and being lab partners for so long!” a dark haired guy laughs with Andrea. (The guy looks like Greg Saunders from CSI). He joins our group then throws his arms around Andrea. She freezes rolling her eyes. He seems like he’s drunk.

“Uh, Josh, hi, this is Colleen, Eleanor and my mother-in-law, Maura,” she introduces us stepping away from him.

“Hi,” we all greet him together; not impressed.

“Ah, the lovely Mrs. Styles and Mrs. Tomlinson. I’ve read so much about you two ladies. Mrs. Horan, can I just say your son is one lucky man? No wonder Andrea never fell for my charm,” he laughs. “She was married all this time, but I never noticed the ring? Why didn’t you mention this? And that you would be bringing them here? My lab partner is married to a pop star, who would have guessed? The stories I could have shared!”

“It’s kind of hard not to notice a ring like this,” Eleanor takes Andrea’s left hand showing it to Josh; clearly annoyed.

“And what if she told you? A juicy story to sell, wouldn’t it be?” I snap annoyed at him and the paparazzi.

“Calm down girls,” Maura tries to speak.

“This is where you run along and go play with your lab toys,” Andrea says sarcastically shooing him.

Later this evening, we go out to dinner to celebrate at La Chapelle; and at the celebration dinner the guys share some news with us; they will be announcing a farewell tour where they’ll sing all of their greatest hits. A tour taking them around the world. And we all get to travel with them; Eleanor, Nicole, Andrea, Perrie and myself.

“What made you guys decide this?”

“I guess it’s just that there’s stuff we still want to do,” says Harry, “I’m still going to be involved with music, always. But behind the scenes. I think it’s time to call it a day while we still can.

“Same here,” Niall says, “I will write songs and produce music. But I also think it is time. Since Andrea and I got married, we hardly have time together with her studies and us finishing up that last tour was hard. I don’t want me children growing up too scared to go outside.

“Besides, Niall and I already bought a property five miles outside of Mullingar” Andrea shocks us all.

“What? You two are leaving us?” I ask upset.

“No one said anything about leaving. We’re keeping the loft in London, but when A and I start a family, we’ll be sure to move to Ireland.”

“Listen to you two being all grown up,” Liam teases, “Marriage sure has its perks.”


For the next few days the girls and I decide to take some time out of our schedules to catch up while the guys are busy recording their last album for now. Perrie will still be continuing as a girl group member while the rest of us career women focus on ours. I even got back to working at the kennel. I missed it so much; and it was great to know my employees missed me. We all missed hanging out with our husbands, and now is the time to do it.

Tonight is the night before the album release party, so everyone is over for dinner and mine and Harry’s house. I go to the store to some stuff for the evening. But a few magazines have pulled my attention away from shopping. They’re covered with my wedding pictures and Andrea’s graduation. I shake my head knowing this will never end. I put both into my basket before I check out. The one with my wedding pictures even has an article claiming that my personal issues got in the way of the last tour; I don’t even know how that was figured out. If it’s even the real one. The other one has Andrea’s graduation and wedding pictures on the cover insinuating that Andrea forced Niall into marriage. I head straight home once I get in my car.

It’s around six pm when, as usual, Niall and Andrea arrive first; still as crazy in love as the last time I saw them. After Nicole and Liam arrive the rest are shortly to follow. The guys are outside on the patio while the girls and I sit around the kitchen table; full glasses of wine in our hands. We chat up a storm like always; sharing secrets and of course teasing each other like sisters. They’ve all become my sister in the last couple of years, and we definitely have a close bond with each other. Every single one of them brings their own uniqueness to the friendships we share.

Perrie and I are definitely the backbone of the group. We take on the guys if it’s needed. Eleanor is the beauty with the brains; not that I’m saying that the other girls don’t have brains. Andrea was the supportive hippie; always putting others need in front of her own. She believes everyone has good in them. Stubborn at times and strong willed. A lover, not a fighter. Mention Larry and she is ready to go to war. El has always had a logical way of doing things, and she sure knows how to handle Louis. If I didn’t have Eleanor by me I don’t know how I would have made it through this summer. I know I have the other girls, but Eleanor really share something special. Nicole is a sweetheart; I’ve never really seen her weak. Even with the drama that happens between her and the fans.

“I’ve got something to show you girls,” I say as I go to get the magazines.

“Colleen,” El whines, “I thought we talked about this? I thought you weren’t going to let the gossip upset you?” she grabs them from me.

“I know, and I’m sorry, but I had to share it.”

“Oh, that’s bullshit,” Perrie yells as she reads the article about me.

“Andrea, how dare you force our sweet Niall into marriage,” Eleanor teases as she holds the magazine for us all to see.”

“I don’t know El. Guess I was so insecure, and just wanted to get my hands on his fortune. Makes sense to force him,” she laughs.

“What’s going on in here?” Harry speaks as the rest of the guys stand behind him with concern looks on their faces.

“Girls, I thought we talked about this?” Louis says as he and Zayn take the magazines from us. Niall, Harry and Liam look at us shaking their heads while we all slump into our seats. Other than the magazines, the rest of the night goes well. Jokes and a lot of stories to share with a lot of laughter.

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Five

A/N: It’s an exciting chapter, everyone ;)

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

Through the drive I hold onto Colleen wondering what could possibly be in the bag. I have a good idea though. After we board the plane Colleen asks, “Where are we going, Harry?”

I figure I should tell her before the flight attendants say it. I laugh, “We are headed to Greece. The Mystique Resort Santorini.”

“I’ve never heard of that.”

“Then you’re in for a great time,” I smile kissing the back of her hand. The flight from JFK to Santorini feels like an entire day; that’s why I wanted to leave right after the reception. Colleen and I fall asleep around the same time; our fingers intertwined.

I wake up to the sound of the flight attendant saying, “Attention ladies and gentlemen we are reaching our destination; the plain will be landing in about twenty minutes. Please return your seats to the upright position and fasten your seatbelts.” I gently wake Colleen telling her we’re almost here.

It’s now near three am here, and since we’re going to be jet lagged for a while, I booked us a two week trip, and when we’re done here we’ll be heading back to London. A car is waiting for us once we exit the plane, and even though Colleen is tired I can tell how excited she is. She becomes even more tired after the drive. I hold her up as we walk into the hotel, “Styles,” I tell the front desk.

“Yes, here we are. A Spiritual suit; two keys for the room and one for the minibar.”

“Thank you,” I smile. “Can you make it to the room, Love?” I ask Colleen.

“I’ll try,” she smiles. The room is amazing. “It’s so beautiful here,” Colleen whispers.

“Still not as beautiful as you.”

“Still a cliché.” As usual, no matter how tired she is, Collen heads to the terrace, and she is taken aback. “Gosh, this is gorgeous.”

I wrap my arms around her from behind kissing the top of her head. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“Mmk,” she hums.

I pull back the sheets before the two of us hop into the bed. I pull Colleen into me taking in the familiar scent of her body, “Goodnight, Mrs. Styles.”

“That’s going to take some time getting used to,” she giggles. “Goodnight, Mr. Styles.” I kiss the back of her head before falling into a deep sleep.

After we wake up we head to the Charisma Restaurant that is hosted by the hotel. Then we head out to the Archaeological Museum located in the center of Fira. The museum gives you an idea of different eras of development of the island. It’s a beautiful collection of red and black vases from 5 B.C. The museum has many items, products, Minoan impressives, murals and sculpture of the Hellenistic period. Byzantine works of art and even some remains of prehistoric times. These items have survived the era of Geometric and Hellenistic periods.

Colleen’s eyes light up just like they did when we toured the castles of England and Cathedrals of Germany. I take her hand in mine then smile at her when she looks at me. “You always know how to impress a girl.”

“Anything for you, Love,” I kiss her. “Come on, there’s a tour I want to go on.” We’re guided throughout the museum learning different things. Pure joy emits off of Colleen. I remember the way she used to tell me about her art projects from high school and college. She wasn’t a serious artist, but her work is amazing; many paintings of dogs hang in her dog kennel. Pit Bulls, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs. Pit Bulls. Mostly Pit Bulls. She’s like a child when it comes to art.

Our next stop is the Mnemossyne Artist House In Oia, Greece. It’s a house where you can find a unique variety of fine art, photography and jewelry. Most of the pieces in here are handmade by local artists. The gallery has a harmonic atmosphere in an elegant cave house located a few steps before the famous sunset spot in Oia. So naturally we watch the sunset off the coast of the island of Greece.

We leisurely make our way back to the hotel; her hand on my leg as her thumb lazily runs over the jeans that cover my leg with just enough pressure to relax me. Once back to the hotel I carry Colleen piggyback to our room. She messing with my arms as we get closer; making it difficult to open the door. “Hey, hey!” I laugh. Another giggle escapes her lips. “Come on, come on now, do you want to get into the room or not?”

“Yea,” she laughs. She hops down from my back. “Come and get me,” she winks before running through the room.

“Oh, so we’re playing now, are we?” She laughs again. I get her cornered in the bedroom. “Gotcha,” I smile taking her lips in mine. Her hands wrap around my neck and her legs around my waist. I stumble backwards to the bed falling with her landing on top of me. “So, what do you think so far, Mrs. Styles?”

“It’s wonderful.” We make out more with our hands roaming each others body. This is the night we planned for. The night I have honestly been waiting for. I slide my hands to the front of her shorts slowly unbuttoning them. And there’s no hesitation in my actions. She unbuttons my top in a slow gesture. It’s almost as everything is in slow motion; lips moving perfectly in synchronization.

I’m confused as she slides off of me and begins to strip; something I never thought she would do. I take her waist in my hands, and pull her in between my legs once she’s fully naked. I first place my lips on her neck since that’s her favorite place to be kissed. I lower them to her chest then her stomach. I slowly run my nose between her perfect breast sending chills down her body. I found that she’s not very found of her nipples being sucked, so instead I leave a hickey at the top of her left breast. Once my mark is left I say, “You’re so beautiful, Colleen.” She finishes ridding me of my shirt by pushing it off of my shoulders. Once our clothing is gone she hops back onto the bed in a playful manner. I pull us under the covers, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Colleen smiles. I roll a condom on then pull out the bottle of lubricant. “What’s that for?”

“You may write about sex, but you seemed to have forgotten that you’re still a virgin. We might need this.”

“Oh,” she laughs.

I squeeze the lube into my hand then rub it over my cock. “You ready?” I ask when I’m done, and she nods. “Tell me to stop if it hurts, okay?”

“Okay,” she smiles.

I stare into her eyes as I enter her; feeling she’s a little tight. Colleen digs her nails into my shoulders. Her hair cascades over the pillow, and she looks absolutely amazing laying under me like this. Her face tenses up, so I stop and wait a couple minutes. I go in further, “It’ll be okay, Love,” I reassure her kissing her cheeks. I take her lips in mine as I fill her up more.

“O-okay,” she breathes against my lips. I gently roll my hips into hers keeping myself propped on my elbows by her head. I place my face in the crook of her neck; biting and sucking at it. The room begins to be filled with moans as she gets used to the feeling.

“Co- Oh fuck, Colleen,” I breathe into her neck.

“H-Harry,” she moans. I press my lips to hers; swiping my tongue against her bottom lip. She parts like usual and allows me to slip my tongue inside her mouth. She fights for dominance as I expected her to. I smile into the kiss as I continue to rock my hips against hers.

I remove my mouth from hers trailing kisses from her jaw to her neck. I kiss her skin slowly before I begin to suck on her neck once more. Another moans leaves her mouth; a low, “Fuck.” I laugh knowing she doesn’t swear that much. I begin to grunt as I pick up the pace a little bit more. I lower my head between her breast then suck at the skin atop of her left one again earning another moan. I love seeing her like this.

I can feel myself getting closer to my orgasm. “Give… Give me a few more… Few more… Minutes,” she gasps. “Ah, fuck,” she swears again. I place my hand in-between us, and push my fingers against her clit since I can’t last much longer. Colleen’s hands slide to my biceps; digging her nails into the skin there. She starts to tighten around me; closing her eyes, “Open your eyes. I want to stare into them when you orgasm, Love.” She opens her eyes right before we both finally orgasming. At the same time. I slow down my thrust as we come down from our highs. I stare into her eyes smiling; never feeling any better. She takes my lips into hers before I pull out.

I discard the condom as we catch our breaths. Once back on the bed I pull her into my arms, and she places her head on my chest; drawing random shapes on my stomach. I mindlessly run my thumbs over her arms. I look at my arms to see what the damage report is. “Fuck, Colleen, your nails are sharp,” I laugh. “The guys aren’t going to let me live this one down.”

Colleen giggles against my chest, “Sorry.” I don’t have to see her face to know she’s blushing.

“Nothing to be sorry about, Love.” I squeeze her to me. I hear the familiar deep sigh come from her lips knowing she’s about to fall asleep. “Goodnight, Love.”

“Goodnight, Harry,” she mumbles. I can’t believe I finally got to do this with her. Something I have been waiting to do for the longest time. The covers fell as we made love, and I haven’t pulled them back up. I just stare at her naked body; it’s everything I imagined and more. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen her fully naked; no bra on. After another hour of admiring her body and continuously replaying our first time, I finally begin to fall asleep.

The next morning I wake up with empty arms hearing the shower running. I slowly get out of the bed to make my way to the bathroom. Colleen is humming lowly when I enter the bathroom. She smiles at me as I enter the shower with her. We don’t make anything sexual about this; just my arms wrapped around her making out here and there.

Today we decide to relax by the pool. There aren’t many people sharing the pool with us, so Colleen immediately gets in. Like always, she is wearing one of her superhero bikinis; this time Supergirl. It’s not a very big pool, but it is nice. We swim around trying not to disturb the other guest. Giggles occasionally escape her lips while we joke around.

It’s our final night here in Santorini, so we share the shower once more. She’s not sore anymore, and she said she wants to go again since it is our honeymoon. I peck her lips a few times and graze my nose against hers. My hands touch almost every inch of her body; never getting enough of it. I leave my hands on her waist; rubbing my thumbs over her pelvic bones, and she giggles. I stare into her eyes as I move my hand in-between her legs. She wiggles a bit at my touch; a smile spreading across her lips.

I slowly move my fingers against her heat; applying a bit more pressure each time I reach her clit. I love the sound of her moans, “Ah.” I push one finger in her since she’s still tight. I can tell it’s not as much pain as it was only over a week ago. I add another finger to stretch her out more.

“You ready?” I ask searching her eyes for a no.

“I am,” she smiles.

I pull my fingers from her; licking them clean like always. I step closer to her so our bodies are pressed tightly against one another. I line myself up at her entrance then slowly push in. Colleen groans. I wait until she tells me I can move. I thrust slow and deep into her; wanting to feel every bit of her. She connects our lips when I place my hands on either side of her head. “Jump,” I say. She listens wrapping her legs around my waist; and I put one hand under her bum to hold her up. This makes it easier for me to thrust into her.

“Faster,” she breaths. I obey. I love that we can finally do this. Whether our love is known through words or physical attraction, this is what it’s all about. It’s more exhilarating this time. Colleen pulls our lips apart then places them on my neck; kissing her way to my collarbone. She lightly bites into it before sucking at the skin.

“You really don’t want me to live this down,” I laugh.

“Sorry,” she laughs pulling away from my skin.

It takes her a longer time to orgasm again, so I push on her clit once again. She groans against my chest as our highs hit. After pulling out she releases her legs from my waist. Except, she can’t hold herself up. I hold her as I wash away the smell of sex laughing; placing loving kisses against her lips. She stares back into my eyes as I rest my forehead against hers.

“Can you walk?”

“I’ll try,” she laughs. I let go of her, but she still stumbles. Colleen sits down on the shower seat while I grab our towels. I wrap one around my waist after drying myself off then wrap one around her body before carrying her to the bed.

“How do you feel?”


“It’ll go away. Eventually.”

“Ha, ha.”

I go to grab her pjs when I stumble across the bag I asked her about when we left for the airport. “What’s this?” I turn to her.

“Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about that,” she chuckles.

I open the bag to see what’s inside and pull out a black polka dot lingerie set. “You forgot about this?” I ask a little shocked.

“I guess I got caught up in the fun.”

“Will you wear it?”

“For you?” I nod my head. “Of course.” She stands up from the bed taking the clothing from my hands. She drops her towel from her body then slips into her new set.

“You look so sexy in that,” I pull her towards me by her waist. “When did you get this?”

“The girls gave it to me at the reception.”

“I can’t believe you forgot about this. I love it when you wear lingerie.”

“I know you do.” I kiss her pulling her as tight as possible against me. After putting on a pair of my briefs we get into bed; enjoying our last night together. Alone.

Toned, tanned, tattooed

"My sweet little baby…" Harry cooed, rubbing his thumb pad over my flushed cheek. I smiled and leant my head towards his hand.

"My pretty little princes…" He patted my nose with his fingertip. I felt tired, and tipsy, although I had a pint of beer and one glass of wine. Harry was tipsy too, I think, only having the same amount to drink as me. We weren’t 100% sure what we were doing at the moment, but we went along with it. But tiredness wasn’t getting the better of me. Harry still promised that I was in charge this time. It had been five minutes and his cock was hard. I was wet too, but the only contact we made, apart from Harry rubbing my cheeks and what not, was the odd accidental brush of his dick between my folds.

I sat up slightly, alarming Harry. He opened his eyes a little wider and watched me as I sank down onto his member. We both let out a long breath, until he was fully inside me. When I was comfortable, I slowly slid up and down at a delicate pace.

"Fuck, you’re so good at this, (Y/N)" Harry admired while I gently bounced. I crawled my hands up his toned, tanned, tattooed body and rested them on his pecs. I started to grind and roll my hips onto him, making him quietly groan with pleasure. His moans were never loud moans. They where always muffled and quiet. To be honest, that’s my fault. I don’t think I’ve ever been that good to make him moan loudly. He doesn’t complain, though. I don’t think he’s had better.

I got faster, taking my hips down fast and curving them as I took him out of me. My butt cheeks slapped hard together as I bobbed up and down, touching his balls.

His eyes were squeezed tightly shut, his hands taking a fist full of covers and pulling harshly. I had never seen him act like this, and frankly, it was the hottest thing ever. Never did I think that I, me could make THEE Harry Styles fall apart in front of me, let alone think that THEE Harry Styles would bump into me at TCA’s and ask me for my number. Did I fuck think we’d fall in love and get this far!

With every down thrust, his length would hit my G spot, making me scream ‘Harry’ louder than the last. The slight alcohol buzz took over my ways of working and made me slam down every thrust. I had also never acted this way before. The speed I was going was faster that I had ever done. Nothing compared to Harry’s, though.

My actions weren’t just pleasuring for me, as I watched Harry through blurred, watery eyes. His bottom lip was taken between his teeth. His jaw was tightly clenched, proving how much pressure his teeth where putting on his plump lip. He was biting so hard, he drew blood from his own lip. Concern took over me as I slowed down.

"D-do you want me to stop?" His eyes flew open and his hands gripped my thighs, digging his sharp nails into my skin and now, drawing my blood. I winced and felt slightly scared. Looking into his eyes, I recognized that look. Anger.

He started thrusting harder than ever before. I honestly was so dazed and dizzy, I could barely breath let alone speak. I was lost for words and moans as he basically started pile driving me. The pleasure was so unexplainable. To say there was a knot in my stomach, was a understatement.

I was basically screaming buy the time I reached my high. It lasted for a good few seconds. I was totally oblivious to anything happening around me. When I opened my eyes, Harry was riding out his orgasm underneath me. As his orgasm died down, I got off him and collapsed beside him, a total mess from what just happened. He bent his elbow and put his hand in between our heads on the pillow. I repeated his action. We held hands and turned to face each other.

"I love you." He slurred out.

"I love you too, baby."

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Long way home.

Cheeky little Liam oneshot because I was bored. Enjoy!

I didn’t know what was going on with me, but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I couldn’t stop looking at the way his hands gripped the steering wheel. I let my eyes travel up his arms, admiring the muscles that were revealed by his tank top.

"Liam, how much longer until we’re home?" I asked, shifting a bit in my seat to face him more. "About half an hour" he murmured, his eyes never leaving the road. I sighed, sitting back against my seat.

"I thought you liked taking the long way home?" He questioned, glancing at me quickly. "I usually do" I murmured, trying to keep from staring at him and becoming even more turned on.

"Why don’t you like it tonight?" He asked. I bit my lip, trying to think of a way to tell him without blurting that I was horny.

I glanced at him again as an idea popped into my head. An idea that I never thought I’d do, but in this moment it seemed so inviting.

I reach my hand out and laid it on his thigh, sliding it up and down slowly. “What are you doing, love?” He asked, his grip on the wheel tightening a bit.

I smiled, squeezing his thigh softly before moving my hand to the button of his jeans, “Just go with it, babe”

I popped open the button and pulled down the zipper before slipping my hand into his jeans.

His mouth opened a bit as my hand rubbed over his cock through his boxers. “(Y/N)…” he groaned, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth. I smirked, loving the hold I had on him at the moment.

"Does that feel good?" I teased, squeezing his cock a bit harder and moving my hand a little faster. I smiled, feeling him becoming completely hard beneath my hand.

"Babe" he moaned, his jaw clenching. I bit my lip, slipping my hand into his boxers and gripping his length. He let out another moan when my thumb slid over the tip.

I pumped my hand over his cock, earning a low sigh from him. “You’re so fucking bad” he growled, his hands clutching the wheel tighter. I smirked, “But I’ll make you feel so good”

He chuckled but the sound was cut short by a moan. I pumped him in my hand faster, making sure to swipe my thumb over his sensitive tip.

I knew Liam’s tells, so I knew he was getting close. I watched as his jaw clenched and he gripped the wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white.

"Are you gonna cum, baby?" I cooed, moving my hand a bit faster and adding more pressure.

His body tensed for a moment as he fought to keep his eyes on the road. “Fuck” he finally growled, his hips jerking a bit as he came. “Fuck me…” he moaned, his body relaxing back into his seat.

I smiled and removed my hand from his jeans, “I’d love to fuck you” He licked his lips, a smirk growing on his face as he put a little more pressure on the gas pedal, “You just wait, baby girl”



Every part of me wanted her. Needed her.

But I knew it was wrong.

She drank. She never drinks and I know it was because of me. If I wasn’t such a fuck up. If I didn’t go around saying things that I didn’t mean. If I knew what to do with my feelings, how to work with them correctly, then she’d be fine. We’d be fine. This would all be fine.

“Harry,” she breathes into my ear, pushing her lower body upwards, desperate for any type of touch. I have no control. Her hips grinding up, her center pressing into me strained against my black jeans makes my mind momentarily blank out.

“Please,” she begs when I still, her fingers pressing into the bottom of my back to push me against her again.

“Baby,” I breathe, unable to control the pleasure of her grinding into me. My anxious hands search to the hem of her shirt. I bunch it up, letting the tips of my fingers graze along her stomach. Up the center then along her sides, letting my senses revel in the feeling of her warm skin underneath me. “We can’t do this,” I breathe into her neck, resting my lips on the spot just underneath her ear. “You’re drunk,” I take the skin between my teeth as she turns to allow me better access, nipping then gliding my tongue along it.

I repeat the process, knowing how much she likes it as her hands roam along my arms, squeezing at the tops. Her moans are enough to make me grow harder in my pants and I’m desperate for relief from the tension.

She grinds her hips into mine again and I nearly lose it that time, burying my head into her neck and clenching my jaw to get a grip of myself. It’s been so long. Any type of contact now is quick to send me through the roof.

“Please Harry,” she whimpers. God do I want her more than anything. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. The only one who would ever put up with my shit. My selfish attitude, my arrogant ways.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“You’re not,” she whines, growing more impatient by the second. “I want you to.”

I know when she wakes she’ll regret this. When she finds me sleeping next to her in the morning, tightly holding onto her waist, we’ll probably go back to how it was before. Her being mad at me because I’m an asshole.

But I don’t care. She needs me just as much as I need her and I’m selfish enough to take this opportunity.

I crash my lips into hers, taking her by surprise as she gasps into my mouth. My tongue swipes along her full bottom lip before she allows me access in.

Her hands roam into my hair, fingers tugging at the roots just like she knows I love.

My tongue maneuvers with hers, taking full on control just like I know she loves.

“Harry,” she moans my name when I move to her jawline, planting slow kisses along it and then to her neck. My fingers play underneath her shirt, gliding along her bare skin.

“Off,” I demand. She lifts, allowing me to pull her shirt up and over her body, tossing it along the side. I do the same with mine before directing my whole attention back to just her. The feeling of her warm body against mine. How her hips curve just the right amount for my hands to fit over them. The contrast of my inked chest against her flawless skin.

“You’re so beautiful (y/n),” I kiss up her stomach. “Don’t you know that?”

Her breathing is erratic and I’ve barely touched her yet. I love how much of an effect I have on her.

I move back up to her lips, enveloping mine around hers. “What do you want?”

“You,” she gasps into the kiss. I grin, feeling satisfied at her simple words. Her desire for me never ceases to amaze me. Never has somebody wanted me so much. And never have I yearned for someone so much the same way.

My lips never disconnect from hers as one of my hands holds me up, the other trailing down the center of her torso, near the waistband of her long skirt, and then back up to her bra.

“I love you so much,” I breathe into her mouth as my hand navigates around her. My fingertips drum on her side and she takes the hint without either of us speaking a word. Arching her back from the bed, I reach around to unclasp her bra, pulling it down both of her arms.

If she weren’t influenced by alcohol, her cheeks would be flushed right now, feeling flustered by being so exposed even though I’ve seen every part of her body many times. Instead, I find myself flustered as my dick continues to strain against my tight jeans when I take in the sight of her bare chest in front of me.

She makes no hesitation in continuing with where we were at, reaching down to the button of my jeans.

“Baby,” I grab both of her hands before she can yank my pants off. “For you,” I remind her. “Not me.”

Fuck do I want to be in her right now but we can’t. I don’t know when I’ll have this opportunity again so I have to make it last.

With her hands in mine, I bring them to my shoulders, before letting go and moving back to her stomach. I kiss up her core, licking my lips every so often to make sure she feels my presence on her. I kiss under her breast, my hand tending to the other, as my mouth works on it. My teeth playfully tugging on her nipple, my tongue relieving the tension as I press it flat against her. I switch to the other, giving it the same attention as the last. The room fills with (y/n)’s moans, fulfilling me with the greatest satisfaction.

I move down her torso once again, my lips greedily nipping at the skin as I make my way to her core. I’m greeted with the waistband of her long black skirt when I peer up to see her hooded stare on me.

“Please,” she breathlessly begs when I move up to her mouth.

“Please what?” I take her bottom lip between both of mine.

“Touch me.”

I waste no time bringing my hands to her sides to pull down her skirt, assisting her in kicking it off when it wraps around her ankles. She urges me to take my jeans off even though I repeat to her that I only want to satisfy her and not myself.

“I need you too,” she assures to rid herself of guilt. Her hand reaches between us, her palm pressing into the front of my jeans. The small touch has me weak like she always makes me. I unbutton my jeans, stepping off the bed momentarily to yank them down. She smiles, a satisfied drunken smile as I step out of them, crawling back over her on the bed.

“I don’t think I have any control when it comes to you,” I refer to her state of self-satisfaction in me listening to her demand.  She laughs before I veer to more seriousness. “I love you.” She frowns.

“Shh,” she presses her lips into mine to mute anymore conversation. I let her win, not wanting to oppress her anymore.

I adjust my positon, my knee urging her legs to spread. Her hands roam all over me, eagerness taking over her body as she waits for me to continue. I want to make this last for as long as I can but I can barely control myself as she begins to grind her hips again.

“I’m gonna come if you keep doing that,” I breathe into her mouth. I halt her movements, my hands finally landing on the spot she’s been begging for me to touch.

“You’re soaked baby,” my fingers rub against her thin underwear, dampness welcomed on my fingerstips. She shivers underneath me. “How many times have you done this to yourself?”

She doesn’t answer and instead only focuses on the way I’m making her feel, my fingers pushing her underwear to the side. “How many?” I press her again. I need to know.

“How many what?” She breathlessly asks when I make contact with her bare skin, stroking between her folds.

“How many times have you touched yourself? Since we were last together,” I add.

“None.” She’s lying.

“Don’t lie to me.” I halt my movements.

“Fine, three. Three time,” she whines. I accept her answer and move my fingers in drawn out circular patterns along her clit.

“Did you miss me?” Her eyes are closed as she focuses on the feeling. My lips ghost over hers, barely brushing against them as I greedily capture her moans into my mouth. “My touch?” I move to suck on her neck, collecting her wetness on my fingers as I touch her. My index finger pushes into her first, followed by my middle. She’s so warm and fuck, still tight. I need to be in her or I might just pass out.

But I can’t. I have to have control. Some sort of self-control.

I use my words. “No one can touch you the way I do,” I adjust my body position, propping myself over her better to circle my fingers inside of her. “No one knows you the way I do,” her head rolls to the side as she indulges in the pleasure. “No one knows your spots,” I rub her clit as my fingers move at a faster pace, her hips beginning to buck. “No one but me,” I whisper into her ear as she begins to tighten around me, my fingers strained in the tight enclosement as I bring her near her finish.

“Harry,” she whimpers. I lock on her every movement as she unravels beneath me, my last few touches inside of her working her body. The way her eyes screw shut. The way she takes her bottom lip between her teeth before I beg her to let it out. The way she listens to me and relaxes, letting the moans escape from her lips to echo through the room. The way her walls clench so tight around me, I can barely move my hand, before releasing and expanding. The way her body sinks into the bed, feeling the upmost relaxation. The way her neck and chest always flush red after her orgasm. The way she tastes as I bring my fingers to my mouth. The right mix of sweet and saltiness that go from my lips to hers after I kiss her. The way she smiles, her lazy tired smile as she giggles at what just happened. The way she looks at me, tugging on my hair to pull me down to her lips for one last kiss before nuzzling into my chest. The way she quickly falls asleep, latching her arms around me as if she doesn’t want me to ever leave her side. The way she’s everything to me and that no matter what happens from here on out, I will always love and need her.

Personal Experience: Chapter Thirty-Four

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

I can’t believe the day is finally here. “How are you feeling, Love?” El says looking through the mirror at me.

I sigh smiling at her, “I feel great. I just can’t believe it’s happening in a couple of hour…”

“Knock, knock,” I hear Harry.

“Harry, get out! You’re not supposed to see me today!” I yell.

“I won’t come in. I just want one of the guys to give you something since I know you’re wearing the pearl necklace.”

“How do you know that?”

“It’s me you’re talking to.” We chuckle together.

“Fine, send whoever in.”

Louis walks through the door shoving Harry away and closing the door to make sure I’m not seen. “Jeez, Colleen! Do you not have the decency to put clothing on?!” I’m sitting in my bra and underwear.

El rolls her eyes, “Shut it, Louis, you’ve seen her in a bikini. Just hand over whatever it is you’re supposed to give her.”

He pulls a small box from his leather box from his pocket, “Here,” he smiles.

I gently take the box from his hand then open it. “Oh, Harry!” I say knowing he’s on the other side of the door. He laughs. “They’re beautiful.” There’s a pair of real pearl earrings that match the necklace he was right about. The one that I’m wearing.

Louis takes my hand in his kissing it, “I’ll see you out there, Love,” he smiles.

After Louis leaves the room Andrea enters saying, “So, since it’s traditions to have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,’ I want this to be your something borrowed and something blue. She gently places a flower shaped pin with blue diamonds as the flower. “It was Maura’s something old and blue that she gave me for my wedding; and apparently Denise got something similar.” Andrea places her hands on my shoulders and whispers, “I’m so proud of you.”

Perrie helps me do my makeup; the only person I’ve ever let do mine. El does my hair just letting it fall behind my back since it’s long enough. She re-pins the flower clip Andrea gave me to gently pull back my bangs.

I stare into the mirror in my Alfred Angelo’s Disney Princess, Belle dress. From the second line of dresses. I took everything from the Belle line. I keep the veil covering my face because my dad will pull it back as a way of passing me on.

Wedding Dress:


Flower Girl:


I stand in the back of the church I grew up in breathing deeply; still not believing this is happening. My dad meets me in the back of the church as I watch Andrea and Niall walk up next followed by Liam and Nicole, and Zayn and Perrie. We pair up Eleanor with Niall’s brother to make sure she is in the wedding party too.  My sister and Louis walk up the aisle last because she’s my matron of honor, and he’s Harry’s best man. Rachel’s daughter is the flower girl. Harry and I are the last to get married out of us all; and it’s perfect. As a Catholic the “Here comes the Bride” song isn’t allowed, so I walk down the aisle with my dad to “The Wedding March.” Everyone stands up to turn back towards me. Harry isn’t paying attention; I can tell he’s nervous because he kisses his cross necklace.

When he does look I can see how taken aback he is. His eyes widen; his mouth agape. I can’t help but to smile and blush seeing how wonderful he looks in his tuxedo. I start to cry tears of joy; the only kind I can manage. I glance at my father, and see him trying to hold back tears. I get to the altar and hand my bouquet of red roses to my sister then turn back to my dad as he lifts my veil.

“I love you, Colleen,” he kisses me. “Take good care of her, Harry,” he adds sternly.

Harry takes my hand as we turn to the priest. Because it’s a traditional Catholic wedding, with Harry’s agreement, the length of the ceremony is very long; about two hours. Now, it’s finally that time.

He places the ring on my finger, “I, Harry, take you, Colleen, to be my beloved wife, to have and to hold you, to honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this from my heart, for all the days of my life.”

Now I do the same; I place the wedding band on his finger. I continue to stare into his eyes happily; not letting go of his large, soft hands, “I, Colleen, take you, Harry, to be my beloved husband, to have and to hold you, to honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this from my heart, for all the days of my life.”

“You may now kiss the bride.” Harry takes my lips into his; feeling more passion than ever. We turn to the crowd with everyone clapping. We walk out of the church hand-in-hand smiling as big as possible after everyone else. Bubbles are blown as we make our way to the limo. It immediately takes us to the Hotel Hershey; the place where I’ve always dreamed of having my wedding reception.

I want to eat first, but pictures are taken through The Rose Garden. Many taken by the roses Harry had made for me. An hour later and we go inside to eat. Hopefully. The head table is the wedding party; with our parents and immediate family at the table right next to it.

After we eat it’s time to dance; the boys sing Irresistible taking Harry’s verse as we dance our first dance. This song has meant so much to us through this past year. We dance as we always do around the floor as happy as we can imagine. My dad gets the next song; and we crack up the crowd when the 1960’s Batman TV series theme song plays. Growing up, we always joked this would be our song.

We cut the cake that I’ve always wanted to look like my parent’s wedding cake. Three tiers; two on the bottom, two that come in a bit and are connected by stairs that hold figurines of the wedding party, a middle tier at the same level to help hold the top and final tear which is lead up with stairs with Harry and myself on the top.

Andrea, Eleanor, Perrie and Nicole come over to Harry and me, “Can we borrow her?” they giggle.

“Sure, just don’t be too long,” Harry laughs in reply.

“Girls, what’s going on?” I ask once we’re away from everyone else.

“Last minute girl time before you head on your honeymoon,” says Eleanor.

“We just want to give you something for the trip,” Nicole wiggles her eyebrows. “It’s from all of us.” Andrea hands me a bag.

I don’t even have to open it the whole way to see what it is. It’s a black lingerie set with white polka dots. It’s a low heart line cut with thin straps to hold up my breast, that still covers my midriff and panties.

“I hate and love you guys. I guess you want me to use this tonight?” I joke

“Of course! Any idea where he’s taking you?”

“Of course not. It’s a surprise, go figure.”

“Men,” Andrea says shaking her head. “My honeymoon was a surprise too. He even guided me through the airport blindfolded along with his iPod so I couldn’t hear anything. Next thing I know we’re landing in Bali, Indonesia.”

“We knew Niall had it in him.”

“How was it?” Eleanor asks excitedly.

“How was what?” Andrea asks slyly.

“Indonesia of course.”

“I’m not elaborating. You remember what happened last time I ‘kissed and told,’” Andrea winks.

“That’s all you can say about it,” I laugh, “Niall told me that you two hardly left the cabin,” I wink.

“I thought he did. He’s a little shit, that Irishman.”

The night has settled in, and everyone is having a blast. My family loves his and vice versa. It was great that Harry could fly his entire family out here, if not most of them. I told them the story of how he proposed; nearly shocking me to death. Everyone dances together. I love wedding receptions because everyone just lets loose not caring how they dance; whether they’re drunk or not. We line dance to old and new ones; Macarena, the cha cha slide and so on.

It’s finally that time where the bride throws the bouquet and the groom throws the garter. I face the DJ as all the women, who are only supposed to be single, take the dance floor. So naturally, my best friends are in the crowd. “Ready?” I laugh, and they all scream. I toss the roses over my hand then quickly turn to see who has caught it. Andrea. Andrea is the one to catch it. I turn to Niall watching his expression change from enjoyment to shock.

Now Harry gets to remove my garter. I sit on a chair that was pulled to the center of the dance floor, and Harry kneels in front of me. A smirk drawn across his face as his fingertips touch my leg. I stare back into his eyes that never break contact. I feel his hand finally reach the garter. His smirk still plays on his face as he drags it off of my leg.

“Who’s ready to catch the garter?” Harry teases without disconnected our eye contact. He stands up as the guys gather behind like the girls did with me. Harry continues to smirk as he tosses my garter. My cousin ends up catching it; another one who is married. I look at his wife who just shrugs it off as a ‘go figure’ gesture. Now my cousin has to put the garter on Andrea until she tells him to stop. I watch Harry from the other side of the dance floor giggling then look at Niall who is still glaring; especially at my cousin.

“Niall, this is what happens at my family’s wedding receptions,” I elbow him.

“But that’s my girl.”

“Yea? And what if El, Per or Nicole caught it? Imagine if it was two of my cousins or two of Harry’s!” I continue to laugh.

“Alright, alright,” his glare breaks to a smile.

The party continues at it’s peak after the whole show. “Good evening, Mrs. Styles,” Harry says as he wraps his arms around me from behind. “One more dance then we’re off,” he kisses my neck. It’s the final slow dance to “So She Dances” by Josh Groban. The dance is over and now Harry and I are off after getting changed for our flight. My mom will hold onto my dress.

While in the limo to the airport Harry says, “I wonder how Andrea and your cousin feel after catching the bouquet and garter,” laughing.

“Niall was angry, but it’s the luck of the catch,” I laugh back. I shuffle with the bag the girls gave me keeping it from falling over.

“What’s that?” Harry asks.

“Something for tonight…”


“You’ll see,” I smirk at him looking at him through the corners of my eyes.

Shower kisses.

I wrote this at 2am because Harry feels. There’s no sex, it’s just cheesy fluff I suppose (:

"Did you ever think that, like a year ago, we’d be dating now?" I asked, reaching past Harry and grabbing my platter of Chinese food.

He smiled, settling down on the couch beside me and pressing play on the movie. “I didn’t think we would, but I always hoped for it”

I smiled at his answer and handed him his food, “I did too”

After we had eaten we laid on the couch, watching the end of the movie. I rested my head against his chest, snuggling closer to him as the ending credits came onto the screen.

"What can we do now?" I asked, sitting up and tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. He shrugged, "Well, we could shower. Because frankly, we both reek of Chinese food"

I nodded, “True. You can go first” He sat up on his elbows, “We can just go together”

I felt my stomach tense at his suggestion. I loved Harry with all my heart, but I just wasn’t ready to go that far. Not yet.

"Harry… I’m not…" I murmured, looking down at my lap. He sat up quickly, "No, no, babe. I didn’t mean that. I know you’re not ready to go there, (Y/N). I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel weird"

He reach out and took my hand, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, “Just forget about it, okay? Pretend I didn’t even make that stupid suggestion”

I shook my head, “No, Harry, it’s fine. I mean… We can shower, I’m just not ready for sex”

He looked at me, “Babe, you really don’t have to” I shook my head again, “Harry, it’s fine”

I let go of his hand and stood off the couch. “You coming?” I asked, glancing at him over my shoulder as I walked towards his bathroom.

I slipped into the bathroom and turned on his shower. I adjusted the water before turning around to face him. “Are you really sure you want to do this?” He asked, making me smile.

"I’m gonna be naked in front of you sometime… Might as well break the ice" I said, slipping off my sweater.

He nodded and pulled off his shirt, dropping it to the floor and trying not to look at me as I stripped down to nothing and stepped into the shower.

I turned so that my back was to him and let the warm wash down the front of my body. When he stepped into the shower behind me, my stomach fluttered.

"This isn’t awkward, right?" He asked, sounding unsure about the situation. I took a small breath and turned to face him, trying not to be too shy about my body.

"Nope" was all I said, leaning up to press a quick kiss to his lips.

He smiled down and me and reach out, letting his fingers brush some water droplets from my cheek. “You’re so beautiful” be murmured, leaning down a bit and kissing me again softly.

I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, wanting to be closer to him.

"We don’t have to have sex, but we can kiss a little" I said, making him smile. "I like that idea" he said, connecting our lips again.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against him as our lips moved in sync.

His fingers brushed along my lower back as he whispered sweet nothings between our kisses.

"I love you so much" I said, breaking our kiss and laying my cheek against his chest. He kissed the top of my head, rubbing my back softly, "I love you too, baby"

After a bit we moved onto actually washing ourselves and finally getting out of the shower.

He grabbed a towel and handed it to me. “I’ll get you something to sleep in” he said, wrapping a towel around his waist and heading into his bedroom.

I dried off and waited for him to come back.

He came in with one of his shirts and a pair boxers. I took them from him as he gathered up our dirty laundry and took it to the hamper before dressing himself in some boxers. I dressed quickly and then followed him into his room.

I crawled into his bed and got under the covers, sighing at how soft they felt.

He grabbed the remote from the stand and crawled into bed beside me. “Okay, should we continue where we left off on Friends last time?” He asked, hooking his arm around my waist and pulling me closer.

"Yeah" I said, laying my head on his chest and draping my arm across his stomach as he pressed play on the show and tossed the remote beside him.

I smiled to myself as I laid there in his arms, feeling more at home than I ever had anywhere else.