Piece Of Art

"I can’t do this" I say pacing back and forth, the smell of turpentine and oil paints making my stomach turn in knots.
"Since you’ve all learned to paint fruit realistically, it is time to learn how to paint people…"
The muffled sound of the art teachers words didn’t help my racing heart as I tried to close the red robe I was wearing tighter around my body. 
"Today you are going to try to realistically paint a young women onto your canvas, (y/n) it’s time to come out" 
My palms start to sweat as I hear my name, the whispers and silent glares from the students all pointed in my direction. 
I step out slowly, my arms folded closely to my body. I look around as I walk to the small stage which was situated in the middle of the room. 
The stage was covered in pillows all red and satin making in look more like a porno set than an art class. As I take my seat I look at all the students making sure I didn’t know any of them. I look until my eyes met with one particular student who was situated at the end of the line. 
He had the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen, his shoulder length curly brown hair partially hidden by a fedora . He had on a denim shirt and black skinny jeans hugged tightly on his body showing off his muscular build. 
His mouth parted into a smirk, the type smirk that if were evil would send you to hell in a heartbeat, making my cheeks become hot and my stomach to join my heart in my chest. 
"(Y/n) it’s time to take off the robe" I gulped as the room seemed to get increasingly hotter, the walls seemed to
Close in on me like a trash compactor. 
My eyes never left the green eyed boy, his eyes roaming my body as I slowly took the robe off.
He started to fidget in his seat, making me laugh under my breath, but as he figured his eyes never left me. I then make myself comfortable, crossing my legs and laying down on my side. 
"Okay class you can begin" 
What was hours felt like days as I felt the eyes of many strangers staring at my very exposed body. The whole time though my eyes seemed to always find there way back to the curly haired boy, his tongue sticking out slightly as he concentrated. As he painted my portrait his eyes would occasionally met mine accompanied by a slight grin that would form a cross his face. 
"Okay class were finished" the teacher says, and the green eyed boy frowned.
"What if we didn’t finish the painting Mrs. H" the boy finally speaks, His voice deep and smooth and his accent defiantly that of British origin.
"I’m sorry Mr. Styles but you will have to just use your imagination to finish" she smiles patting him on the shoulder. 
I couldn’t get up fast enough, throwing the robe on and running to the back room to put back on my clothes. 
When I was fully dressed I stepped out, the art room empty making me sigh in relief. I walk out the art room and go down the stairs,  heading my next class. 
As I turn the corner I feel a slight tap on my shoulder making me jump with a squeal. 
"Oh sorry love didn’t mean to startle you" it was green eyed boy, who looked so much more good looking up close. 
"It’s okay, I’m just a bit jumpy after well you know" I blush and he laughs, his smile so bright just one could light a whole city. 
"I would be too, I’m Harry by the way" he says putting out his hand.
 I smile taking it, his hand so much bigger and stronger than mine that his covered my hand completely. 
"I’m (y/n) but I think you already knew that" I laugh embarrassingly, shaking his hand. 
Though we stopped shaking, He didn’t let go, his hand still firmly connected to mine. 
"Hey this may be a bit awkward but could you maybe come to the art room later tonight, I didn’t get to finish my painting and I’d love to have the model there instead of trying to do it by memory" his cheeks flushed making him look even cuter than before. 
"Yeah I can do that, meet you there around 11?" I ask trying not to show just how much he was making me feel. 
"Oh that be great, thanks (y/n). Oh sorry I got to go I’ll see you tonight then" he says excitedly, kissing my cheek before running off out of the art building. 
I stood there completely stunned, my heart pounding wildly out of my chest as I realized that that night I was going to be in the art room with Harry
The day went by faster than if expected giving me less time to prepare for what was ahead. 
I leave my dorm and head over the art building my hands already sweating with anticipation. 
I open the back door with my iD and head up the stairs to the art room. 
I could hear music softly playing from the art room, what sounded like frank Sinatra 
I open the art room door to see harry sitting on his art stool staring hard at his painting. The room was covered in candles, the smell of jasmine filling my nose as I entered 
I jump as the door slammed behind me, making Harry look up startled his face turning red. 
"Oh hey (y/n)" He smiles sheepishly stepping off the stool and walking gracefully over to me. 
"Hi" I say awkwardly rolling up and down on my feet like a little kid. 
Harry laughs, the sound echoing off the tall ceilings making me realize just how alone we really were.
We walk over to the little stage, the red satin pillows sill laying there just like I left them. 
"I can uhh leave If you want, I mean if you want some privacy to you know" he blushes and I couldn’t help but laugh, which made his face grow even more red
"What happened to the smooth art student that asked me up here in the first place" the words come out before I could stop them.
"He’s with you in this art room alone which makes him really bloody nervous" he chuckles running his hand through his hair. 
"I make you nervous?" I say and without warning he steps closer to me, making my heart beat almost out of my chest.
"You make me a lot of things (y/n)" his voice became much deeper, his face only inches from mine; so close I could smell the mint of his toothpaste. 
Before my mind could think of something to say, my body answers for me. I kiss him hard on the lips, my hands holding his face to mine. He hesitates for a second then kisses back his arm wrapping around my back pulling our bodies closer. 
I giggle into the kiss as I feel the bulge forming in his skinny jeans. 
"Like I said you make me feel a lot of things" He smiles pushing my back into the satin pillows. 
"I wasn’t expecting this" I say as he kisses down my neck. 
"We don’t have to do this if you don’t  want to love" he says moving my hair out of my eyes. 
As I look up into his beautiful green eyes  and any doubt I had just flew away. 
I pull him down on top of me and he laughs.
"I’m going to take that as a okay" he says breathlessly before connecting our lips once again. 
He takes of my shirt and smiles as he notices I wasn’t wearing a bra. 
"What? Did you think I was going to waste time by wearing extra clothes?" I say helping him out of his shirt as well. 
"Yes but I’m glad you didn’t" Harry says before kissing down my neck, biting down softly.   
"Oh" I sigh my hips lifting into him. 
I start to unbutton Harry’s jeans while he pulled my skirt and underwear down throwing them in the growing pile of clothes. 
I finally get his pants off pulling them and his boxers down. He gets up to step out of them, his dick eye level with me…he was big 
I moan a bit and Harry looks up as he takes a condom out of his pants and throws them into the pile. 
"Like what you see love" he smiles and all I could do was nod. 
"Your beautiful you know that" I blush as he comes back down on me.
"Do you always keep a condom in your pocket?" I laugh and he rips open the package with his teeth. 
"No but I’m glad I did" he cheekily smiles. 
To his surprise I take the condom from him. I push him up and he goes on his knees. I get on mine and grab his shaft gently making his mouth open slightly. 
I lick his tip swirling my tongue around. I then take him into my mouth, adjusting myself to his size. 
"Shit (y/n") he curses grabbing my hair as I start to move my mouth. He then directs me, making me go faster. He let’s go of my hair, my eyes never leaving his. I then stop, earning a low growl from Harry. 
"I don’t want you to have all the fun" I say, making Harry smirk. 
"I wouldn’t allow it" he says taking my breasts in his hands. 
I fall back on the pillows as his lips find one of my nipples sucking softly. He doesn’t the same to the other as his hand slowly goes down to my center. 
He starts massaging my clit making me grab a hold of the sides of the stage. He then enters two fingers into me, my head falling back in pleasure. 
"Harry" I moan, my hips going closer to his hand. He then enters another finger as his tongue finds my clit. I fidget under him making him grab my hips with his other hand to keep them stable. 
I could feel my climax coming as he starts to finger me harder His tongue dances over my clit. He then stops smiling as he come up. 
"I wanted my dick to be the reason you cum" he says as he slides his dick up and down my folds. 
"Stop teasing" I growl 
"Your wish is my Command" he says pushing himself slowly inside me. 
"Shit shit" I say as I feel his dick filling me up, my walls stretching accommodate him. 
He goes deeper with every thrust, then starts to pound Into me. 
"Your so tight" he growls his eyes closed with pleasure. 
"Faster" I say and he obeys, his hands grabbing mine putting them above our heads, his face nuzzling into my neck. 
I could feel the climax again and I knew Harry’s was too by the way his warm breath was hitting my neck. 
"(Y/n)" he groans as we both his our climaxes together his body falling slightly onto mine. 
He pulls out his body falling next to mine.
"Wow" Harry says breathlessly, I then turn my head so my face was close to Harry’s 
"Wow doesn’t even remotely cover it" I say pushing a stray stead of Harry’s hair out of his face.
"So what about the painting" I laugh and Harry pulls me closer to him. 
"Well I think I got a good enough view to  be able to paint you from scratch of I wanted too so I think I’ll be just fine" he says kissing me. 
"We may want to go before someone comes up asking about the noise" I say and he nods. 
"Come back to my room?" He asks, his face hopeful, his voice giddy. 
I nod and we get dressed. 
"Maybe I should naked model more often" I say and harry frowns grabbing my hand. 
"Only of it’s for me" he says making my heart jump. 
"Okay" I says as we walk out the art room towards his dorm, our hands never leaving the other’s…
Personal Experience: Chapter Twenty-Seven

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

Tonight seems scary knowing I’ll be leaving with the guys tomorrow. Harry told me a few years ago they started this tradition to do a fancy dinner at one of the guys houses, and tonight it’s at Niall’s and Andrea’s. Ni is in charge of entertainment. And basically everything else. At any other get together it would just be Niall and Andrea playing their guitars, the guys singing along, and the girls swooning over them. But for nights like this we love to go all out. A five star treatment with a three course meal and hired chefs to do cook. Andrea and Niall meet us at the front door when Harry and I arrive. The party is actually happening on the top of their apartment.

“Wow, look at you two. You look stunning,” Andrea greets us at the door.

“No!” I exclaim. “Look at you! I’m surprised you abided by the dress code.” Seeing Andrea in her blue gown that is floor length that starts out a lighter blue and becomes darker towards the bottom, it pinches to the right side being held with gold balls. Pleats align the dress under her hips. She has on gold jewelry with blue tints in the earrings and necklace. Blue flats on that match the dress.

“Who are you, and what have you done to Andrea?” Harry jokes peeking over my shoulder grabbing me by the waist like always. Dresses really aren’t her style in general.

“Very funny, you too. Niall chose it. And you know I don’t like arguing with him,” she smiles. “Still won’t wear heels, though.”

“You look gorgeous, Love,” Harry says kissing Andrea on the cheek.

Andrea and I draw back while Harry goes over to the others. “So, do you think Niall’s going to ask the big question tonight?” I ask since this seems fancier than usual.

“No. I don’t think so. Besides, you saw how horrified he was when we mentioned marriage while on vacation.”

“Oh yea,” I laugh. “You’re probably right, but you would love to one day wouldn’t you?”

“One day. But not any time soon…” she laughs lightly.

The guys are chatting while standing by the TV in the living room with some football game on. “Hey girls,” Niall says, “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Wine, if you don’t mind,” I answer.

“I’ll have a class too, baby.”

“What’s for dinner?” I ask the guys when Niall leaves the room to keep the conversation going. Not like we ever stop talking, though.

“No idea. I’m not even allowed on the roof,” answer Andrea.

Harry starts to hum ‘Here Comes the Bride’ as a joke. “Knock it off, Haz!” I elbow him.

“We know that’s not going to happen soon,” laughs Andrea. Still not sure why Harry even started humming it.

After another half an hour Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, Nicole and Liam arrive. Nicole is in fits because she couldn’t get her makeup done before she came here. So all the girls take her upstairs to use some of Andrea’s. The guys continued to watch the game as we all disappeared to Niall and Andrea’s bedroom. I feel sad when I walk into their room seeing Niall’s packed and ready to go. We leave pretty early tomorrow morning. This time around Eleanor is going to be Andrea’s roommate since she’s staying here to finish up law school.

“Someone’s eager for Ni to leave,” I joke kindly. “Harry and I haven’t packed a thing.”

“If only… He gave up trying to pack while I’m around because whatever he put in I took out. He finished yesterday while I was at work.”

“Awe,” says Perrie. “This is his first tour without you, isn’t it?”

“Yup. In the two year we’ve been dating this will be our first time apart for six months.

“Well, what do you know…” El says obviously not paying attention to our conversation. “Who do I see on the social page?”

“Who?” we all ask together.

El clears her throat dramatically, “One Direction member Niall Horan and his long-time girlfriend, Andrea, attended the Little Mix concert with the rest of the band and their girlfriends. It’s their first public appearance as an official couple. Niall remained tight lipped about his blonde beauty, but did confirm she is from South Africa, and that they’ve been dating a little over two years now. When asked if it’s true that Andrea is in fact older than him, Niall confidently answered, “Who cares?” pulling his girl closer to his side.”

“You didn’t tell us you talked with the paparazzi!” I shout.

“No way,” Nicole gasps as she takes the magazine from Eleanor.

“Were you nervous?” Perrie asks.

“Of course I was! But having Niall by my side kept me calm. Plus, he did most of the talking.”

“I think it’s safe to say we’re all happy that the two of you finally came out to everyone. Being official and all,” I say.

“I bet Niall had a hard time keeping his hands to himself that night because you two looked stunning. Well, more like in love,” teases Nicki.

After fixing up Nicki we head back downstairs, but are immediately taken upstairs since dinner is finally ready. I’m blown away by what I see. Fairy lights everywhere, a cocktail bar, dance floor and a buffet I should have known since Niall can never make up his mind on only one meal. A white sheet hangs behind the piano in the corner of the roof with a bunch of pictures of us since the ten of us started to hang around one another. There is also a kick drum and a bass guitar which kind of ruins the effects of the fairy lights to be, but I’ve learned not to question Niall anymore.

“Ni, this is beautiful,” I whisper to him.

“Thanks, Lottie…”

“So what’s so special that your place is decorated so extraordinary?

“You’ll have to wait and see,” he sings.

“Uh un, Niall, you can’t do that to me!”


“Niall!” I whine. “Pretty please?” I pull my puppy-dog face while entwining my fingers in front of me like I’m praying.

“Okay,” he sighs, “But I’m only telling you because I’m excited myself. It’s about saying goodbye, the usual farewell dinner, but also letting Andrea know just how much she really means to me. How much it means that she agreed to go public with our relationship. So I got…” I widen my eyes waiting for the rest. “I got Mark Foster and his band to perform Andrea’s favorite song. The first song she played on the guitar for me.”

“Andrea’s going to flip when she sees him,” I say calmly.

“I know.”

“We all thought you were going to ask the big question,” I elbow him.

“What?! Don’t tell me she thought that too?!”

“No, she didn’t. But she said someday.”

“I taught her well. I mean I am planning on it, but one thing at a time.

“Awe,” I mess his hair up.

Niall steps away from me saying, “Uh, can I quickly make a toast before we start eating?”

“Hear, hear,” Louis teases.

“So… Uh… Okay. As you all know it’s the farewell dinner. And since I was in charge of everything not want Andrea to lift a finger,” he winks at her. “And because I wanted thing night to be about her; to remind her how much she means to me and how much I love her. Andrea, you are my best friend, and I love you deeply. Andrea mouths ‘I love you too’ back to Niall while trying to wipe the tears from her eyes without ruining her makeup. She looks at me as tears start to fall from my eyes. But we both laugh it off. “So, who better to bring a closing to our time together than Foster the People? Singing your favorite song, ‘Waste.’”

“No. You didn’t?!” Andrea gasps as Mark Faster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie come out, and Foster gets comfortable behind the piano. As mark starts playing Niall asks Andrea for the first dance. They continue to play through the night. Dinner is wonderfully delicious, and I can’t get enough of it. Foster the People chose another slow song to play.

“May I have this dance?” Harry bows like a gentleman holding out his hand. I happily take it as he swings me in front of him. Our hands stay together; his other hand on my waist and my other on her shoulder. Everyone follows suit after us; tears and laughter filling the evening air. “God, you’re so beautiful,” Harry whispers to me out of nowhere. I look down blushing. He lifts my head back up and places his lips against mine. As of lately Harry has been kissing me a lot. Not that I mind, but I feel like he’s afraid to lose me or something.

As the night goes on I can tell Harry really wants some type of alcoholic drink, and I let him. One beer isn’t going to hurt him. All the others are skeptical about it, but I trust him. The guys hang around the bar while the girls take pictures with the band. Harry keeps looking at me with shining eyes. I continuously blush; I’ve never had a guy look at me the way he does. At least, I’ve never noticed any.


Neither of us want to leave, but we still need to pack. Harry drives us back to our home. It’s weird to think that I now share a house with him. I haven’t lived with anyone since before the guys helped me move out here. Once in the room I go to remove my jewelry because I never sleep with earrings or necklaces on; I’m too scared they’ll break or I’ll lose them. I feel Harry push my hands away before he brushes my hair aside to remove my necklace. Then he places gentle kisses on my neck. I don’t know what’s up with him anymore. I know he won’t push me to do anything sexual unless I’m comfortable, and we just went further last night.

“Harry?” I asks quietly.

“Yes, Love?” he whispers against my skin.

“Why… Why are you acting like this?”

“Like what?” he continues to plant kisses along my shoulders.

“You’ve been… You’ve been kissing me a lot lately… Not that I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t remember you being this… Attached? I guess that’s the word I’m looking for…”

He releases me from his grasp then stands in front of me. “I guess… I’m just nervous about the tour. Scared someone is going to hurt you or take you from me.” That was easier than I thought.

“But you won’t lose me,” I say placing my hand on his face. “Not after this year… I wouldn’t survive without you.”

His larger hand covers mine, “I wouldn’t survive without you either.” He slips his hand behind my back to unzip my dress. I hold it up still nervous of him seeing my bare breast. “Don’t be-” he stops talking. I take a deep breath knowing everything is going to be okay; that Harry would never do anything to harm me. I let my dress fall to the floor as we stare into each other’s eyes. “You are so gorgeous. I will never let anything happen to you. Ever.” Harry pulls me into him; my breast touching his clothed chest.

“I love you so much, Harry!” I whisper.

“I love you too, Colleen.” The two of us have begun crying for no reason; unless it’s for the fear of losing one another. Losing me. Scared of everything that lies ahead of us.

“Harry, we still have to pack.” He laughs with me. After washing up, and getting every bit of makeup off my face we start to pack our bags. So much is needed. Six months’ worth of clothing. To make things easier we turn on my iPod; a mix of my favorite music from the sixties, seventies and now. If a sad and/or slow song begins to play we skip it right away. Harry dances around the room in his briefs while I’m in the lingerie I finally get to wear for someone. For Harry.

Around two in the morning we hopefully have everything packed; and we have to be ready for five am. The two of us decide to stay up for the rest of the time before Paul is here to pick us up. Five am finally rolls around, “You ready to go?” Harry asks me.

“I think so…” I respond. “Oh, I forgot one thing!” I run into the bathroom carrying a small tube.

“What’s that?”

“Scar cream…” I whisper.

“For what?”

“I don’t want to see mine anymore. It’s finally in my past… I need to move forward.”

“If that’s what you want then I’m happy for you,” Harry smiles pulling me into his arms.

Our last stop is to pick up Niall, and we know how hard it is to get him out of bed. Not that Andrea has any trouble getting him out of bed, but sometimes he charms her right back in it. I text Andrea as we’re leaving Liam’s place.

Me: Hey, A, we’re just leaving Liam’s. Make sure the idiot is up!

Andrea: I will :)

Me: Harry says to keep the kettle warm!

Andrea: I will. See you in a bit!

I can just imagine Niall sitting in the kitchen half asleep with messy hair complaining to about how unfair it is that she can’t come along, and what will he do with himself for six months apart from her. As we walk through the door Andrea greets us right away wearing Niall’s blue and write Venice shirt and grey tracksuit pants. “Kettle’s on!” Harry goes straight for the kitchen. I don’t know why he wants to drink caffeine since we both know he’s going to fall asleep as soon as he hits the bed on the plain. I see Niall is sitting on the couch watching a game, and Andrea goes right back over to him resting her head in his lap as they intertwine their fingers.

“Niall!” yells Liam, “We’re leaving in thirty minutes,” as he walks through the door with Nicole at his side.

“You can leave without me. I won’t mind,” Niall says as he gets up.

“Stop being such a drama Queen.”

“Easy for you to say,” Niall whispers grumpily. He takes his coffee in hand on his way to their bedroom.

“He really isn’t up for this tour, is he?” I ask Andrea worried as we make our way back to the kitchen.

“Nope. Not at all. He’s been thinking of way to get me to join him too…” she responds getting mugs of tea ready for the guys to take with them.

“And you really can’t?”

“There isn’t a way I can… I’ve tried,” she rolls her eyes. “But you know how we are; we’ll find a way through this.”

“Andrea!” we turn to the stairs hearing Niall’s voice, “Can you help me?! Please!” from upstairs.

“I swear he’s such a baby sometimes,” she says shaking her head making her way to their bedroom. Harry and I look at each other knowing exactly how evil Niall’s mind is and praying this isn’t one of those times.

“Don’t take too long,” Harry shouts up the steps, “We’re leaving in twenty minutes!” We can hear the two of them laugh as the door closes.

“This isn’t good,” Nicki laughs.

“Leave them be, baby,” Liam says wrapping his arms around her. The four of us walk around their living room looking at the pictures; some funny ones bringing back a lot of memories, and then some personal ones between Andrea and Niall. Andrea has always loved taking pictures; almost everything has to be documented in her life. But try and take a picture of her, and all hell breaks loose. I realize how lucky I am with my friends. It took me a few years to even make friends. When I moved over here I was a shy as they come. Then I met Niall. If “met” is the right word. I realized over these past couple of months that when my friends told me they cared and still care about me I never had a single bit of doubt. It’s easier knowing that they will be on the road to recovery with me.

Andrea comes running down the stairs laughing pulling me from my thoughts. Niall is following, “You think that was funny?!” He corners Andrea in the kitchen. I love seeing the two of them like this. In the back of my mind I have the thought that people might see her as a gold digger now that they told the world about them being in a relationship. But no one can see the love between the two of them except their family and friends.

“Ni! Please! I’m sorry!” Andrea pleads in laughter.

“What the?” I ask them smiling.

“Andrea decided to flush the toilet while I was in the shower. Resulting in me having a cold shower. So, obviously, she must now pay.”

“Maybe you needed the cold shower,” Liam jokes.

“Oh you two, hurry up!” Paul is getting impatient!” Harry yells from the living room. Andrea side steps Niall running to the couch; Niall quickly following her. The two of them land on the couch; him straddling her.

“Tell Paul to calm down. He gets to spend the next six months with me,” Niall says between breaths as he tries to hold Andrea down and tickle her.

“Oh for gosh sakes you two! Not in front of the kids!” I hear Louis as he begins to cover mine and Harry’s eyes.

“Good to see you too, Lou,” I laugh rolling my eyes. Louis quickly takes Eleanor’s bags upstairs now that she and A will be sharing an apartment for the next six months. The struggle between Andrea and Naill finally ends after another five minutes. All who are going are ready to leave are standing outside the front door. Louis and Eleanor and Niall and Andrea give each other sappy goodbyes. Louis taking it better because he’s been away from his wife more often than Niall is away from his girlfriend.

Andrea walks over to Harry and me. “Please take care of him. Don’t let him meet some pretty girl on tour and leave me here high and dry,” she laughs hugging me.

“You know that’ll never happen,” I reassure her. “He only has eyes for you.”

Andrea and Eleanor say goodbye to everyone; and once more for their men. Andrea is trying so hard not to let the tears fall, but some do manage to escape. Niall gives her a tight hug whispering something to her causing the both of them to laugh. Then they kiss one final time. One thing I’ve learned about the two of them is that most of the time they’re in their own world. This entire morning is one of those times.

“Oi! Hurry up! We have a plane to catch!” yells Liam.

Niall gets in the car, blows a kiss to Andrea, one that she returns, and then he just stares at her. A longing, missing feeling already seen in his eyes. El and A disappear into the rear-view mirror as we drive off. I rest my hand on Niall’s leg, and he looks up smiling as I rest my head on Harry’s shoulder.

We finally arrive at the airport, and the first thing Harry says to me is, “This is it. You ready?” Fans and paparazzi are everywhere, and it’s scaring me. I keep telling myself I can do this then smile at Harry. He takes a tight grip on my hand and waist as we step out of the car. Niall walks as closely as possible behind me with his hand on my shoulder. We’re practically being sandwiched between the security guards that are trying to keep us safe.

Oral Trouble

Me and Harry go way back, we’ve known each other since we were 7, we’ve always been able to tell each other everything. He was the one I came running too when my dog died and I was the one he came to when his parents got divorced. So yeah, we’re tight.

I enter the flat I share with my best friend Harry and hear Harry watching tv in the living room.

“Hey!” I smile as I pass the couch on my way to the kitchen.

“Hey pumpkin” he called back and smiled at me. Pumpkin has always been Harrys nickname for me since he found out that I love Cinderella.

“How was work?” he added as I came back with a cold water bottle in my hand.

“Same old, same old. Loads of people wanting cakes” I smile as I sit next to him and drink a bit. I should probably say that I work in a bakery down town.

“It must have been busy given you’re home late. You didn’t even come home for dinner” He turned of the tv and turned to me.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I had a date after work” I smile softly.

“What?!” He freaked and looked at me with a mix of anger and sadness in his eyes.

“A-a date. Why you freaking out like this?” I look confused.

“You come home at 10p.m., four damn hours too late and tell me you had a date?!” He went on with his craspy voice.

“Yes so. Look, I told you I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you, okay? Calm down” I say softly.

“Calm down? How can I when you’re running around dating?!” He stood up and walked around the living room.

“Harry, what’s wrong with dating?” I watch him walk back and forth.

“Wait. So he took you out for dinner, how can that take four hours?” He looked at me and I looked down at my knees.

“Well after dinner we went to his place and things got a little heated….” I mumbled and looked up only too see how his face had turned bright red from anger and his hands was now fists.

“A little heated as in?” He asked and I blushed.

“Well nothing really happen…. Uhm he…we did oral” I mumble and look down given I don’t really like this topic. I looked up at Harry and saw him looking more angry then ever before.

“You did what?!” he groaned deeply. “How could you let a guy you only just met do that to you?!”

“Harry! I’m not a little girl and to be honest I have needs too!” I blur out and hate myself for saying stuff like that. Even though we talk about everything sex isn’t a topic we get into that much.

“If you have needs there’s better ways to fix that?!” He sat back down in a try to calm himself.

“Like? I’m sick and tired of doing things myself and I just needed for someone to make me feel loved and cared for. Ever since I broke up with Jake I’ve been lonely and missing the feeling of someone else doing those things to me” I ramble and open up a lot more the I planned on.

“I get that feeling too but that doesn’t mean that I let some “one-time-date” pleasure me like that!” He groaned and I could feel that there was something he didn’t tell me.

“Harry, why does this bother you so much?” I groan back though my groaning wasn’t as scary as his.

“Can’t you see it?! I love you and you hurt me by letting anyone else make you feel good!” He blurred out and at that moment I felt that warm, soft feeling in my heart. I leaned over towards him.

“Y/N, what are you-“ He asked but I cut him off.

“Trust me” I whispered and softly pressed my lips against his and soon I felt him kiss back. We kissed for a good long while and with every breath I took from that moment I knew I found the guy of my dreams, Harry. 


I woke up at 8, like I did every day, and got out of bed, making my way to the bathroom. I brushed my hip long brown hair, starting with the red ends before moving on to brushing my teeth. Once I’ve finished I went downstairs to get breakfast, I walked over to fridge and got out the things and began to mix the batter. I then got my pan and put some butter on it, waiting for it to melt, before I could make the pancakes.

Once I’ve eaten I cleaned the dishes and went back up stairs to do my makeup. I put my hair in a ponytail and went to my bedroom to put on my uniform. I looked in the mirror and sighed.

“Just another ordinary day” I said to myself and got my purse. I walked downstairs and out the front door, over to my car and drove into town. I parked on the parking lot and looked at the brown and yellow building before me, Starbucks. I got out of the car and walked to the employee door and entered the back room. I went to the office and hung up my jacket and put down my purse before going to the desk and started to get everything ready.


Around one I took my first break.

“Finally” I said as I sat down in the office. I rested my head in my hand and relaxed but not for long.

“Y/N!” I heard from the front of the store “Get out here and clean the tables!” The voice called again and I got up from my seat.

“Coming!” I called back to my boss and walked out between the costumers and started to clean tables. I hummed a bit to myself as I walked past two boys at a table, not really noticing them. I cleaned the table behind the blond haired one, not noticing the guy sitting opposite him, nod at me. I heard them mumble something but really sure what it was. I took some things to the kitchen and came back, passing the again.

“Sorry, love?” The blond guy said, smiling.

“Yes?” I said softly, smiling back.

“Can I possibly have two chocolate muffins?” He smiled even wider.

“Yeah, I’ll be right back with them” I nodded and went off to get them. When I returned his friend had left. I sat down the muffins, smilingly.

“Thanks love… oh, before you leave” He smiled, obviously trying to charm me “I was wondering when you’re of today?”

“Uhm…” I paused before continuing “I’m off at 4, why?” I smiled.

“Uh I just wondering if suck a lovely girl would do me the honor of joining me for dinner” He said and I was amazed by his words.

“Uhm… I don’t know” I paused and saw his sad face “I’ll think about it and get back to you, okay?” I smiled and he nodded before I walked away and went out the back. I sat down in the office and thought about what just happened.

I got woken from my thoughts as my boss stood before me.

“Get back out there, we’re packed” He said and left again and I sighed before walking back out there. I walked over to the blond guy and smiled.

“I’ve thought about it and… I’d love to” I nodded, seeing his friend, who had returned, smile.

“Great!” He smiled and wrote his number down on the napkin and gave it to me. I put it in my pocket and smiled.

“I’ll text you when I’m off” I nodded and left.


I unlocked the door to my apartment and went inside. I leaned against the door and got my phone from my pocket, along with the napkin. I paused before texting him:

“Hey. It’s me, the waitress, Y/N xx” I hit send and paused before taking of my shoes and hanged up my jacket. I went to my bedroom and start looking for a dress in my closet as my phone vibrated. I grabbed it and read the text:

“Well hey there, Y/N, I’m Niall. How was work?” I smiled to myself and texted back:

“It was okay, just a bit tired. How was your day?” I returned to my closet and kept searching for a dress.

We texted for a while and I soon gave him my address. Around 6 he knocked on the door and I walked down the stairs, a bit nervous. I opened the door and saw him smiling back at me. He was so handsome in his jeans, t-shirt and a blazer.

“You look great!” He smiled as he saw my rosy dress with matching shoes. I had my hair half up half down.

“You look great yourself” I smiled and we soon walked to his car. We drove to the restaurant, talking on the way. Once we got there he held every door open for me and I smilingly thanked him every time. We got shown to our table and we sat, looking over the menu. We quickly agreed on what to eat and he ordered. We talked all night, laughing at times but also some serious topics, now and then.

After dinner he drove me home and we agreed on doing it again someday soon. I locked myself in my apartment and leaned against the door, a huge smile on my face. I knew that he wasn’t like most boys, he was special.

After that day my life wasn’t the same.

By: harryspotato

Personal Experience: Chapter Twenty-Six

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

I’m woken up by the sunlight shining through my window. Our window. This house is now Colleen’s too. She’s not completely wrapped in my arms anymore, just one of mine draped lazily over her hip. I turn my face to look at her with her back towards me. I love the curves on her body. Her hourglass shape molding perfectly with the bed. I pull my arm towards me so I can trace her skin with the tips of my fingers. I start at her knee feeling the softness of her skin. As I shimmy closer towards her I lift the hem of her nightgown. After I roll her onto her back I press my lips against her pelvic bones causing her to giggle in her sleep. I slide my hand up higher over her stomach; it nearly covering her entire abdomen. I move my lips over the lingerie covering her body. I drag the tip of my nose through the crevice of her breast. Her eyes flutter open looking at me.

“Good morning, Harry,” she says placing her hand in my hair.

“Good morning, Love,” I kiss her chest. I rest my chin there as the two of us talk for nearly an hour; Colleen continuously playing with my hair. “Tour starts tomorrow,” I sigh. “Are you ready for it?” She shrugs her shoulders. Our eyes never leaving one another. “You know the fans wanted to meet you last night?”


“Yea. A lot of them said you’re really pretty; and of course I agree,” I laugh kissing her chest again. “Maybe it’ll be the best tour ever with you by my side.”

“I never thanked you for last night.”

“Colleen you don’t have to thank me for tha-”

She cuts me off, “I meant the show, silly,” she giggles.

“Oh. You’re welcome. I’ve had that planned since the day we lounged on the beach together and you started singing.”

“Oh really?”

“Mmhmm.” The two of us continue to stare at each other when my phone goes off. “Hello?” I answer.

“Hey, Haz!” Andrea says excitedly through the phone. “What are you two up to today? I hope you’re not just getting up!”

“No, we’ve been up for about an hour or so now,” I laugh.

“Cool. So I was wondering if we’re still on for dinner tonight.”

Colleen nods her head smiling. “Sure we’ll be there. Just text me the details.”

“Okay, we’ll see you tonight!”

“Bye Andrea.”

“Bye Harry.”

“Other than dinner, what shall we do today?”

“MmMmm,” she shrugs. “Stroll through the park?”

“Sure,” I smile. We get dressed; both of us in t-shirts, skinnies and converse. It’s a beautiful day in London today, 22°C. A wonderful day for a stroll. We intertwine our fingers as our feet touch the pavement. An hour passes and no one has bothered us like I expected.

“Harry…” she grips my hand tighter.

“What is it, baby girl?” I look down at her. I follow her gaze, “Oh.” Well, it was nice while it lasted. Fans start to scream as we come to a halt.

“Hi Harry,” some girls come right up.

“Hello girls,” I reply smiling pulling Colleen closer to me.

They all glance between Colleen and me. “You’re pretty,” one giggles.

“Thanks,” Colleen says shyly.

As I let go to sign autographs and take pictures some of the fans step aside to talk to my girl. I keep a watch on them to make sure nothing happens. “What’s your absolute favorite song of theirs?!” one asks Colleen excitedly. Most of them are smiling, but the other hold neutral looks on their faces not seeming to know how to think about this.

“Through the Dark,” she smiles playing with her bracelet.

“That’s so pretty!” one says looking down.

I smile watching her interact with the fans. “Harry got it for me…” she brushes a piece of hair behind her ear. “He gave it to me a few nights ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend…”

“You weren’t when those pictures showed up everywhere?” they ask surprised.

“No. I’m a little old fashioned…”

“Can we see it?” Colleen holds out her arm; forearm down hiding her scars. The girl examining it gently touches the gold bracelet wanting to flip it over to see it fully. Colleen nonchalantly tugs her arm back obviously not wanting to show the other side of it.

“It’s pretty, just like you,” another fan says. “I really hope you two are truly happy together.”

I smile taking her back into arms as everyone else leaves, “I think we are,” I say as they wave goodbye. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” she smiles.

“That went really well.” We continue to walk through the park as my phone goes off with Twitter updates. The pictures of me with my fans all over it, and really cute and nice things being said about Colleen. “Here,” I hand her the phone, “They seem to really like you.” She takes the phone and scrolls through it smiling happily. “Do you want to go shopping for tonight?” Dinner will be held and Andrea and Niall’s apartment. A fancy affair.

“For what? I figured I’d wear something I already have.”

“I want to get you something new,” I take her lips into mine.

“Okay,” she giggles. “Where shall we go?”

Once back at the house I grab my keys to the Rover and take Colleen to the most known and most famous store in London, Harrods. It’s expensive, but I want to spoil her. It’ll be the first time I get the chance to since our trip through Germany. Her eyes widen as she looks through the racks.

“Can I help you sir?” one of the female sales clerks comes to ask us.

“Uh, yea. I brought my girlfriend,” I nod towards Colleen, “To buy a new dress. We have a fancy evening ahead of us.”

“Okay,” she half smiles.

“Colleen,” I call her over.

“Yea Harry?” she replies giddily.

“She’s here to help,” I smile.

“Okay,” her face brightens.

“Right this way.” The two of us follow the girl to the back of the store. Colleen gets measured to find the perfect dress. As I watch Colleen’s expressions change so many times I keep an even closer eye on the people helping her. The woman who originally helped us is still here, and I don’t trust her. After everything is sized up the employees begin bringing her dresses to try on.

The first is a strapless, black cocktail dress too similar to our dinner date on the last night in Germany. The next dress is a knee length, three-quarter sleeved, low cut red dress, but we both agree it doesn’t look right on her. Hoping third time’s the charm the next dress is brought out; a green strapless, floor length, silk evening gown. A tight fit to her hips and chest; a slit going up her left leg, and it looks absolutely flawless on her.

“We’ve picked out these shoes to match,” the sales woman says handing her a black pair of Goldust Vitti Pumps. What? I know my designers. They’re about five inches high and opened toe with a gold strip across the top of the toes.

“How do I look, Haz?” she smiles at me.

“You look radiant. Absolutely radiant.” Colleen giggles turning back to admire herself in the mirror. I look at the women around us; almost death glares. “Do you want jewelry or anything else?”

She thinks it over, “No, I think I have exactly what would go brilliantly with this.” As we leave the store Colleen takes my hand in hers. “You’re the best boyfriend I could ever imagine.”

“And you’re the only girl I could see myself with.”

As we’re driving home Colleen asks, “Harry, did you notice the women there were glaring at me?”

“What?” I ask shocked. “They were?”

“I think so,” she plays with her thumbs.

“I didn’t,” I lie, “All I could focus on was you.” I take her hand in mine entwining our fingers. Then I kiss the back of it. I was hoping she didn’t see that.

While in our bedroom the two of us get ready. Colleen does her makeup like always as I get into my black and white suit with a tie to match her dress. Black eyeliner and mascara, gold eye shadow, pink blush and red lips. I never say anything when she puts it all on because she’ll just argue with me. Besides, she only wears it on special occasions. Like tonight. After she has her dress on she opens her jewelry box that sits on top of my dresser. She pulls out a string of pearls that are attached by gold notches.

“Let me help you with that.” Colleen pulls up her long, curly, dirty-blonde hair over as I clip the necklace together. “It’s beautiful. Where’s it from?”

“It was my great aunt’s. When her husband died we went through all of their things. He died after her. I found this in the back of her nightstand in a black leather box. I have no idea whether it’s real or not, and I don’t really care. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen, so everyone let me have it when they saw I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.”

“It looks amazing with the dress.” I watch her pick out matching pearl earrings. “Did those come with it?”

“No, these are just a cheap pair I found at Macy’s,” she sighs. “I just thought these would match perfectly with the bracelet you got me.”

“Are you alright, baby?” Something’s wrong. “Scratch that. What’s wrong, Love?”

“It’s just… I felt like the girls at the store didn’t like me…”

“Darling, you have nothing to worry about,” I say rubbing her arms.

“I’m scared.”

“About what?”

“That I’m going to get hate while on tour with you,” she won’t look at me.

“You won’t. Look how the fans have treated you last night and today,” I lift her chin.

She pulls away, “That’s only two days… And a small comparison to the entire fandom.”

“I won’t let anything happen to you, Colleen. That’s a promise.” I take her in my arms until she hugs me back then sooth her by rubbing my hands up and down her back. “Come on. Let’s go or we’re going to be late.” I kiss her. By the time we’re halfway to Niall’s and Andrea’s place the drive is full of talk and laughter. I love seeing the way her eyes can shine.

Personal Experience Chapter 25

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

I take Colleen’s hand in mine as we walk to our car. Louis and El stay in the back since he’s as tired as possible. I take the wheel with a coffee to keep me awake knowing I’m the only one without a hangover in this car. Colleen’s actually really cute when she’s hung-over. “How are you feeling, Love?” I ask when the other two fall asleep.

“I’m fine. A slight headache,” she sighs. Colleen places her hand on my leg in a sweet gestures. She moves her thumb mindlessly against me. I can tell how tired she is, but stays awake as I drive. I turn the stereo on letting her favorite CD play; Midnight Memories. The song Strong begins to play. The urge to sing takes over, so I take her hand in mine bringing it to my lips. The lyrics flow from my mouth, “My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships. Drifting weightless. Waves try to break it. I’d do anything to save it. Why is so hard to say it?” I turn her hand over to feel the palm of her hand against my cheek. “I love you so much, Colleen.”

She sighs with a smile on her face, “I love you too, Harry.”

“You are my world, and I don’t care what anyone has to say.” I hear her giggle. “What do you say to a fancy dinner when we get back?”

“Would it be safe for us?”

“I’ll see what I can do to keep it that way,” I kiss the palm of her hand. “You look tired, Love. Why don’t you get some sleep?”

“You’ll be the only one awake,” she says worried.

“I’ll be fine; you know how well I know these roads.”

“Alright, but wake me if you get tired.”

“Okay. Sweet dreams, my Love.”

It’s harder than I thought it would be to stay awake. After an hour Eleanor starts to stir, and we still have an hour drive left. “Mm, where are we?” she stretches letting go of Louis.

“Derby,” I whisper, “We have about an hour and a half still.”

“She asleep?”

“Yea. Fell asleep about an hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake one of us?”

“Because you two only went to sleep about twenty minutes before her. I figured you’d want to rest.”

“How are the others doing?”

“They seem fine. They’ve been keeping up with us.”

“Can I ask you something, Harry?”

“Sure,” I look at her through the rear-view mirror.

“Do you think she’ll be able to handle all of this?”

I sigh, “To be honest, El,” I look back at the road, “I don’t think she will be. I know she’s strong,” I grip my hands tighter on the steering wheel, “But after this summer, I don’t think she will.” I can feel tears coming.

El places her hand on my shoulder, “Harry. If you don’t think she can handle it, then why are you bringing her with you?” she looks sad.

“Because I can’t let anyone hurt her.”

“She’ll probably get hurt while you’re touring.”

“I don’t want her to be alone.” She sighs leaning back into the seat against Louis. “I can’t leave her again,” I whisper.

“Then don’t let anything happen to her,” El looks sternly at me through the mirror, “Don’t let anything happen to our baby girl.”

“I won’t. I can promise you that.” Eleanor and I continue to talk, whisper, for the rest of the drive. I can finally relax now that we’re near home. Everyone agreed to help move Colleen’s stuff to my place this week before tour.

“Hey, baby girl, it’s time to get up.” She groans a little. “Colleen, we’re home.”

“Whose home?”

“Yours,” I laugh. She still isn’t awake, so I lift her out of the car carrying her bridal style to her room. I tuck her in before I grab the rest of our stuff out of the car. Louis and El followed me to the room.

“Sleep well, sweetie,” El says kissing Colleen’s forehead.

“We love you, baby girl,” Louis copies El’s gesture. The three of us walk back outside. Before the two of them leave Louis says, “I guess we’ll see you soon.”

“Yea, she and I will be packing this week. Then we have the movers taking everything to my house.”

“We’ll be here to help,” he laughs.

“Sounds good.” I hug Lou then El, and then they leave. After bringing the suitcases in the house and a quick shower I hop into bed with Colleen.


Colleen has been staying at my place for two day now since her bed has been moved here. She won’t give that up, so we actually have hers and mine in my bedroom. Her house is nearly empty. The two of us are standing outside of her house seeing the last of things being carried out. We’ve gotten this day to ourselves; they others helped us the day after we got back from vacation. I have my arms wrapped around her from behind with my chin resting on the top of her head.

“I don’t think I’m going to miss it here,” she says quietly. I don’t say anything letting her think this over. “We can go now.” I take her hand in mine, we hop in my car then head back to my place.

Tonight is the night I’m going to officially make her my girlfriend, so we’re going to the same restaurant I took her to on our first date. Colleen won’t let me see her until she’s completely ready. I let her take her time in my bedroom while I talk to my mum on the phone.

“How’s she doing, Harry?”

“I think she’s doing real well. I still don’t think she’s going to handle my life well, but I don’t want to leave her alone.”

“It’ll be okay, sweetie. She’s a strong girl. From what you’ve told me, I have no doubt that she will be able to handle anything.” I hear footsteps coming from the hallway upstairs; heels clicking against the hardwood floor. I turn towards the stairs when I hear Colleen clear her throat. “Harry? Are you there?”

I shake my head, “Yea. Colleen just came out of the room.”

“Does she look pretty?”

“She looks absolutely gorgeous,” I say staring at her; her blushing and pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’ll talk to you soon, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, mum.” I hang up the phone. “Wow. You look… Wow,” I breath.

“Thank you, Harry,” she starts to descend the stairs. She’s wearing a deep red dress with a black biker jacket, black, five inch heels, and her make up the same way as our first date. She looks absolutely stunning.

“Oh, wow. You’re wearing…”

“I know. I never thought I’d be in a skin tight dress again…” (insert MM and TD inspired outfits)

“Why’d you wear it?”

“For you,” she smiles kissing my cheek. I wrap my arm around her stopping at the mirror to see she left a red lip print that matches her dress. “I guess we shouldn’t let you go out with that,” Colleen says wiping the print from my face.

“Let’s go.” I don’t take my signature Rover tonight, but Colleen’s dark blue Toyota Camry Hybrid. As we arrive at the restaurant I see that everything is blocked off, but the paparazzi are still here. Everything is being done that no one sees Colleen. Everyone working here understands since this is a popular place for celebrities. I ask for the same spot we took last time, and the manager happily complies. There are still plenty of people here, but respectable people.

I help Colleen into her seat then push in her chair. I still hold to my promise and only order a soft drink with my meal; I let Colleen get her usual glass of wine. I’ve honestly never met a girl who loves it as much as her. It’s really cute. The evening passes smoothly, but throughout dinner I can tell there are some people getting upset because they want to come over here. Paul even sent security for us. As much as I hate it, pictures of this evening are going to be all over the internet if they already aren’t. For once, I’m not letting anyone disturb us; it’s about time I get to be selfish and have a quiet night with the girl I love.


"Yes, Harry?"

“I want to ask you something.” She looks up at me. “Since I know you’re old fashioned with relationships…”

"Yea…?" she smiles.

I pull out the long box that I’ve had for around a month now, “I want to know if you’ll officially be my girlfriend?” I open the box to reveal a gold bracelet.

"Harry. It’s beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," I take her hand, the one with the scars that have finally begun to fade into mine to wrap it around her wrist.

"So cliché," she smiles. "Through the Dark," she reads aloud. "Why that?"

"Because I’ll get you through anything. I want you to know I will do anything for you," I press my lips against the palm of her hand. After I let go I show her my matching necklace; her eyes widening.

"Yes, I will be your girlfriend, Harry." I smile widely now that there’s no way I could be any happier. Dinner goes smoothly as possible, and I know the fans are going to be pissed because I’m not going over to them, but it’s been nearly ten years since One Direction became famous. They should know that we need our privacy too. When we get home the two of us snuggle in her bed facing each other. I look between her lips and eyes wanting to kiss her. Our lips meet as we make out for a little before we fall asleep. As the night settles all I’m hoping for is that tomorrow night is going to go well.

*Tomorrow Night*

“Harry! What should I wear?!” Colleen yells from the walk -in closet.

“Whatever you want, Love. It’s going to be laid back. You know that,” I laugh picking up the clothing she’s thrown on the floor. “What about this?” I pick up her low ride Batman tank top that ties on the sides revealing her sides.

“I don’t want to come off as a slut with you…”

“How is this slutty?” Colleen eyes me angered grumbling to herself. I look through her rack of clothing with her. “I like this one,” I pull off her over the shoulder t-shirt with a Pit Bull on the front.

“Perfect! Why didn’t I think of this before?!” she grabs it from my hands putting it on. “Now for pants!”

“Shorts?” before she can say anything I add, “I know, I know, nothing slutty. But can you wear one of my favorite pair?”

“And those would be?” I pull them out of the drawer next to the full length mirror; a dark blue denim pair that are short, but not too short. “Okay, I can wear those,” she pulls them up then heads for her shoes automatically taking her Batgirl pair. Tonight, the only make up she wears is a deep red lipstick; the color from last night.

Figuring fans already know we’re going tonight I decide to take my Audi R8, and now that Colleen and I are officially boyfriend and girlfriend I want to show her off. No one will be able to change my mind about her. Ever. Security guides us to our spot then we make our way over to the girls for a few hours before the concert starts.

“Colleen!” Perrie shouts as if she hasn’t seen her in a long time. Colleen lets go of my hand to hug her. “I want you to meet Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne.”

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Jesy says hugging her.

“Perrie has told us so much about you!” Jade adds.

I slide over to Perrie, “Everything?” I ask in a whisper.

“Not everything. Just that she can be sensitive… I didn’t want them to do anything on impulse that might scare her.”


“Hi, Love,” says Leigh-Anne to Colleen hugging her tightly.

We go to their green room waiting for the rest to get here. The girls are fascinated by Colleen being a college girl, and having her own business right after graduating. Colleen used to be an open book; never leaving a detail out of her story, but she won’t anymore. We tell them that she’s moved into my home now, and that she’s joining me on tour.

“But what about your business?” asks Leigh-Anne.

“I haven’t sold it; I have a manager taking care of it, and I still own it. I’ve always wanted my own business, and I’ve always loved dogs.” Colleen owns a dog kennel. She bought it from someone else, and made it into this luxury place that owners know their dogs will be happy and safe in.

I see Andrea and Niall walk into the room motioning to stay quiet. “Guess who,” Niall sings wrapping his hand over Colleen’s eyes.

“Hmm, I don’t know, I only know one person with an Irish accent,” Colleen giggles. “Good to see you again, Niall.” He lowers his arms to wrap them around her shoulders with a huge smile.

“That’s right; all of you went on vacation together. How was that?”

“It was a lot of fun,” Andrea answers taking the seat on the other side of Colleen. “We did run into a bit of trouble.”

“Which was?”

Zayn answers coming into the room, “The fans found us,” then plops himself next to Perrie.

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope.” The girls look at Colleen as she tenses up a bit. I tighten my arm around her silently telling her that everything will be okay.

“So tell us, Colleen, what’s it like dating the Harry Styles?” Jade asks joking around.

“It’s fun. He’s treated me the best I could ask for. Even though he was a jerk when we first met.” She tells them the story.

“Harry, you asshole!” Jesy screams.

“Yea, but look at us now.”

“And we’re official,” Colleen says confidently.

“What?!” Per and A scream at the same time. Colleen raises her wrist showing off her bracelet.

“You did good, Haz,” Zayn says shocking us all.

“Harry has a matching necklace.”

“I thought it looked unfamiliar,” Perrie says.

“And there’s an engraving that says ‘Through the Dark,’” Colleen adds.

“You’re such a fucking cliché,” Andrea teases.

Through the next few hours Eleanor, Louis, Nicole and Liam all join us in our conversation of non-stop laughter. After another hour the girls have to get ready for their show. This will actually be my first time watching them live in person. I feel grateful that Colleen and I get to watch together.

As we make our way to a section blocked off for the nine of us there are glares coming from every direction. Not many, but they happen. I grip Colleen tighter by her waist with a stern look on my face. Colleen stands right against the bar that is closes to the stage. I wrap my arms around her resting my chin on the top of her head.

“Are you excited, baby girl?”

“Very!” she answers happily. Everyone takes their places next to us as the show begins.

The girls open with DNA then Red Planet, Wings, Move, Turn Your Face, Salute and These Four Walls. After a few more songs Perrie begins to say, “So tonight we have a spec-”

“Wait! Can I say it?!” Jesy interrupts excitedly. I begin to smile brightly.

“Wait, I want to announce it!” yells Leigh-Anne.

“What if I want to?” Jade asks.

Perrie tries to calm down, “Ladies, ladies, calm down, why don’t we let him decide.” They all look at me.

The others turn to me confused, “Who’s your favorite member, Love?”

“Je-Jesy… Why?”

“Jesy!” I shout at the girls.

“YES!” she screams. “Okay, so we’ve had a special request from a dear friend of ours. As you all have seen, One Direction and their girlfriends and wives have joined us tonight. Harry has asked us that we dedicate ‘Change Your Life’ to his now official girlfriend, Colleen!” Colleen turns to me shocked, “Colleen, this one is for you!” I can see tears beginning in her eyes as she smiles brightly at me; her eyes shining. The entire crowd is silent.

Leigh-Anne begins, “She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor. Her image is distorted screaming, ‘Is it worth it anymore?’”

Jade sings, “No-oh-oh.”

Her favorite, “Are you scared of the things that they might put you through? Does it make you wanna hide the inner you?”

Jade again, “You’re not the only one, so let them criticize.”

All, “Oh, oh, oh.”

“You’re untouchable when you realize!”

“Oh, oh, oh. Change, change your life, take it all. We’re gonna stick together, know we’ll get through it all.” Perrie points towards Colleen in a loving way then winks. “Change, change your life, take it all. (yea, take it all). You’re gonna use it become what you’ve always known. (Become what you’ve always known.” I take Colleen’s hand in mine to turn her towards me. I wrap my arms around her waist to begin slow dancing with her. As she wraps her arms around my neck tears start to escape her eyes, and the cameras begin to flash.

“Just look at me, Colleen. Focus on me,” I say kissing her forehead. “Only me. I’m the only one here with you.” Little Mix continues to sing, and when the song is over I lean down to place my lips on hers. She kisses me back with a smile spreading across her lips. I know the fans are going to have a field day with this, but we’ll take it one step at a time. Together. “I love you, Colleen,” I say when we pull apart.

“I love you too, Harry.” ‘Awe’s’ sound throughout the stadium when we look up to see the concert cameras have been on us; so the two of us laugh. I hope this is a good sign that she’ll be accepted. We turn back to the stage to finish watching the show; Colleen singing along to every song.

After the show when the girls have settled after the rush Jade asks, “Will you guys be staying to party a little?”

“I don’t think so, Jade.”

“Do you two have other plans for tonight?” Jesy winks at us.

“Maybe,” I joke back.

Colleen and I walk back to my car hand in hand. “Harry, if you want to see the fans for once, you can. I’ll be fine in the car.”

“Why don’t you come with me? And if it gets to be too much we’ll leave.”

“I-I think I’ll stay in the car. I’m not ready for that.”

“Alright,” I say placing my hands on her upper arms then kiss the top of her head before I go over to the fans.”

I keep half my attention on Colleen and the other half on the fans. “Harry!” They begin to yell.

“Hello everyone,” I wave. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately.”

“Is it because of your girlfriend?” one asks sweetly.


“She’s really pretty! Is she coming over?”

“No,” I look back at her, “She said she doesn’t want to cause any trouble,” I joke.


“Don’t worry about it girls. How have you all been?” I talk to, take pictures with and sign autographs for all of them then head back to my girl.

“How did they all take it?”

“I think they like you,” I chuckle. I pull out of the garage, and we head home. There are non-stop camera flashes; and these pictures are going to be everywhere. When we arrive home Colleen is still awake. “Stay here, I’ll get your door.” I jog over to her side opening the door then signal for her to hop on my back. I walk us back to the door as I feel light kisses being placed on my neck. “Colleen, stop that, or I’m going to have a serious problem.” She continues to kiss my neck then begins to suck on it. “Colleen! Don’t do this to me!”

“Harry…?” she says shyly.

“Yes, darling?”

“Can we…?”

“Baby! I don’t think… After everything that has happened each time we’ve tried.”

“Harry, I just mean third base again.… Maybe a little oral…” she blushes, “I-I want to…”

“Are you absolutely sure?”

“Positive. I’ve been thinking a lot about this…”

As soon as the front of my house is open I swing her around and slam her against the door. Our lips connect faster than I can count to five. Her legs are tightly wound around my hips. I slip my tongue into Colleen’s mouth causing her to dig her nails into my shoulders. “Fuck, Colleen,” I groan against her lips. I grind my hips into her, “Do you feel what you do to me?” She giggles. I carry her up to my, our, bedroom. “Whose bed?”

“Yours,” she breaths.

“Are you sure about this?” I look her in the eyes. “It’s going to hurt.”

“It’s going to hurt no matter what. This will just prepare us for when we…”

“Make love?”

“Yea,” she smiles.

“Okay,” I peck her lips. I place my fingers at hem of her shirt, but she stops me.

“I want to at least keep my bra on,” Colleen looks away from me.

“Alright.” She pulls it over her head; leaving her in a green colored, white polka dotted bra. I place my lips on her neck leaving another mark that the others can’t stand. As I suck at her neck I unbutton her shorts then quickly push her shorts and underwear down so there’s no awkward moment. I push her back onto my bed both of us giggling. Our lips meet again when her hand trails into my hair. “Can I go lower?”


“Your breast?” I look down at her. “Just the skin that shows?” I ask hopefully.

“Sure,” she smiles. As I lower my lips I put one hand on her leg. She sighs as I leave gentle kisses on her breast. I hover my hand over her heat when I decide to suck at her skin. When my fingers finally touch her a moan escapes her lips. I rub light circles over her clit then go lower with my mouth. I brush my lips over the last hickie I left on her pelvic bone then suck a matching one on the other side. I look up at her for her permission to go lower, and she nods her head. I hesitate before I make the first lick up her slit; she begins to wiggle.

I push her legs open further with my hands to get better access. I kiss every spot I can getting more moans to fall from her lips. I flick my tongue against her clit then put it between my teeth. I grip her hips to hold her in place as her back arches from the bed. I keep her clit between my lips when I insert one finger into her. “Oh,” I hear Colleen moan; I smiling against her. I slowly pull out my finger then slide it back in. “Harry,” she sighs. This is the first time Colleen has ever moaned my name. I can’t help but to feel a sense of satisfaction come over me. Her hand finds its way into my hair and it’s given a gentle pull.

“I’m going to add another finger, Love,” I breath against her.

“O-Okay,” she moans. I slowly add another finger feeling how tight she is. I look up at her to see her face tightening. I hold my fingers in place to let Colleen adjust to the feeling. After a few minutes she speaks, “You… You can move now.” I pull my fingers out then push them back in. Colleen squirms a little. I move my other hand on her stomach to graze my fingers at the bottom of her breast. “Please touch me.” I’m shocked to hear that. I inch my hand up further to take her entire breast in my hand. I massage it as gently as I can. I start to pick up my pace feeling that she’s getting used to it. “Harry,” slips from her lips again when I hit that spot. “Ah. Ah.”

She clenches against my finger, “Let it go, baby girl.” I press my thumb harder against her clit and push more on her sweet spot. Colleen’s moans pick up when she orgasms. I slow down my pace licking up what left on her body. After sliding my fingers out I lick them clean then slowly crawl back up her body. Colleen opens her eyes while still breathing heavily; I stare into them propping myself up on my elbows. “How do you feel, Love?”

“I… I’ll tell you… When I… Catch… My breath,” she laughs. I kiss her as she wraps her hands around my waist. “I liked it.” I smile. “What’s with that look?” she teases.

“What look?” I peck her lips.

“You look proud.”

I chuckle shaking my head, “I’m going to be. That’s the first time I’ve gotten you to moan my name.” I roll her on top of me pulling her hips into me acting a little selfish since I still have a hard on.

“Oh, did you want me to help you that?” I don’t answer knowing I’ll sound very cocky. “I can try…” she blushes.

“I’ll guide you,” I say, “And you only have to do what you’re comfortable with.” I don’t expect her to do oral. I stand up to remove my pants and underwear, and I can see how nervous she is. My dick slaps my stomach after I remove my briefs. Colleen slowly sits up looking at me through her eyelashes. She slowly places her hand on my chest not sure what to do. I take her hand in mine slowly lowering it to my cock. She grips it in her hand shaking a little as she stands up. I take her lips in mine as I guide her hand up and down my shaft. “Grip it a little tighter,” I hiss, and she listens. I remove my hand so I can grab her arse.

Colleen runs her thumb over to tip of my dick spreading the precum around then uses it to get me off. I turn us a little then fall back onto the bed while our bodies are still connected. Colleen begins to pick up her pace. “Fuck,” I moan closing my eyes and biting my lip. I feel her mouth connect with my neck before she leaves her mark on me. “Faster, baby.” She increases the speed again, “Ah fuck, Colleen.” She seems to have gotten the hang of this when she gips me tighter and rolls her thumb over the tip again. “Shit, Colleen, I’m gonna… Fuck,” I breath. It doesn’t take much for me to orgasm; it getting all over her hand.

I breathe heavily not opening my eyes, but I feel Colleen get off me then hear the water running in the bathroom. I laugh to myself. When I hear drawers opening and closing I open my eyes to see Colleen getting ready for a shower. I watch as her body dance through the room getting everything she needs since we still haven’t completely unpacked her stuff. I clean myself up a bit as she’s in the shower. Colleen walks out with dark green, short, lace lingerie dress with matching knickers.

“When did you get that?!” I ask surprised.

She stands in front of me with her arms tangled behind her back as she stares at her feet. “My friends got it for me as a joke for my eighteenth birthday. I kept it because I love lingerie, and hoped I’d get a reason to wear it one day. And now that I do, I wanted to wear it for you,” she says calmly.

“You look… Sexy…” I stand up to go over to her forgetting I’m completely naked. “And no bra?”

“I also thought since it’s not see-through and that it holds me up I’d still feel comfortable in it.”

“It suits you,” I smile at her, “I’m gonna get a quick shower then I’ll join you back in bed. Doesn’t matter which one.” I kiss the top of her head. I can’t believe she’s wearing that. God, if she knew what she does to me.

After my shower I walk out with only a towel wrapped around my waist, and then slip into another pair of boxers before I join Colleen in her bed. She’s half asleep as she reads The Southern Vampire Mysteries; which she told me the show True Blood is supposed to be based off of. Her favorite book series. When I get in bed I pick up the book I left off at when she moved in; Living Dead in Dallas. This is the second book in the series of thirteen. I did say I wanted to read them to find out why she loves them so much; apparently for the sex. She’s currently reading the fourth one, her favorite in the series, Dead to the World.

Colleen is leaning against me as the two of us read, and when I start to see her arms falling I gently take the book from her hand, place both on the nightstand, turn off the lights then tuck the two of us under the cotton sheets of her bed. I wrap my arms around her while she places her hands against my skin. I rest my face against the back of her neck as the two of us drift off into another night of sleep.

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Personal Experience: Chapter Twenty-Four

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

Harry takes my hand, and we slowly walk towards our bedroom. I can tell how much he wants me to take care of his “problem,” but he’s also trying so hard not to make me do it. I kind of really want to, but it’s worrying me. Well, we technically don’t have to do anything sexual.

“So, do we only get seven minutes?” Harry teases.

“Take as long as you need, bro,” Louis smirks back.

We lock ourselves in the bedroom when Harry says, “So… It’s up to you what we get to do.”

“Um… Third base still up for grabs?” I say blushing while fiddling with my fingers looking at the floor.

Harry lifts my chin up with his long and slender fingers, “Only if you want to,” he says when our eyes meet. “Your third base or everyone else’s?”

“Mine!” I say quickly. “I don’t think I’m near ready for that one!” He laughs taking my lips into his.

He pulls apart, “Is this me getting to third, or do you want third?” I guess I never thought about me receiving anything. I always thought about pleasing Harry. I haven’t realized how long I’ve been quiet, “If you don’t want it then I won’t push it.”

“I-I guess I can go to third,” I say looking up at him through my eyelashes.

He tries to hide the smile pulling at the corners of his lips, “Are you sure?”

“Yea,” I say sternly. “I am. I want to know what it feels like to get pleasured…” I look back down at my feet.

“Anything for you.” Harry lays me on the bed as we begin to kiss again. He hands make their way to the hem of my pajama bottoms, and for once I don’t tense up. Chills go through my body as his fingers dance along my skin. Harry bites at my bottom lip asking for entrance, so I slowly part them. He keeps himself propped up by his elbows as he takes his lips off mine then travels them down my neck. I can feel another hickey coming; the girls are still furious with him about the first one. He lets me keep my shirt on as I feel him pull down my pants. The only reaction I’m getting right now is my underwear getting wet. I can’t believe I’m letting him do this. “Tell me to stop if you want to.”

“O-okay,” I say almost out of breath, and Harry chuckles sliding further down. I figured he would suck at my hip bone, where he constantly tells me I should get a tattoo; knowing it’s one of the things he likes most about my body. Harry traces his fingers along my entrance over my underwear.

He kisses back up my body over the rest of my clothing. “I guess I should let you drink more often if you’re going to get wet,” he breaths. Another shiver goes through my body. He hooks his fingers in my panties to pull them down; nothing on but the shirt he gave me and my bra. Harry pushes my legs open with his one of his large hands. As much as I want him to do this, I’m nervous as hell. I used to imagine him doing this to me all the time before he left for tour, and now that it’s happening I don’t know what to feel.

As he comes back up to my lips he traces circles on my thigh as his other arm supports my upper body. “Ready for me to add a finger?” the heat of his breath tickles my skin. I slowly nod my head. Harry begins to kiss my lips again when he enters the first finger. “Ah,” I gasp letting go of his lips. I didn’t realize I was this horny. Harry starts off slowly sliding it in and out of me. I moan again louder than last time as he chuckles against my lips. “I think I found your sweet spot, baby,” he kisses me harder. He begins to pick up his pace and adds his thumb to my clit getting more noises from me.


“Not too loud,” he whispers in my ear. “How does it feel?” Harry pulls at my earlobe; biting it, sucking it.


“Mmmm,” I smile to myself.

“Good. I’m going to add another finger, okay?” I can only nod before I let out another moan.

When that second finger is added it hurts, “Ahh!” I’m a little louder this time.

“Sorry!” he says really concerned. “We don’t have to continue.”

“I-I want to…”

“Alright.” Harry slows down his pace, but it still really hurts. I bite my lip since I can’t take much pain. “It’ll go away,” he kisses my forehead as I scrunch my face while he continues. Another few minutes pass and it still really hurts. Who would have guessed his fingers would be large enough to make this hurt. Maybe I’m just too tight. I feel Harry pull out and I look at him. “I can’t do this. This is as bad as when we tried to go all the way. I don’t like seeing you in pain.” I respond by looking in his eyes; only hurt can be seen. To lighten the mood a bit Harry does suck his fingers clean then puts them back on my thigh tracing random patterns against my skin.

“How are we supposed to ever do this if it is going to hurt each time?” I ask upset.

“I don’t know,” he sighs. The two of us stare into each other’s eyes, so I place my hand on his cheek. Harry removes his hand from my leg and places it over the one on his face. I start to rub my thumb over his cheekbone for no reason. “Shall we get back to the others?”

“I would rather stay here cuddling with you, but I guess we should make sure no one breaks anything,” I laugh removing my hand from him. We stand up, and Harry helps me back into my panties and pj pants. He holds my underwear near the floor for me to step into them, and I put my hands on his shoulders. Once my pants are back up Harry ties them. He wraps his arms around my legs as he rests his chin on my stomach. I push my hand through his curls in a caring gesture. The two of us walk out hand in hand as we hear giggles coming from the living room.

“Well, well, well, look who’s back,” Louis teases obviously more drunk than before.

“Fuck off, bro,” Harry says letting a little anger show through his voice. Louis eyes him carefully.

“Anyways, you two still up for the game?”

“Depends, how sexual have you gotten?”

“El felt up Liam, Liam felt up Andrea, Andrea to Niall, Niall to Per, and so on and so forth.” I stare at him in shock.

“Remind me not to be around you guys the next time you get drunks,” I state, and they all laugh.

“Hey! I didn’t feel up anybody except Niall!” Andrea answered slightly sobered up and drinking water.

“Whatever,” scoffs Louis, “You and Liam had seven minutes… And he came out of the room pretty impressed with himself.”

“I’m not that drunk, Louis,” she pauses, “And if I were, I still wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t be able to look Liam and Niall in the eye for the next month,” Andrea crosses her arms

“You and Harry made out,” he says matter-of-factly.

“True. But Niall was right here, and so was Colleen. Not like we did anything behind closed doors.”

“You still made out with your best friend’s boyfriend.”

"You know what. I don’t need your attitude right now. Come on Niall, we can continue this back in our room."

“Oooooh, get some, Ni!” Liam shouts causing the few that are still drunk to laugh.

All of them are still pretty drunk; the guys more so than the girls, myself excluded after what happened in the bedroom, but I still keep taking sips from my glass of wine. Harry keeps himself pressed against me; comforting me. I love how each time we’ve tried to do something all he cares about is that I don’t feel insecure about it later. Some of them still don’t know where to draw the line, and it’s another three to four hour drive from Leeds back to London. We do need to be able to drive tomorrow.

Niall helps Andrea up saying goodnight to everyone and leave the room. “Don’t have too much fun you two,” Zayn yells after them. “We still have a tour ahead of us; Ni can’t afford any injuries.” Everyone laughs. The two of them continue to walk to their room slamming the door behind them.

I can’t remember what time Haz and I went to bed, but I am definitely feeling the effects of last night. As we walk towards the cars it’s easy to tell who got a good night’s rest, and who didn’t. It turns out that Louis and Zayn continued the party back in Zayn’s room while El and Per took to El’s room. As we all get ready Perrie asks to take a group photo, and we all agree to it since we seemed to made a thing to take a picture in the front of each castle.

The doorman takes the photo as we all get ready for it to be taken. Perrie sends it to all of us from her phone. As I look at the picture you can see how happy we all look; Louis pulled a funny face at El, Per and Zayn look at each other in that truly loving way, Liam and Nicole shared a kiss as always, while Niall kissed Andrea on her forehead smiling like idiots. Her arm was around Harry’s neck while he had his arms wrapped around me from the back kissing my cheek; the two of us smiling like we couldn’t be any happier. I was almost at my true state of happiness; a hint of unhappiness can still be seen in my eyes. I’m still scared for the tour ahead of us, of the fans, and scared of the implications it might have on Harry and I.

Harry and I look at each like nothing could tear us apart when Perrie speaks up sounding horrified, “Guys…” we look away from each other, “Did anyone post that pic to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?”

“No. Why would we do that?” Louis asks rubbing his head.

“Because it’s somehow on Tumblr already…”

“How do you know?”

“I have an email alert for anything Zerrie…” she answers slightly embarrassed. Everyone who has a Tumblr checks theirs.

“This isn’t good,” Harry says wrapping me in his arms. The other guys start going off. One tweet after another.

Niall begins to read the ones he’s getting notified for, “No wonder Niall’s been keeping her a secret for almost two years and hooking up with Ellie on the side line.”

Harry hesitantly reads with a lump in his throat, “I’d rather ship Haylor than Carry. Where in the world did he get her?”

I snap my head up, “How do they know my name?!”

“Look like these fans have gotten better at stalking and hacking,” Zayn says very upset.

“Come on guys, let’s not allow this to ruin our last day together. It’s not worth it. Besides we still have the Little Mix show to look forward to,” Per tries to comfort us.

“And what happens when they react like this with all of us at your show?” Harry asks pissed off.

“It’s not their problem. You guys can date whoever the fuck you want. And none of you could be happier with anyone else.” Perrie is definitely the backbone to this group.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Harry turns to Andrea and me as we try our hardest to fight back tears.

“Hey,” says Louis being the big brother he is, “Don’t worry about this. You know, and we know that none of this bullshit is true. Harry and Niall,” he says turning to them, “I’ve never seen the two of them happier”

“I want to go home now,” Andrea says with me agreeing. She walks to Niall’s car then stares into nothing as she begins to cry.

Niall, Perrie and Zayn follow them silently saying it’s time to go. “Hey Carry,” Harry and I look at Niall, “At least you two have a cute ship name,” he yells over his shoulder.

“You two have a cute one too,” I laugh through my tear, “Nandrea!!” I hear laughs coming from everyone.

Playing nurse.

I stood in the bathroom, examining myself in the mirror. I had to admit that I felt a bit silly

The sexy nurse uniform that I ordered was a bit too tight. Hugging my body and barely covering my boobs. But, I wanted to do this for Louis. He’s been pretty bummed out since he hurt his ankle last week. He was especially down today because he couldn’t play in the big football game.

I had left him in bed watching the television while I slipped off and changed.

I took a deep breath and a final glance in the mirror and left the bathroom before I could change my mind.

I walked to our room and leaned against the doorway. His eyes never left the TV, which meant that he was most likely watching the game and feeling sorry for himself.

"Louis" I said, stepping into the room. I closed our door and leaned against it, watching as his gaze shifted to me and his eyes widened.

"Wow" he murmured, dropping the remote next to him and paying full attention to me. "Do you like it?" I asked, walking to the bed and crawling onto it slowly, giving him a good look down my dress.

"I definitely like it" he said, sitting up a bit more and leaning against the head board. I smiled, "Well, as a nurse, I aim to please, Mr.Tomlinson"

He smirked, playing into my little game. “I think you’ll please me just fine” he said, reaching out and taking my hand, pulling me closer.

"I plan to make you a very happy man tonight" I said, moving so that I was sat on his lap in a straddling position. "I’ve heard that you hurt your ankle and you need special care" I purred, leaning in and pressing my lips to the side of his neck.

His hands moved to my hips, “Mmm… Is that so?” I pulled back, letting my fingers trail over the patch of skin revealed by his v-neck, “It is”

His fingers squeezed my hips, making me smirk. “I think we should begin” I stated, leaning in and pressing my lips firmly against his.

He smiled against my mouth, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me tighter against his body. I couldn’t resist grinding my hips into him. I let out a soft moan when I felt that he was getting hard.

His grip on my hips tightened, grinding me down against him again. “Getting eager?” I teased, sliding my hands up his shirt and resting them against his chest.

He smiled, moving his hands around to my ass and edging my dress up a bit, “How could I not be? You look so good”

A surge of confidence shot through me and I kissed him again. He moaned against my mouth as I pressed down on his now almost fully hard cock.

I broke our kiss and pulled his shirt over head, tossing it aside and kissing down his neck. He laid his head back, enjoying the feeling of my lips working down to his chest.

"You’re such a cruel nurse," he teased, running his fingers through my hair as I kissed down his stomach, "teasing me like this"

I smiled, “You won’t think that soon”

I hooked my fingers in his shorts and he lifted up a bit so I could pull them down.

I smirked up at him, trailing my fingers over the outline of his erection. “Come on, babe” he sighed, reaching down and pressing my hand harder against his cock.

I squeezed him through his boxers, earning a small moan. I decided I had teased him enough and hooked my fingers in his boxers, tugging them down and releasing his cock. He captured his bottom lip between his teeth as he watched me.

I leaned in and kissed against his hip before moving lower and letting the tip of my tongue brush against his tip. He moved a hand to my hair, tugging it softly and turning me on even more. “Take it” he finally moaned. I smirked and parted my lips, taking his head into my mouth and moving my tongue around it slowly.

"Fuck" he moaned, letting his head fall back as I took him deeper in my mouth. His fingers clutched my hair, making me moan against his length. I looked up at him, taking him in further.

I moved my hands up his thighs, making him look down at me and smirk. “You look so good like this” he murmured, the smile never leaving his face. I pulled back, moving up so I was sat on his lap again, “I know how I would look even better” He smiled agains, “Why don’t you show me?”

I reach down and took the hem of my dress in hands, slowly pulling it over my head and tossing it beside us. His hands were instantly on my body, cupping my breasts and squeezing them softly.

His hands traveled down my body and he cupped me through my panties, pressing his thumb to my clit through the fabric and making rock against his palm.

"Alright, these need to go" he said, tugging my panties down past my ass so I could get out of them.

"I think we’ve played enough" I said, brushing my lips against his and taking him into my hand. I moved my hips forward, letting his tip press against my entrance. He smiled, leaning in and kissing me hard as I lowered down onto him.

I moaned against his mouth, rocking my hips forward and letting him sink into me deeper. His lips moved to my chest, pressing kisses around my left nipple before taking it in his mouth. I closed my eyes, moving my hips faster and enjoying the heat of his mouth on me.

I let out a louder moan when I felt his fingers come in contact with my clit. “Oh, shit” I moaned, grinding down on him harder. He moved his other hand to my hair, pulling me in and kissing me hard.

His teeth tugged at my bottom lip roughly, making me moan into his mouth. “I want you to cum for me” he said, his voice sounding more husky than it usually did. I moaned in response, making him smile as he moved his fingers faster. “Fuck… If you don’t slow down I’m gonna cum now” I said, gripping his shoulders harder. 

He smirked at me, “That’s the point”

My eyes fell closed as my body started to move at it’s own accord. I was already so close to my high and when he kissed me, it sent me over the edge.

My back arched and I cried out his name as my hips jerked forward. My body trembling as I came back down from my climax. Louis pulled out of me, taking himself into his hand and stroking himself.

I leaned in and kissed him, letting my tongue move against his and replacing his hand with mine.

He moaned against my mouth and his hips jerked, making me smile a little. “Cum for me” I whispered, letting my teeth graze his bottom lip. He moaned again as his body tensed and he came. “Shit” he moaned, his fingertips digging into my hips while his hips jerked in pleasure.

When he looked at me again he had that cheeky smile back on his face. “Sorry about that” he murmured, glancing at my lower stomach. I smiled, and grabbed my dress, using it to clean off the sticking substance before tossing it aside and kissing him again, “It’s all in a days work”

He nodded, “Well, I quite liked your nurse shift” I nodded, “I’m glad it seemed to cheer you up” 

He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me against his chest, “I think we’ll be playing nurse again very soon”


Personal Experience: Chapter Twenty-Three

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

After confronting Colleen about our games I finally get a good night’s sleep. Not that it’s been many nights since. I pull Colleen in closer to me resting my head in her neck. “What time is it?” I mumble.

"Almost nine o’clock."

"Did you sleep well?"

"I did. Thanks for telling me what’s been going on. Or at least confirming it with me."

"No problem. But how did you figure out what we were doing?"

"You know I’m observant," she laughs, "And when you didn’t do anything, I noticed the others a lot easier."

Colleen and I get out of bed ready to drive a few more hours. As Colleen and I walk out of our room, our own bags in our hands, Niall walks past us rolling his eyes and smirking as Andrea comes up behind him slightly pissed off. “Oh yea?!” she shouts, “Well maybe at the next hotel you can get your own room with your own shower! And since I have the Rover’s keys I will be driving!” she adds raising her voice as she shoves past him.

"That’s fine, Love… I’ll remember to wear my seatbelt," Niall answers sarcastically.

"Ugh, you are such a pain in the arse!"

"Hey A wait for me…." Colleen yells after Andrea; hopefully not causing any suspicions.

As they disappear around the corner Niall burst out laughing, “Mate, you know what’s the best thing? It doesn’t matter how much I avoid her, she still tries.”

“I think we’ve gone a little too far, these girls are clever and I think they’re playing us at our own game. Just be careful. Before you know it A will have you begging at her feet,” I wink at him. “Colleen’s getting closer.”

“Like she’ll figure out what’s going on,” he laughs.

“Dude, you of all people should know what she capable of is.”

“Shit,” he walks away after that. He’s known her the longest, so he should know her the best. Colleen and I take one last stroll through the castle while we’re waiting for the others to pack up the cars. We know they can see us, so we continue to play each other’s games. And as soon as we get back to the car Louis retracts from El and Perrie from Zayn. I silently chuckle to myself. It’s kind of fun seeing this girls versus guys thing we’ve got going on. It’s more fun to play along, but it’s hard not wanting to touch Colleen.

Andrea and the rest of the girls, including Colleen, have decided it would be even more fun playing while in their short shorts. They all even insisted on driving knowing that when they sit their shorts will rise. I have to hand it to them, these girls are pretty smart, and might beat us at our own game.

On the road Andrea and Perrie take over their car while blasting Pumped up Kicks casually waving at us, and Ni and Zayn in the backseat holding a piece of paper against the window that says, “HELP!” I laugh then look at Colleen wanting to touch her so badly, but I have to keep up this facade with Louis and Eleanor around.

The next few days go by quickly when we’re finally at our last destination; Carr Hall Castle in Leeds. It was built in the 1860s; a medieval-style castle with arched windows, luxury bedrooms. While here the girls lounge around by the pool as the guy’s head to the gym.

“Guys, I think it’s time we give in,” I say.

“Oh come on, Harry!” says Louis while juggling his football, “You gotta hold out for us! This is what happens when they talk about our sex lives.”

“Technically, Colleen and I don’t have one,” I say while placing my free weights back on the stand.

“Fair enough. But come on, it’s fun watching them act like this!”

“For you it is,” I laugh, “What happens when your hand isn’t good enough for you?” Louis punches me. “Ow!” I joke.

“Hey guys!” I hear Andrea yells as the girls walk through the gym in nothing but their bikinis. “We’re going to the bar for cocktails. Thought we’d let ya know,” she winks.

“Hang on!” shouts Niall, “You’re going in just these?” he asks while trying to wrap his arms around her.

“Ni, you’re all wet,” Andrea responds as she takes a towel from Perrie, “Here, let me dry you off before you touch me.” She seductively wipes off his back while whispering something in his ear that makes him freeze.

“Why are you only wearing your bikinis?” asks Zayn.

“We’re just going upstairs for drinks,” replies Perrie. “It’s not like we’re going to prance around on some dance floor,” Perrie smiles devilishly at him.

“But like that? You can’t at least put shirts on?” Niall whines.

“Still not like we’re going naked, baby,” Andrea says. The two of them have this sarcastic yet cute bickering that makes Colleen giggle. Niall’s trying so hard to hide the fact that he wants her so bad, and she’s being so casual and a little sexual, about it like it’s not bothering her at all.

“You still can’t go like that! At least take my hoodie?” he tries to hand it to her.

“You should too, Colleen,” I add to make it seem like I’m still playing.

“I don’t want to wear it, Harry,” she pouts.

“Come on, Love,” I say stepping closer to her.

Colleen slides away from me while dragging her fingers across my stomach, “No,” she answer playfully. “I think I’ll be just fine in this,” then winks.

“Awe, look at them being all sweet and caring,” says Andrea while the rest of the guys stare at the girls a little dumbfounded. “You’re cute.” Andrea whispers one last thing before giving him a kiss before they head to the bar. Niall tries to make it longer, but she pulls away, “See you later, baby.” The girls giggle as they sway their hips out of the room.

“Bro, I think you need a cold shower,” Louis whips Niall with his towel.

“Fuck this, guys, I’m out. I need her!” Niall darts out of the room after the girls.

“Niall! Get back here!” shouts Liam. “Should’ve figured he’d be the first to break.” I laugh awkwardly pushing my curls back, and they all notice. “You gave in already, didn’t you?”

“The day after the girls started playing.”


“Colleen couldn’t get a sleep, and you know how I’m all about her,” I say shaking my head.

“You’re whipped, bro,” says Zayn. “Well, I guess we should go after him.”

We chase after Niall, and when we make it to the bar we hear him say, “I give in! I will tell you everything!”

“Wow, A, you are good,” I hear El say as we make our way over to the table the girls have occupied. Niall places Andrea in his lap hugging her as tightly as possible. Colleen is right next to her laughing hysterically.

“Alright, we’re listening,” she says eyeing the others.

We freeze before the girls can see us to see what Niall does. “Okay. Well… Uh… We overheard you girls talking the other day,” Niall awkwardly starts talking about it while taking sips of his beer. “And since you girls decided to let each other know my band mates on such personal levels we decided to play a game that would teach you girls a lesson.” He continues the story, “Yea, we heard everything.” The girls look at each other almost horrified. “So the guys and I decided that the game would be to make sure you didn’t get any. We wanted you to realize that you shouldn’t be kissing and telling. But once you started playing our game I couldn’t take it anymore!”

“Idiot!” Louis yells as he flicks Niall’s snapback off his head causing it to fall to the ground.

“You girls played it well,” says Liam sliding a chair over to the table sitting on it backwards.

“I didn’t ever know my Princess could play a game like that so well,” adds Niall

“I think it worked on her too,” I say. “You were pretty pissed when he didn’t touch you, A.” I take a sip from Colleen’s water.

Louis snickers, “It was fun watching you girls get so flustered.”

“Well fuck you, Louis,” says Colleen, “Next time we’ll send in Eleanor to kiss and seduce you like that. You’d crack just as fast.”

“Yea right.”

“Oh shut it, Louis,” El says, “I know you well enough to know you would.”

“I guess they do too now. Thanks for telling them what I’m like in bed!” We all laugh as Zayn makes his way over with all of our drinks.

“I do have to admit,” says Zayn, “At least Andrea rewarded you with a beer. Wonder how long I would have to wait for mine,” he teases making himself comfortable between Perrie’s legs.

“Beer isn’t the only reward I’d be getting,” laughs Louis.

“With that attitude, you wouldn’t be getting anything,” El says mindlessly running her fingers through his hair. All of us chuckle. “And why would I even reward you?” sarcasm escapes her lips. “I’d bet everything that you orchestrated this entire thing. So, no, you wouldn’t get anything!” Niall laughs hysterically echoing through the building.

“Hey mister, that beer is your reward for coming clean. You still went along with the plan, and for that, no more rewards,” she winks causing Niall to frown. The rest of us laugh knowing how right she is.


As the night settles in, and now that we have told the girls what has been going on we decide to have a little fun on our last night out. Everyone has had quite a few to drink tonight; including Colleen. I’ve never seen her so tipsy. I literally have to hold her up as she sits in my lap.

“Why,” Louis hiccups, “Why don’t we play a game?” A sly grin playing on his face.

“What do you have in mind, Lou?!” Ni shouts not realizing how loud he is.

“Spin the bottle, anyone?” he says shaking the now empty wine bottle.

“I’m game,” says Colleen who usually never plays these games. They all look at her shocked; especially me. I peer my head around to look at her face, and she has that smirk on that kills me.

“My girl wants to play a game that is most definitely going to end up sexual?!” I shout. She just giggles. “Well then, everyone else in?” They all nod in excitement. “Okay, who wants to go first?”

“I’ll spin first,” Louis says slyly. Louis takes the empty bottle in his hand and places it on the floor to spin it. He gives it a good spin and it lands on Andrea.

“Alright, Andrea,” Louis smirks, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she answers firmly.

“Smart girl. Let’s see. I dare you to… I dare you to erotically  make out with…” Louis looks slowly around the group. “With Harry,” he says drunker than I though.

“No way, bro,” I say wishing I was somewhat drunk so I don’t have to remember any of this, but I did make a promise to Colleen that I’d never drink again.

“I’m with Haz on this one, Lou,” Andrea says.

“You all agreed to play this. Come one, it’s not like it’s going to change anything. You won’t be the only one to be doing this.”

Andrea and I look at each other awkwardly then to Niall and Colleen. The two of them look at each other, and then kind of laugh it off. Andrea and I make our way to the center of the circle; I have no clue where to put my hands as we begin to make out. Knowing Louis, his definition of erotic is going to mean feeling up each other as we make out, I keep my hands on her thighs and rub into them. A quiet moan slips from her. I can feel Andrea starting to tense, so I pull away. I can’t handle this anymore. I crawl back to Colleen then wrap my arms around her. I pull her tighter and place my face in the crook of her neck; reminding her she is the only one I want. My lips meet hers when someone says, “Hey! We have a game to play here!” Colleen and I chuckle as our attention is brought back to the group.

Now it’s Andrea’s turn to spin, and it lands on me. “Well fuck,” I say. “I pick truth.”


"I don’t want to do anything else that’ll embarrass me."

"Fine," Andrea pauses, "I’ve got something. What are your thoughts on murder?"

"What?! Where the hell did that come from?!"

"I," she hiccups, "I want to know if you would ever murder someone who has done something horrible."

"Like what?" She gives me this look like I know exactly what she’s talking about, and I do. "I am not going there," I state firmly as Colleen tenses up.

Zayn scoffs, “You would ask something like that, you crime nerd.”

"Come on, it’s been bugging me since I found out that you found out."

I just stare her down not wanting to answer. “I’m not answering that.”

"You’re the one who chose truth," Andrea crosses her arms.

"If you really want to know, then fine, I would happily kill the guy that hurt Colleen." I didn’t want to answer that; I know Colleen will hate me for it later.

"Alright, your turn to spin."

I give the bottle a hard spin, and it lands on Louis. “Truth or dare, Lou?” I say still angered.


"Alright. I dare you to do a strip tease with a lap dance for Eleanor in front of us all." I slit my eyes staring him down.

"That’s all you got?" I shrug. "Okay then."

Louis stands up pulling El up with him. She’s placed in a chair when I start my phone playing Strip by Chris Brown. Louis puts his hands on her shoulders while staring deeply into Eleanor’s eyes. Louis has a hidden talent that he knows how to move his hips; he just doesn’t like to show it publicly. His shirt is the first to go as he runs his ass against El’s lap. She has a sly smile on her face. He’s having too much fun with this, and by the time he’s down to his underwear he has a boner himself.

Louis grabs the bottle then spins, and it lands on Nicole. Nicole is dared to run down the hallway in only her panties and bra while yelling she’s horny. Nicole lands on Liam and he picks truth; we find out that he has had dreams of sleeping with all of our girls. Liam lands on Colleen; it was only a matter of time. “I… I chose dare…” she stutters, so I tighten my grip around her waist.

"I dare you to make out with one the girls," Liam says confidently.

I turn Colleen so I can look into her eyes, “Are you really going to so this, baby?”

She stares back, “They are my friends… Can’t really get awkward…” she shrugs. A few minutes of silence pass before Colleen says, “I choose El,” she smirks clearly drunk. Eleanor practically jumps Colleen before she can even move; landing on her back with a thud. I move out of the way and stare at them with my mouth agape. El pins Colleen’s arms by her head as they fight for dominance. I can slightly see El’s lips part for Colleen’s tongue. I can feel myself getting hard. Fucking hell! I can’t take my eyes from them and see that Colleen seriously wants to touch Eleanor.

Colleen finally gets the upper hand by slipping her wrist from El’s grip. You can tell Colleen has a little karate training when she anchors herself against El’s waist, and then pushes her over to be on top. El’s hand travels to Colleen’s bum to grip it getting a gasp from her.

Minutes pass when Niall coughs, “Anyone gonna say anything?”

“I don’t think they want anyone to,” jokes Liam.

“Alright, alright,” I hear Zayn say still in shock, “You two can stop now!” El slowly pulls from Colleen, but they continue to stare at each other lustfully.

"Holy fuck, El," says Louis.

"Holy fuck is right, Lou," I agree a bit out of breath. "Where in the hell did that come from?!"

The two girls giggle before Colleen takes her spin, and the bottle lands on Niall. Niall has to call down to the lobby to talk sex with the receptionist while on speaker; the receptionist, a male, seemed scared. Niall’s spin lands on Zayn, and he’s dared to suck on Perrie’s neck until Niall says stop.

This is way too weird for me, so I put all my attention onto Colleen. I wrap my hands around her waist with my fingers reaching over her prominent pelvic bones. I keep my hands there as I place my lips on her neck, “You’re going to help me with this later,” I hiss grinding myself up onto her so she knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Colleen giggles in her near drunken state, “Okay,” she hiccups.

“Third base tonight?”

“Maybe…” I can feel her tense up a bit.

“I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to. Especially when you’re intoxicated, Love,” I kiss her cheek. We’re pulled back to reality when the bottle lands on me again; Zayn dares me to make out with Colleen since he’s not very creative.

The two of us shrug smirking at one another, and before we can start making out I hear, “Whoa!” we turn to a giggling Niall. “I think you two have already made out enough. I believe it is time for a better dare.”

“Oh, and what do you have in mind?” I slowly turn from Colleen’s gaze to look at Niall.

“Well, you two could always play baseball,” he exaggerates.

“Fuck you,” I reply giving him my middle finger.

“I don’t think I have to,” he switches his gaze to Colleen. “Anyways, what do you guys think?”

“Hmmm,” says Louis, “I mean we could dare him to get naked, but he does that anyways,” laughing.

“I’m feeling a little seven minutes in heaven,” says Nicole looking down then back up at me.


“I like that idea!” adds Liam.

“Guys! I can’t! That’s not my decision to make!” I nearly scream.

“You guys don’t actually have to do anything sexual, Haz,” Andrea says. “You can do whatever the hell you want in that closet.”

I hesitantly look at Colleen and she shrugs raising her hand out for mine. Her intoxicated personality is seriously scaring me.

Let Me Take The Pain Away

**Warning** Talk of self harm/scars so please read at your own discretion 

"Your gonna get it (y/n)," I chuckle as Liam chases me around our flat, us both tripping over tables and chairs laughing at how clumsy we both are. 
"Ohhhh im so scared" I shake with a laugh as Liam catches up to me as we get to the living room. 
"I got you now love" he grabs me by the arms and I squeal but then the he touched my left wrist i pull back instantly. 
"(Y/N)?" Liam looks at me concerned, looking down at my wrists and then back into my eyes. 
"Oh god baby tell me you didnt" he sighs out walking back over to me, but i back away. 
" please (y/n)" he sounded so sad…i didn’t mean to hurt him. 
He takes my wrist and pushed my sleeve up i cringe as i see how my fresh scar stood out against my pale skin. 
"Baby you promised" His voice cracks and tears fill my eyes as i try to pull away. 
"No" He whispers, his voice deep, giving me shivers up my spine. 
He pulls me back to him, his hands gently grabbing my shoulders. I look down but then feel his fingers grab under my chin pulling my face up to make me look into his eyes. His eyes were wet, his face full of concern and fear. 
"(Y/n) I love you, I cant lose you" He shutters shaking his head, like he was trying to rid himself of the thought. 
"I’m sorry" I cry trying to not fold into myself. 
Liam pulls me into his chest as I start to break down, his strong arms making me feel safe. I feel his body start to shudder and become more rigid as if he was trying not to cry. I look up at him noticing how bloodshot and puffy his normally gorgeous eyes were making me feel even worse than i already did. I take my hand and caress his cheek his face falling into my hand. he sighs and bring a hand up to mine grabbing it tightly bringing it down to his chest. 
"Do you feel this (y/n)? Thats my heart and it only beats for you, and i swear to God if i ever lost you i don’t think it would keep beating" His eyes fill back up with tears as we stare into each other eyes.
I bring up my other hand and grab his other hand putting it on my chest. 
"Do you feel this Liam? That is my heart and without you it wouldn’t be beating right now" I say and our hands fall our eyes never leaving the others. 
Liam then kisses me with no warning catching me off guard; his arm wrapping behind the small of my back so I wouldn’t fall from the surprise. I fall into him kissing him back, my lips hungry for his. He comes up from the kiss and pulls the hair out of my face and smiles reaching down for my hand again. 
"Come on" he says pulling we away from where we were standing. 
I don’t hesitate, letting him guide me through our flat. He leads us to our bedroom guiding me in and closing the door behind us.
He grabs me gently by my waist making me squeal as he twirls us back towards our bed. He gently lays me down on our comforter and I back up a bit letting my head rest on the pillows.He slowly brings his body on top of mine, putting his hands down on either side of me so his full weight wouldn’t smother me. 
I look into his eyes and he leans in slowly kissing my lips ever so gently. He moves to the side of my mouth and then to my cheek and temple and lastly he kisses right beside my ear. 
"Let me take the pain away baby" he whispers softly but huskily making me shiver.
He kisses down my neck, nibbling on the skin as he moves down to the v-neck of my shirt. I help him take my shirt off and he helps me take off his, throwing them both on the floor. I run my hands down his sculpted chest and stomach making Liam groan out a bit. 
His lips find mine again as he playfully tugs at the elastic of my gym shorts, my hands playfully tugging at his hair as he moves his lips down my chest to the lining of my bra. He unclasps it throwing it down with the other clothes. He then takes my breasts in his hands squeezing gently, his warm touch on my cool bare skin turning me on more making me arc my back into him. 
His lips find one my nipples, sucking and nipping gently making me squirm under him. 
"Do you like that (y/n)?" he smirks as i bite my lip.
I bring my hands to his hips then to his belt  trying to take it off but having trouble because i was going to fast.
"Eager are we" he chuckles then stands up. 
He takes of his belt then his shorts and boxers, his erection prominent. I look down and then quickly look back up hoping he wouldn’t notice me peeking. 
"Like what you see baby" He growls turning me on more. 
"I always like what i see" i say back giggling when he jumps on the bed and back on top of me. 
He takes his fingers and pulls my shorts and underwear off together throwing them in the now messy pile of clothes. He grabs my thighs and spreads them open holding them down hard, his muscles showing. He kisses down my stomach then down to the inside of my thigh inching his way closer and closer to my folds. 
His lips gently kiss the outside of my Center making me gasp and try to push away from him, but his muscular grip on my legs was to strong. He enters his tongue, dancing eagerly around, giving extra attention to my clit. 
"Liam" I cry out as i felt myself coming closer to climax. 
"Oh no not yet baby" he says coming up before i could get release making me moan out in protest.
He props a pillow under my ass for support and lines himself up to me. He looks at me and i nod giving him the okay. He slowly enters making me buck my hips into him. He gets deeper with each small thrust, he was being extra gentle. 
"Faster please Liam" I moan out and he obeys, speeding up his thrusts. 
My nails scratch at his back as i feel him hitting my g spot, his head going back in pleasure. 
"you feel so good (y/n)" Liam whispers breathlessly, his hand finding the headboard for support. 
My hands find the sheets as i feel my climax building, my eyes closing and my hips meeting his thrusting. 
"I’m s..so close Liam" I moan out and he kisses me passionately as my climax hits me hard my back arching from the bed. 
My walls start to contract around his penis making Liam hit his Climax his whole body becoming rigid as it hits. he thrusts a few more times to ride out our highs, then pulls out falling on the bed next to me with a thump. 
"Wow" was all he could muster rolling over to wrap his arms around me, kissing my forehead as i notice him starting to drift off. 
"Li?" I say as i watch his breathing slow. 
"Hmmm?" he smiles his eyes opening groggily. 
"You do take the pain away Liam, everyday" I say and he kisses my forehead gently.
Then we both drift peacefully off to sleep.
Blood Chapter 12: The Beauty Of My Hold

As Zayn steadily drags me closer and closer toward the direction of the man, unaware of my new discovery, I can feel every muscle in my body simultaneously tense and strain under my skin; God it hurts.

Along with the pain comes a sudden rush of adrenaline, crashing over me in the size of a tidal wave, quickly drowning me in the exhausting energy of panic.

It’s the kind of rush that is too powerful to comprehend - to where you have no idea how to react or what to do about it - and all you can manage is to remain mentally frozen under it’s will and keep moving forward like a zombie.

I cannot seem to look away from the man’s piercing blue eyes; it’s like I’m a fly caught in his web and the antagonizing inevitability of the strike intrigues me, though I know it shouldn’t.

My thoughts are going rampant - I’m twisting allegories and feeling obsessive over seeing him pay; seeing them all pay.

I watch his every motion, like the predator stalks its pray from cover before the pounce.

He slightly narrows his eyes at me before his lips turn up into a simple smile; free of care and yet a complete insult.

How dare me smile at me.

I can’t help but let out a hushed gasp… and then he winks at me.

Something within me snaps.

He knows… He knows I figured it out…

I quickly tear my eyes away from the man - the sheer essence of intimidation is quickly starting to manifest around him - to distract myself from doing something stupid and pushing my luck… again.

I can feel my ribs starting to shake and tremble violently within me - whether it’s from fear or anger, I couldn’t tell you.

Although I may be maintaining a good poker face, my pupils are struggling to keep up with the act; I feel as though they may shrink into nothing and disappear within the blue of my irises any second now.

I force my eyes over to Zayn, simply not knowing where else to look - other than back at the man who is slowly managing to rob me of my sanity - but Zayn pays me no mind and just continues to walk me; like a freak on a leash.

Little by little I can feel myself starting to unravel beneath the man’s smug grin; I sense the taunting aura behind his eyes as he continues to look at me - my skin heats at the very thought of returning his gaze - tempting me beyond all imagination.

It’s taking every single ounce of my self control and restraint to not tackle him to the ground, like I did with Zayn, but the fear is also helping to keep me contained as well… for now at least.

There is a certain, unique, fear imbedded within that man; the very man who had gotten the better of me once before in the “safety” of my own home, easily overpowered me, and could’ve taken complete advantage of me in my time of shock and immobility.

He could have done anything to me, right then and there, and I wouldn’t have been able to do a thing about it - or even while I was unconscious, and I would never even know.

I feel a shiver rake down my spike and bounce back up, into my head, bringing some very unpleasant thoughts along with it.

The possibility of his hands crawling over me while I laid defenseless, and heavily sedated against my own couch, snakes its way into my mind and causes me to clench my fists; straining against the thick plastic of the zip-tie behind my back.

It’s that kind of power that scares me the most; the raw state of not knowing what they’re capable of and the multitude of possibilities - like rolling the dice - you never know what you’ll get.

It’s the type of fear that grows in the back of your mind and thrives off the darkness residing there; living within your denile and repressed instances.

I then move my focus to the doorway, which is now only about 5 feet or so, ahead of us.

I was too distracted before to pay notice to anything other than my discovery of the man’s identity.

Though, no matter how beautiful the outside may be, what I see before me is no such thing - it is unexpected, and frightening.

There is a thick wall of darkness standing at the opened doorway; baring a defensive ‘hello’.

The interior, just beyond the entrance to the cabin, is barely identifiable even from this short distance.

It looks as though the darkness is radiating outward, like a cloud of airborne insects, crawling over the ground and the surrounding walls toward the outside world; only to be extinguished by the purifying rays of sunlight.

Wait! No, No! Wait! -What if the outside is just a disguise so no one gets suspicious and finds out what’s inside?

Are they going to kill me, now!? -or torture me!? -or…. Oh god… Are they going to try to rape me!? 

Feeling my panic finally move into the mobile stage, and also being frightened by the thoughts raging within my own mind, I slam my feet against the ground and come to an abrupt stop.

"What are you doing? -Move!" Zayn says, surprised, bumping into me for the second time within only a few minutes.

"No!" I practically yell in no specific direction.

"Yes -Move!" he starts to push against my back, causing me to stumble forward over my feet, little by little, while still trying to stand my ground.

It is proving pointless, as I am still slowly being moved closer to the doorway, so once close enough to it, I shoot my left foot up into the air and slam it flat against the left side of the wooden door frame; Zayn still stands to my right.

"Knock it off… I said stop it!" Zayn grunts, taken off guard.

He then moves behind me completely, keeping his left hand wrapped around my wrists, and grabs my right hip with his other hand; beginning to push harder.

In response, I bring my other foot up against the right side of the door frame to equal out the weight, “No, hell no! I’m not going to be your play thing today, you sick son of a bitch!” I shriek and slam my eyes shut as I push harshly against the possibilities I desperately wish not to live out; purely fueled by scatter-brained panic and the fear of my own twisted imagination.

I straighten my legs at the knee and lock them in place as he struggles to get me inside.

He quickly becomes irritated and removes his left hand from my conjoined wrists, moving it to my left hip, as he then presses his chest against my upper back; using his body weight against me.

"A little… help here!?" He calls out in a forced grunt to the Blonde-haired man; who remains in his spot only a few feet away, watching with a smile.

"She’s you’re problem. -Figure it out." I hear him say under a stifled laugh.

Zayn quickly becomes tired of my struggle and realizes another tactic, pulling me backwards into him; something I completely forgot to consider in my unexpected freak-out.

I gasp and quickly open my eyes as I am then lifted into his arms and carried over the threshold, like a blushing new bride; though I am no such thing.

I am only tense, defeated, and blinded by the sudden contrast of lighting.

I close my eyes again, clenching them tight as I wait to be greeted by god knows what.

Warm air is the first to hit me; glazing over my nose and cheeks, as well as my hands, dangling beneath me now.

The comforting temperature alone could ease my tensed muscles; a welcomed change from the strong, chilled breezes of outside.

I feel Zayn stop soon after entering and hear the door shut softly behind me.

"Welcome to your new, dream home… Vixen" Zayn grumbles over a slightly irregular pattern of breathing.

The smell of the jasmine has all but disappeared now, accept for a whisper of what it once was; leaving the majority shut out in the ‘soon-to-be colder’, along with the rising sun.

A new, foreign smell now tickles my nostrils, triggering my ever inquisitive mind.

My eyes slowly peek open, shy against the darkened scenery, to behold the new fragrance.

It takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the new atmosphere, but soon the lighting evens out against them and sight becomes manageable again.

They immediately land on an enormous foyer; there must be an extreme illusion going on outside because the interior blueprints clearly doesn’t match that of the exterior.

The outside appears humble and moderate like a cottage, but the inside resembles a mansion of the the highest dignity, and beauty.

What in the almighty hell?

Am I seeing things?…

Did the blonde-man inject me with ‘the good shit’…or did I just happen to fall onto a magical mushroom, because there’s just no way that’s possible…

It’s way too big in here…

The foyer is in the rectangle-shaped variety, showing both floors the way a mansion would; a staircase on either side of the room leading up to the second floor.

The edge of the top floor is lined with an elegant black railing, stretching over to conjoin with the matching railings of both staircases.

The structure of the second floor is hard to see from where I stand on the main floor, with Zayn by my side; obviously given the difference in elevation and height.

I shift my eyes over to the center of the main floor and notice two, dark-grained, teak doors on the inner-base walls of both staircases; one to each staircase.

I assume they possibly lead to something hidden underneath, or to separate rooms on the other sides of the moderately-sized pathways.

Between the two staircases is a gigantic, oddly placed bookshelf; if you went upstairs and slipped your legs through the spaces in the railing, you could easily rest your feet on the top of it.

It’s quite beautiful, but I can’t help but receive a strange feeling from it.

The aura flowing around it itches at my curiosity, which isn’t very hard to do in general, but this is different; something is off about the bookshelf.

I feel especially drawn to it, as it manages to tempt my gaze every minute or so while trying to take in the rest of the foyer; trying to consume as much of the sight as possible before being nudged to walk again.      

The surrounding walls, from main floor up to second, are a creamy light brown, setting the mood in a calm balance; much like the outside of the cabin does.

The floor is also made of a smooth, dark-grained teak, as like the doors under the staircases.

The color of the floor coincides perfectly with the color of the walls; matching beautifully and setting a rich, warm glow.

A rather large black chandelier, modeled to imitate a plethora of melting candles, dripping modestly, is hung directly in the centre of the room.

It is unique, yet astonishing, and I take an immediate liking to it.

There are only two more doors in sight, matching in appearance to the doors below the staircases; one to my left and the other to my right.

They line up perfectly in the middle of each section of remaining wall space, from the end of the last stair to the front door; which still happens to be right behind me.

"Alright, time to get situated then" Zayn walks around and settles directly in front of me before releasing my conjoined wrists from the zip-tie and his now chilled grasp.

Weird, his touch was just warm outside.. why is it cold now?

I can’t help the look of confusion crawling it’s way over my face as I begin to stare at Zayn as if he were purely mad.

He’s letting go of me?


Has he not yet realized how dangerous I am to his health?

As if reading my thoughts, “All the doors are locked - as is every window and possible exit - and only we have the keys to unlock them. So I trust you’ll behave yourself?” He says as he retracts his hands from me, to cross them over his chest.

"I mean you could misbehave, if you wanted, but that would only lead to another spanking; so go ahead, make your choice - it’s no skin off my back” he says through a quickly growing smirk, staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

"You’re the devil." I growl at him, narrowing my eyes and picturing some very explicit things, involving him and a makeshift suppository.

Of all I’ve met so far, I’ve never wanted to hit someone so bad… aside from all the prissy girls of high school who thought they were ‘hot shit’ for knowing everyone… Hmm, I wonder why?… Oh yea, just kidding, it was for being easy.

"It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance ma’lady, you may call me Lucifer." He says proudly before taking my right hand in his, kissing my knuckles, then bowing to me in mock-introduction.

I pull my hand back to myself as he reaches mid-bow.

As soon as he settles back into his broad, upright posture and looks over my displeased expression, he starts up into a throaty laugh.

"Very funny, really… but I’d much rather call you 'punching bag’” I say as his head is tossed back in childish laughter.

He immediately snaps back up and looks me dead in the eye; all trace of his prior enjoyment has dropped from his face and turned into an intense, but blank, stare.

Viddía - 1; Zayn - ‘Kiss My Ass’

It’s now my turn to laugh at his discontent, “Aww did I strike a nerve?” flaunting my words in his face and enjoying the reversed role of verbal schadenfreude.

Zayn unexpectedly lunges at me, faster than I’ve ever seen, and clamps his left hand down around my throat.

He carries me backward and slams me against the wall, adjacent to the front door, then proceeds to lift me about two feet into the air, by my neck alone.

There are few ways to describe the pain and constricting pressure of being forced up into the air by your throat; in which even makes life possible.

To say it hurts like hell is putting it nicely.

I reach up and grip either side of his wrist as I simultaneously kick my heels back against the wall and choke out gasps of satisfaction against his angered glare.

"You want to run that by me again?" He threatens confidently.

"No, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it, please don’t hurt me! You’re so big n’ tough, and I’m so small n’ weak" I mock innocence as I bask in the feeling of superiority against his ruffled expression.

He stares at me for a minute, clearly not giving into my sarcastic quip, but thinking.

"Oh cut the shit, Zayn, we both know you can’t do anything to me." I say simply above a struggle, giving him a casual smile after.

"Excuse me? Are you sure about that?" He slightly tightens his grip around my neck, to show his dominance, as he cocks his head to the right in a taunting manner.

"Well, if what I’ve collected so far is correct, then this ’Harry’ character seems to be your superior in some aspect." I pause to catch the thin breath, already managing to drain from my partially closed off air passage. "And I seem to be something of interest to him… so that means you have no power over me… Leaving you as his little bitch-boy… am I right?” I suck in tight heaves of air again, but now through a cocky smirk.

He looks taken back, and my smile just grows in stature, spreading from ear to ear.

Blood Chapter 11: The Blue-Eyed Delivery Boy

After only a few feet, we reach the pavement; every passing moment strings into the exceedingly annoying echo of Zayn’s crude remarks through my brain.

Each step taken pains me mentally; one after another, proving as a small reminder of the defeat I was, so casually, forced into against my will.

Caught within the detrimental vise of my own mind, I look up to behold the seemingly melodramatic sky.

It appears to be substantially dimming in color, even as the sun continues to rise from behind the stoic lining of mountains.

Since I last gazed upon it, within the confinement of the truck, a plethora of wide clouds have subsequently formed in its absence of beauty; sewing into a thick, abstract plush.

Even now as I feel the warmth of Zayn’s hand clamped around my wrists, I have never felt more alone; so extinguished of my once brightly burning fire.

It feels as though this is all just a part of some sick nightmare - and I could be proven right as I feel my shadow dragging along behind me in shackles - but I know I’m not lucky enough to have it that easy.

While managing to keep a steady pace along with Zayn’s guiding force, I find the same depressing set of clouds again, among the many others; only to see the smaller, bright cloud has now been completely engulfed by the larger, dark cloud.

Aggregated by my failure, reflecting so effortlessly off of the small cloud’s own attempt at escape, I slowly drop my eyes to the pavement passing under my feet; faster than I could ever cope with.

In the midst of my absent stare, I notice small, delicate carvings dancing along the edges of the cement pathway.

With each new slab of the conjoined pavement brings a fresh repeat of the design; an artistic perspective of the moon’s every phase, from New Moon to New Moon.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I see Zayn’s left foot swing over in front of my right; without warning.

There’s no time to react as my ankle subconsciously continues it’s stride before connecting to the side of his foot; like a dart influenced to it’s bullseye.

Right on que, I quickly loose balance and begin to topple over, face first and defenseless, as my wrists tighten against their restraints; struggling for their nature to break the fall.

As he probably predicted, he quickly reaches over with his free, right hand and catches me horizontally along the stomach.

I instantly gasp over the pressure of falling against his arm.

"What is - wrong with you!?" I choke out in uneven breaths, attempting to collect my scattered composure against his arm.

Zayn is already laughing, “Pay attention, or you’ll fall”, he snickers; looking down at me with a crooked smile.

"Yea, if you trip me again, you dick!" I fire back at his adolescent view of comedy.

"Watch your mouth! -You’re a lady." the blonde-haired man’s voice suddenly booms from a yard or two away; instantly slicing through the focus, and tension, between Zayn and I.

My eyes snap up to the man, out of natural response, and find him standing in the same place I last spotted him; there’s an obvious sense of hierarchy embedded in the man’s tone.

I never noticed just how close Zayn and I had grown to the front door until the man’s voice bounced, so effortlessly, off of my angered expression.

Zayn then pulls me back up to stand on my own; setting me, again, with an even further shrunken version of my dignity.

He casually looks up to the man and drops his hand from my stomach, then stuffs it into his same-side jacket pocket.

In response to the last word finally clicking in my brain, I quickly look away from the man’s irritated frown and immediately look in every direction but his; genuinely searching for who he was accusing of being a “lady”.

Who’s this guy talking to?

He must be talking to someone else…

"Don’t play dumb; you know right well that there’s no one else here… And Zayn obviously isn’t a woman." He states, quickly catching on to my exaggeration.

In reaction, I quickly move my eyes to settle on Zayn’s mouth; expectantly sensing he is about to give a sarcastic response.

I am right, of course.

"Hey! -I could make a better lady than she could.” Zayn attempts at a joke with him, but receives no accommodation, other than an uninterested eye-roll from the both of us.

I can feel the man looking down upon me, with one eyebrow raised in discontent, as I throw mental daggers at Zayn’s apathetic sense of humor.

Once I finally pick my eyes back up to the man, feeling satisfied with the amount of scowling given against Zayn, he quickly whips his focus away from me.

Something is off about him; he is as stiff as a board, and looks extremely uncomfortable.

It also appears that he is avoiding eye-contact at all cost; as if meeting my line of sight would kill him.

What, so this one won’t even look at me?

Why won’t he look at me?

His blonde hair is very light, but looks unnatural; fighting against the abundance of brown starting to peak out.

He is fair skinned, causing the pink of his lips to easily stand out, though he’s still a bit darker than me.

I can’t tell the color of his eye yet, considering they flicker away every time I try to catch his gaze.

They appear to me as, possibly, a very light green.

He is wearing a thick, green flannel, which rests unbuttoned over a long black wife-beater. The flannel seems too tight for his upper body; straining around his arms and shoulders.

He has on dark-wash denim jeans, leading down to traditional black converse sneakers; the laces are strung into an odd pattern.

He isn’t as tall as the other two men but still has a few good inches on me, seeing as I’m just below the average female height.

He appears to be closer to my age than Zayn, but not by much in comparison to Harry.

My analysis is cut short when the man realizes what I’m doing, ”Come, it’s going to snow soon and Harry has plans for her once she is ready.” He says, directing his order to Zayn; my big-brown-eyed reaper.

"Snow… Are you serious? -Have you forgotten that we’re still in the middle of spring?" I say curtly, feeling as though I’m in the company of idiots.

This guy doesn’t seem to have too many marbles in his jar…

Zayn starts into another small fit of laughter, but this time it’s a dry, rustic laugh that manages to completely roll right over my baffled inquiry.

He looks over at the man mid-laugh and opens his mouth to speak but is quickly cut off. ”Move.” The man looks right back at Zayn.

"Oh, common, I’m sure a little weather wouldn’t hurt. -Besides, dogs love the snow.” Zayn continues through his laughter, clearly ignoring the man’s dismissive glare.

"Just escort her to her room, Zayn" The man says at the same moment I give off an appalled huff.

I shoot Zayn a scowl that could melt through steel, followed by some very unpleasant thoughts.

Payback is a bitch my friend, and lucky for you, that just-so-happens to be my specialty.

But, before I can bite back verbally, Zayn abruptly nudges me to move forward again.

The man has now moved to patiently hold one of the large, gold-encrusted doors open for our entry.

After taking my first few steps in continuation toward the cabin, the man quickly snaps his eyes to the thick array of trees far off in the distance behind me; completely skipping over my eyes yet again.

This man’s mere presence is unsettling, even more so than the already plentiful amount of ‘off-putting’ from this whole situation; a thought I had succeeded in ignoring until now.

Yet, feeling offended, I burn holes into the left side of his face as Zayn continues to lead me closer.

Their conjoined intent to process me into my new temporary keeping, like an animal to it’s pen, burns me like no fire could.

It feels more like a branding iron, having been heated to a crisp brilliance, is repeatedly teasing the back of my neck into a crimson glow; continually settling into a raw symbol of defeat.

Just then, as Zayn leads me into a formidable closeness, the man finally looks over to meet the spiteful eyes that have yet to break determination; the pair of eyes I happen to call my own.

My breath slows slightly as I stare down the barrel of his intensity; narrowing my eyes against him in curiosity.

His eyes are not green.

His eyes are blue; an astonishing pale blue.

Just like that - at mere contact with the breathtaking ocean of blue, rounding his pupils - millions of warning signals and red-flags spill into my head.

They flare up in every dark corner of my memory and I am instantly flooded with a sense of remembrance; instances of fear and panic I haven’t felt since the night I was introduced to hell on earth.

It feels as though Father Time has just stuck me with an extra dose of deja’vu; inadvertently stopping time as I now realize who this curious man is.

This is the very, blue-eyed, thief who broke into my home with the intent to twist my reality.

The very man who played Dr. Druggie on me with some questionable substances, and then handed me off to, who I now assume to have been, my brown-eyed reaper and the green-eyed bull.

Personal Experience: Chapter Twenty-TWo

*Colleen’s P.O.V.*

The girls keep pestering me about the whole thing with Harry, but there isn’t much I can say about it. As I keep telling them that I continue to try to figure out why the guys are acting the way they were. When we finish up at lunch, after three hours, we head down to the beach with the guys. Harry immediately runs for me, so I turn the other way trying not to scream, but fail when he catches me. He spins me around by my waist as I try not to flail my arms and legs.

“Harry, put me down!” I yell. He doesn’t listen, so he throws me across his shoulder then carries me back to everyone. At least I get a good view from back here. I get an idea and start to trace my fingers along the skin just above his shorts. He quickly puts me down after that, and I pout. “What?”

He steps closer to me placing his lips on my ear, “Don’t want any of that in public, now do we?” he drags his teeth from me ear causing me to shiver. I don’t know what it is anymore that makes me like this around him. Yes, it’s been almost a year since the incident, but I still wake up in the middle of the night crying because of another nightmare. Harry wakes up immediately all the time; he has since the night I told him what happened. Thinking back to what Andrea said, “Out of these two, maybe three, years of knowing him I never saw him so sad. He hid it very well on stage too. And when you told me what happened, there were so many times when I wanted to tell him so he would shut up and make you his again. Seeing him like that kind of made it easier not to tell him, though. If he knew he would have lost it. I don’t think I ever want to see that…” I wonder that if Harry did know, would he have lost it? Would he have taken it out on the others? Would he come running back to me if he heard it from her lips before mine?

“No, I guess not,” I smile at him wrapping my arms around his neck. He turns back around, and we continue to walk over to the others. Another game of volleyball is set up; this time all of us playing. Louis, Eleanor, Perrie, Harry and I play against Niall, Andrea, Zayn, Liam and Nicole. It’s still a pretty fair match from when we played girls against guys yesterday. Harry’s coordination is horrendous, so Louis and I make up for him. We can’t help to laugh when someone gets hit in the head only to shortly after make sure they’re okay.

After we play Andrea and Niall run into the water, Perrie runs towards Zayn. But when Perrie is near him, about to hug him, he retreats towards the water; which is very unlike him. Perrie shrugs it off then follows him into the water as her gorgeous body sways in her bikini. As the day passes Zayn keeps acting the same way; as does Louis, Niall and Liam. I’ve never seen them act like this before. Harry still has yet to do anything to me, but I guess sitting in his lap all the time prevents him from retreating from me. Also, while here on the sand, every time the guys start talking with one another I catch them glancing at all of the girls then snicker. There is definitely something going on, but I brush it off just as Perrie did after the volleyball game.

After a few more hours on the beach we head back to the patio where meals are served, and sit around a fire pit for dinner. It’s been a while since I last drank wine, so I order a glass. Harry is still keeping to his words that he’ll never drink again, so just a glass of water for him. Everyone else splits between soft drinks and alcohol, and I hope they don’t drink too much tonight. Dinner is full of giggles, drinks nearly being spit from mouths and cuddling. Lots of cuddling; especially from Harry. I’m still wary about this afternoon’s events.

We all head back to our rooms around the same time after midnight. While Harry’s in the shower I step into the hallway since Andrea called me out. As I open my door I see Nicole in the hallway as well; still in her silk pyjamas.

“What the hell?” she asks looking at the two of us clueless.

“What happened?”

“Li and I were getting ready for bed, me purposely wearing this,” she motions to her pyjamas, “Because it was gonna be another… Fun night before we left… But he brushed me off. He just said goodnight and turned on his side away from me after turning off the lights.

“Niall practically did the same thing. I went to get in the shower with him, but he hopped out as soon as I stepped in. Then he went and locked himself in the bedroom. So now I need a place to sleep.” Andrea huffs. “Did Harry do anything to you?”

“No… But I did notice the guys acting differently while we were on the beach… If he does anything I’ll let you know.” I narrow my eyes at them. “You can sleep in my room.”

“Thanks,” she smiles. “But first let’s get the other two.” We knock on Ell’s and Per’s rooms and they both have seemed to have run into the same problems.

“Alright, I’d say we should go somewhere more private,” I say, “But I feel that if we go any further we’re all going to end up locked out of our rooms…”

“What should we do?” asks Perrie.

“Let’s go in my room,” I answer, “We’ll sit on the balcony, and we’ll make sure the guys can’t hear us.”

“Who says they’re not listening now?” All the girls grab their keys for their rooms just in case then we head to mine. Harry, thankfully, hasn’t locked our door. If Harry starts this game as well, he has another thing coming because he knows how bitchy I can get.

Once on the balcony with the door slightly cracked so we’ll know if Haz tries to lock us out we start talking again. “Okay, so what did Louis and Zayn do?” I whisper.

“Don’t even mention his name,” El responds, “Because I am going to kill him,” pissed off. “Anyways, I was getting into bed and thought I would snuggle into him since he knows I love to do that. But he got up out of bed and went to the couch!”

“Shh,” I say.

“Sorry, I’ve never seen him act like this.”

“Just what I thought,” says Nicole, “Liam and Niall are acting the same way. I’m guessing Zayn is too?” We look at Perrie.

“Yes. He is. We decided that we would head back down to do some more ‘swimming.’ But as soon as I was ready Zayn changed his mind.”

“Is that why I heard you yell, ‘Asshole, I hate you’ through the walls?” I laugh.

“Exactly why. He was leading me on while I was getting into a new suit, but then he couldn’t wait to get away from me. Hasn’t Harry done anything?”

“No,” I answer sternly eying the door to make sure no one is watching. “I’m gonna go get more to drink. Anyone want anything?” They all ask for wine. When I reach the kitchen I see Harry standing in the kitchen reading while something is warming in the microwave. “What are you still doing up? I thought you went to bed.”

“I could ask you the same,” he answers.

“Andrea needed to talk to me and the girls.”

“What are you girls talking about?”

“Girl stuff,” I giggle. I go to wrap my arms around Harry, but he pulls away. Once his food is ready he bolts back to our bedroom. I walk back with a tray of new drinks, and when I sit down they all look at me, “What?”

“He did it to you too, didn’t he?” asks Eleanor.

“Could you tell?” I say a bit bitterly. “Sorry. But yes, he did. I tried to wrap my arms around him while he was waiting for something to eat, I swear he’s as bad as Niall sometimes, and he stepped away from me. Then he bolted back to the bedroom.”

“Are we sure they just don’t want us to play a little?” Nicole says a little naïvely.

“Can’t be. It’s too much of a coincidence that they’re all acting similarly,” I answer shaking my head. “Besides, I’m pretty sure Liam’s the only one who likes to play games in the bedroom.”

We all stare at her jokingly. “Hey! It’s not my fault he likes to have fun in different ways.”

I shake my head taking another sip from my drink. “I think two can play at this game.” All the girls smirk back at me as we devise a plan to get the guys back.

In the morning the guys agree with us that we can stay another night since we love this place so much. They head back down to the beach first while we figure it’s time to start our own little game. After going through every bikini we have, and thankfully all being near the same size, we chose the sexiest ones for each of us to wear. All string bikinis that hold our assets very well. Harry has always loved me in yellow and/or green, so we mix and match as we please. After we’ve finally fixed ourselves up we head downstairs. The boys look as if they’ve been playing football the entire time they’ve been out here. Harry has seemed to have read my mind since he’s in his yellow swim trunks, softly killing me inside; my favorite ones on him. Actually, if I recall correctly, all the guys are in the girls’ favorites. The five of us look sideways at each other. Niall has his ray bans on and his snapback on backwards, knowing what this does to Andrea. Liam seems to have the same idea with his snapback.

“That little fucker,” says Andrea as one of us purposely adjusting her bikini top. “I’ll show him.” Niall ends up getting hit in the face with the football.

“Ni!” yells Liam, “Focus!” shaking his head at us.

“Your turn, Colleen,” Perrie says to me.

I grab the bottle of sunscreen then sit between Ell’s legs as she lathers it onto my back. She’s a better actress than one would think. Louis and Harry are trying their hardest not to look at us, but when she starts to rub it down my arms she leans in a little closer, and is most likely is looking at Louis seductively.

“I’ve got it!” Harry yells as he tries to prevent the ball from hitting an older couple. He gets lucky when it lands in front of them. “I’m so sorry!” he says to them trying not to look over at us. They accept his apology kindly as he begins to walk away. It’s fun seeing the guys act like this. I catch Harry watching El and me hungrily right before I close my eye soaking up the sun.

"He’s coming over," El whispers in my ear, and I just chuckle lightly.

"You know I could have done that for you," I hear Harry when he’s right in front of me.

"I guess," I slowly open my eyes back open then stare at him lustfully, "But you seemed busy, so El offered to do it." Harry continues to stare at me with his equally lust filled eyes that are becoming darker. A low growl rumbles through his throat before he runs back off a little angered.

When Eleanor is finished rubbing in the sunscreen we both have a fit of giggles. “He’s horrible. I don’t know how he does it.”

"Does what?" I ask playfully causing the two of us to laugh again. "Shall we get in the water?" I ask them all. They all nod smirking. We all stay in the shallow end as to have some "fun." For some reason Eleanor and Perrie have taken their playful side towards me, and Andrea and Nicole have stuck together. I guess the other two have taken a real fondness over me; a little selfish thought. We all splash each other before we start to pick each other up and dunk the other in the water. After I do so to Perrie when she comes back she dives towards me, and I let out a light, playful scream. I look up to see all the guys staring at us; they now are walking towards us.

Each boy attempts to take their girl in their arms, but we all swim away playfully. They seem to have put their game on pause. But we don’t have it. If they’re going to play they better play fairly. As they continue to try and catch us, which they come pretty close to doing, we head out of the water to play a game of volleyball ourselves. Perrie and I are on one team since we’re both a little more athletic than the other three, so it’s now fair. We volley for first serves, and Per and I win. I serve first for our team. Before I start the game I glance over at the guys to see them watching us. Andrea receives the first serve getting it back over. Perrie dives for the ball returning the hit; about four bounces and we get the first point. The game is pretty fair until we’re finally tired.

The day goes by, and before we know it it’s time for lunch. The ten of us eat lunch together, and it makes our plans even greater. Haz tries to tease me under the table, but he seems to have forgotten who he’s messing with. I pick his hand off of my leg placing it back on his before I slowly slide my hand away from him; teasing right back. As the day goes by the guys have restrained themselves more with the most effort they can muster.

The night is quiet throughout the hall we are all sharing. As bad as I want to cuddle with Harry the two of us fall asleep back to back. Not being in his arms though makes it really hard to sleep. I slip out of bed, place my silk Batman robe on then head out to the balcony. Only to be shortly followed by Haz.

"Can’t sleep?" he asks sleepily.

"No," I yawn.

"I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing you girls figured out our game?" I nod my head. "I think I have it the hardest," he chuckles.

"What makes you say that?"

"Because I’ve been waiting over a year to touch you again, and now that I can again it literally pains me not to touch you," Harry finally sits next to me.

"Why are you guys acting like this?"

"We kind of overheard you girls talking about our sex lives…" At least he didn’t hesitate to answer. Maybe he’s just that tired.

"I was just asking for advice since you and I have been talking about it… They’re the ones who went into detail," I say.

"Well, I figured you didn’t have anything say. Unless you mentioned our little baseball game," he laughs pulling me closer.

"Um… Well, Nicole and Andrea already knew what we meant, and they told Per and El," I say quickly. "They wanted details, but there wasn’t much I could give. They know I got you off, though…" I blush.

Harry chuckles, “Good to know you can’t keep secrets.” I laugh with him.

I say, “We should just pretend we’re still playing, and the others don’t have to know.”

"I think that sounds good," he smiles at me taking my hand in his. He pulls me onto his lap as we stare at the sky with the moon shining bright. "I figured it out. I figured it out from black and white. Seconds and hours. Maybe they had to take some time." I smile to myself as Harry sings ‘You and I.’ "I know how it goes. I know how it goes from wrong and right. Silence and sound. Did they ever hold each other tight Like us? Did they ever fight? Like us?" After he finishes I yawn as I lean into his chest. "Come in, little one, let’s get you to bed."

When we walk back in I catch a look at the clock and it’s near one am, and I’m driving tomorrow. Maybe. Harry wraps his arms around me. Only after a day, it’s been unbearable for us not to touch each other. I snuggle into Harry hoping to get some sleep. We’re not leaving that early tomorrow since no one has bothered us these past few days. The only phone that has been on is Zayn’s since he handles everything way better than the rest of us, but also because we’re supposed to keep in contact with Paul from now on. He told us that if anything happens again then we have to cut our trip short.

Vampire Direction part 9

***Harry’s POV***

My head unwillingly leaned to the left as I looked at her strange. She returned the look and we sat in silence for what seemed like 20 mins but couldn’t have been more than 5 seconds. “What?” She asked with a half smile on her face.   

I shook my head, “Nothing you’re just really pretty.” Her smile grew and the food finally came. I watched her discreetly as she basically shoved the meal down he throat.

"What?!" She exclaimed again. I shook my head again and continued to pick at my food. I ordered a hamburger, I always ordered a hamburger.  

As badly as I wanted to eat it I knew it wouldn’t stay down for long. I would take a bite and savor the flavor and then in a flash I would spit it into the napkin. Bree never seemed to notice that I was barely eating and the fact that I was on my 5th napkin.  

I smiled to myself as she finished her fries and washed it down with her soda. “What’s your sister’s name? If you don’t mind me asking.” She waited for a moment before answering me. 

"Aries." I already knew the answer but I just had to be sure. I remember the night Niall chose. The night we stalked Aries to the club and waited outside like a pack of wolves. The night that Niall would be complete and the night that I first layed eyes on Bree. The night I knew I wouldn’t be the same after that.   

Niall came rushing and yelling in the house, “I’ve found her and she’s perfect.” We all knew what he was talking about and we surrounded him, giving him hugs and high fives. We all looked forward to the day that we would get to choose. Niall and I sat on the couch as he told me about her and the way she made him feel. His eyes were full of desire and excitement.  

"I have to get her today." I shook my head almost instantly. "She’s not ready, you’ve got to give her time." Niall was too excited to listen to me. I could see my words going in one ear and out the other. "Niall it takes time, she has to choose you too." 

"But she does! She thinks I’m very attractive," he said with a smug look on his face. "She almost fell into my face, stunned by desire." He said as he placed his palm on his forehead and fell on the couch in a fainting motion. I laughed at him as I walked away.   

A couple hours later we were all sat around the tv watching Big Brother when Niall suddenly popped up from his position on the floor. “Boys, we need to go out.” A series of groans were let out. 

"She’s not ready." I told him sternly. 

"I know that’s why I need to get out so I can get her off of my mind." We all reluctantly agreed and headed out.   

We let Niall drive his range rover, which I could now see was a bad idea, but thankfully I sat in the front seat. We were going to the same club we always went to, it was small but always full. Niall drove a strange way, taking alot of back roads until we where driving through a quiet neighborhood. He drove slowly, too slowly. We all thought we knew what he was doing but we had no idea it would get this far.  

A small car pulled out in front of us and that’s when Niall picked up speed and drove directly behind the car. “You’re following her, aren’t you?” Niall ignored my question and continued to drive. The small car drove to the club that we always went to. The boys hopped out the back doors and I stopped Niall before he got out the car.  

"You can’t, give her time." Niall nodded and exited the car.  

I lost site of the car when we parked and I didn’t see who got out. We all walked in and grabbed our usual booth in the back. Zayn stayed outside to smoke and talk with the bouncers. Liam and Louis headed straight for the bar. I watched as Niall’s eyes scanned the room over and over agian. I wanted to keep warning him but I knew he wasn’t going to listen. I watched his eyes as he scanned the room , his eyes finally stopped but he was gone before I could see who he was looking at. Before I could run after him Liam and Louis were walking to the booth. “I’m guessing he’s found her,” Louis stated. I nodded slightly as I looked over both of them to locate Niall.  

When I finally spotted him, he was latched to a girl’s arm. I could see her screaming but with effects of the venom of the first bite no sound was coming out. Louis was already on his way to the door before I turned around. Liam was grabbing Niall and rushing him out the door. I watched as the beautiful girl ran over to another girl who kind of resembled her. She was gorgeous, even though it was very clear that she was intoxicated as her arms waved to and fro in the air to the music.

My heart ached terribly and I had to hurry up and get out of there. I got outside just in time to get into the back seat of the range rover. Liam was in the driver’s seat and Niall was putting the girl in the backseat beside me. The venom was effecting her greatly and she was almost out. I watched as she looked through the window as Louis and Zayn got into the little car we had been following earlier.   

I couldn’t imagine how this would feel so I tried to make it better but I made it worst. “Don’t cry, Aries.” A tear immediately ran down her cheek. Niall and I bantered for a bit as we drove out of the city. The rest of the trip was quiet and I thought about the horrific pain I felt in my chest earlier.  

I chose.  

I knew exactly what it was but I didn’t want to face it. I didn’t want it to drive me crazy like it did to Niall. I let the thought drift away but it wouldn’t be like that forever and I had to meet her.

***Aries POV***  

I sat up in the bed with my face in my hands. I cant believe I’m turning into one of them. I don’t want this, I don’t want anything to do with this. I was completely devastated. I’m never gonna see my sister or friends ever again. I held my tears in, I was done crying.   

I got up slowly and walked toward the door. It was completely soundproof but for some reason I could hear chattering. I couldn’t make out the words or who was talking but I definately knew it wasn’t voices in my head. Suddenly I began to feel weak, I didn’t eat the food they gave my earlier. I couldn’t really keep it down. I held my grumbling stomach as I walked back to the bed to lay down. Something’s not right.    

***Nialls POV***  

It was already 6pm and Aries hadn’t eaten her food so I knew tonight was the final night. I sat quietly in front of the tv as I listened to her moan and groan, the real pain hadn’t started yet.

The boys had just left due to the circumstances and there were only a couple of hours before the full moon. We were all vulnerable to it. I got up slowly, dragging my feet along towards my room. Time had been moving so slowly and I just wanted it to be over already. I walked into my bathroom, the cold tile felt great to my now warm feet. The heat is already starting and its just barely 6. Sudden pain struck my stomach and I immediately dropped to the floor. This is happening alot faster than before!

My throat began to dry up and my eyes burned. I helped myself off the floor by grabbing the sink. I looked at face that was now pale and eyes that were now a very light blue, resembling crystals. The real pain would be unbearable if I didn’t drink someone now. I ran out of my room and through the living room as fast as I could. I ran through the woods looking for anything human or animal that I could drink. The sun was just below the mountains in the distance but the moon had been visible all day, taunting us.

I caught wind of a wolf nearby. Stopping in my tracks I quickly was on its trail. I could sense that it wasn’t alone but was a bit away from its pack. Not that I cant take them all. I silently laughed to myself. I got high up in the trees and stalked my prey. I stalked the wolf for a while and now the woods were completely dark. The pain had only gotten worse so I needed to act fast. I closed in on him and waited for him to walk right below me. I jumped down and immediately wrapped my arms around his neck, snapping it in seconds. I drank quickly and ferociously. I could hear someone screaming in agony in the far distance. I ignored the screamer and continued to drink until I noticed the screamer had been screaming my name.

***Aries POV***

I laid in fetal position as my stomach cramped into unbearable pain. I was extremely thirsty but the water I had been sipping only made it worse. The bed was wet beneath me, I hadn’t noticed that I was sweating so much. My body was on fired and nothing I did relieved the heat. I slowly slid my legs to the edge of the bed to stand up, which was unsuccessful so I got on my hands and knees and began to crawl toward the bathroom. The cold tile of the bathroom felt wonderful and I smiled a little as continued toward the shower. When I finally reached the shower the pain was alot worse than before and I could barely reached above my head before the pain knocked me into fetal position.

The pain was a million times worse than any period cramp I’d ever experienced. The more pain I experienced the worse my vision became. My body was frozen in pain and I could barely think or see. This is it. I’m never gonna see my sister again. And the worse part is I’m going through this alone. The pain subsided just enough for me to hear an animal of some sort whimpering very far in the distance. Before I could give it a second thought a gut ripping pain hit me and I called out an unlikely name, “NIALL!!”

***Nialls POV***

It wasn’t long before I reached Aries but she was already passed out from the pain. I quickly ran to my room to grab her two small rabbits to drink. She immediately sprung up, fangs erect, snatching the rabbit from my hand. She sunk her fangs deep into the rabbit breaking its bones with her strong grip.

Aries definately wasn’t shy about mutilating the small animal. She had plopped down to the ground as she bled it dry. She looked up at me with big grey-tinted crystal eyes like a small child would who wanted more food. Her gaze had me hypnotized and forgot about the other rabit I had hidden behind my back. She’s so beatiful, I thought as I tried to keep her gaze but something else had her attention. She leaned to the side as if she was trying to look behind me. Embarrassed, I cleared my throat as I walked over to her handing her the defenseless animal. 

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